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Faculty of Economics and International Business


30 September, 2016) Lecturer: Nguyen Huyen Minh, MSc., MBA.
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Learning outcomes :
An increasing part of business exchanges is carried out across borders. This course
addresses critical issues in developing marketing strategies in a globalized context. The
module helps to understand the scopes and challenges of international marketing, to
highlight environmental considerations, to strengthen the marketing information system
for foreign markets and to implement main marketing components globally, especially
through enabling new technologies.
References :
Sak Onkvisit, John Shaw, International Marketing, Routledge, 5th edition, 2009.

Cateora P.R., Gilly M.C., Graham J.L., International Marketing, McGraw-Hill /Irwin,

15th edition, 2011.

Assessment method :
Class attendance + participation: 10%
Individual Mid-term Test: 30%
End-of-Module Written Test: 60%
Group assignment + present (if selected): bonus (≤10%)

Personal portfolio (if any) bonus (≤ 5%)

[Tentative] Outline teaching schedule:
Every Tuesday from 9.20 to 11.45am and Friday from 6.45 to 9.10am, at A604
classroom, FTU Campus, 91 Chua Lang Street, Hanoi.
Week Topic Readings in Readings in
International International
Marketing textbook Marketing textbook
(Cateora et al.) (Onkvisit et al.)
0 Introductory Session No reading required No reading required
1 International Marketing Chapter 1-8 Chapter 1-8
Environment and Marketing

2 Foreign Market Entry Strategies
3 Competitive Analysis and Strategic Chapter 12 Chapter 9
Planning for International

4 Products/Services Decisions in a Chapter 13, 14 Chapter 10, 11

Global Marketplace
5 Pricing Decisions for International Chapter 18 Chapter 16

6 International Marketing Channel Chapter 15 Chapter 12

7 Integrated Marketing Chapter 16, 17 Chapter 14, 15


Case analysis:
1. Joint-ventures in emerging countries (Danone & Wahaha in China, Walmart in India)
2. Unconventional approach in positioning & global offerings (IKEA, Aldi, Candy Crush Saga)
3. New pricing strategies (Uber’s surge pricing in Vietnam, VietGo’s dynamic pricing)
4. Retail Marketing & competitive analysis in the global marketplace (Tesco, Carrefour, 7-Eleven)
5. Integrated business model & strategic planning (Zara, Uniqlo)

Please note:
Backup/Additional classes will probably be held on Saturday Sep. 17th and/or Saturday Oct. 1st,
My office hours (by appointment and starting from the 2nd week) will be soon announced.