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Course Name On the Job Training

Course Description This course enables students to relate their acquired competencies to
the realities and problems of industries in a multidisciplinary
environment .This may include involvement in the industry’s manpower
requirements, development and research concerns, trainings,
applications of principles, environmental concerns, ethical and
behavioral concerns, decision making, and equipment and materials

Number of Units for 3 units

Number of Contact 3 hours per week
Hour per Week
Minimum Number 240 hours of field work
of Hours
Required for Field
Prerequisites 4th Year Standing
Program Outcomes To be identified by the program.
Course Outcomes To be identified by the program.
Course Outline 1. Orientation and Presentation of Policies nad Guidelines
2. multidisciplinary Team Approaches
3. Assertion of Student’s OJT on the Company
4. Completion of 240 Hours
5. Submission of Progress Reports
6. Final Oral Presentation
7. Submission of Final Report.