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Student ID
Pre-service Teacher CHARLOTTE SHARRAD 215152

School Reynella East College

Zac Marshall Learning Area

Mentor Teacher(s) 9 Mathematics
Learning Area
Jenna Nimmo
Jo Draper

Adam Langley
School Co-ordinator

Sirelle Mollison Coordinator

University Liaison
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Teaching Days 10 introductory days + 30 day block: 40 days ¨
8 week Country/Term 2 Placement: 40 days ¨
Extended Placement: Up to 65 days þ

CONTEXT Please add brief context statements about the school and class:
School sector; size and composition of campus (R-12, Area, Primary); particular
features or unique characteristics; index of disadvantage.
Reynella East College is an R-12 school divided over 2 campuses. It caters for over 1700 students
from all year levels. It is a DECS school which accommodates students from the Adelaide South
district. The class sizes vary depending on the subject but generally have 20-30 students per class. We
see ourselves as preparing students of all abilities who are independent and interdependent learners,
active citizens, enterprising and prepared to meet the challenge of the 21st century. As a school, we
are aiming to become a community of learners, where we learn from each other. We make strong
connections to our local community, and our students are actively engaged with the community. We
host International students as exchange - short term and long term. Our focus is on the student as a
member of a local, national and global community. The school setting at Reynella, a southern suburb of
Adelaide, has extensive gardened grounds, sporting and learning facilities, and provides an ideal
environment for a focused, well-rounded preparation for life.
Class (including children with special needs)
Yr 9 Maths

• Class size of 26
• Mixed ability grouping
• Year 9
• Three EALD students
• One Student with a disability (Autistic or Aspergers Disability Support – Direct)

Yr 9 PE – Jenna Nimmo
Year 9 Girls PE Class
19 Students – No NEP’s to consider within this class.
Yr 10 PE – Jo Draper
19 female students of mixed ability. 6 with medical conditions and 1 with Aspergers/autism and 1 with speech
and language difficulties
Please place an ‘X’ at the point along each continuum that best represents the development of the pre-service
teacher towards each of the standards at this time.


Standard 1 Know students and how they learn

I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 2 Know the content and how to teach it

I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

I I _ X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 4 Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

I I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 5 Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

I I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 6 Engage in professional learning

I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

I I X I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient
SUMMARY STATEMENTS (You may choose to comment on both personal and professional characteristics)
School Coordinator/Principal
Charlotte has shown the ability to transfer advice into new contexts without prompting and has an
observable capacity for analysis of various situations within the class room environment. Charlotte is
ready to take on full teaching responsibilities and has shown competence in planning, delivery of content
and management of numerous teaching situations in order to engage and motivate students. Charlotte
has taken on advice from her mentors and various other staff in order to develop her practise. She has
engaged with students, parents and staff in a professional and ethical way throughout her placement. This
has enabled her to build relationships and communicate effectively with the whole school community.

Name: Adam Langley Date: 23/7/18

University Liaison
I have been extremely impressed with the overall quality of Charlotte’s performance and
commitment during her time at Reynella East College. She was confident, enthusiastic and hard
working. She planned thoroughly and thoughtfully and showed a sound content knowledge. Charlotte
developed positive and professional working relationships with both staff and students. She readily
joined in staff Professional Development activities and professional discussions. I wish her all the best
for her future in the teaching profession.

Name: Sirelle Mollison Date: 24/7/18

SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)
Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Learning Area:
Charlotte Sharrad Year 9 Mathematics
Professional Knowledge

Charlotte demonstrated a sound knowledge of the curriculum. She used the

Australian Curriculum to guide her planning. Charlotte provided quality learning
opportunities for her students that came from a willingness to pursue new and
engaging teaching pedagogies. She delivered interesting learning tasks, appropriate
and clear explanations and answered student questions thoroughly. Overall Charlotte
showed a desire to research additional background knowledge for her teaching.
Charlotte was able to show during her lessons that she had excellent knowledge of
the content of the unit that supports the diversity of the class.

Professional Practice

Charlotte was successful at ensuring the classroom was a positive and supportive
environment for learning. She always uses resources that are relevant, challenging
and manageable for student learning goals. Lesson plans are engaging and
interesting and fostered conversation and student learning. Student learning has been
monitored and accurately recorded with feedback given both written and verbally.
Charlotte always provided a safe environment where clear expectations were
established with the students. She has provided effective management of behaviour
according to the policies within the school and DECD when faced with minor
behaviour issues towards student’s safety and off task behaviour. Charlotte used ICT
in her teaching to enhance the learning experience for students but also was able to
ensure students used ICT responsibly while presenting their work. Overall Charlotte
was able to competently teach the Year 9 Mathematics class with minimal

Professional Engagement

Charlotte attended the pupil free day trainings, staff meetings and faculty meetings
while at Reynella East College. She could be relied upon to be punctual and
organised with materials for her lessons. Charlotte was competent at using SEQTA to
plan lessons and ensured students were being supported in their learning. She
provided additional support to students outside of the class for those needing it. She
worked well with her mentor teachers, readily accepting advice and using it to make
changes where necessary in her teaching. Charlotte managed effective professional
communication with parents and caregivers using SEQTA and Email.

Written by: Zac Marshall Date: 18/07/2018

SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)
Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Charlotte Sharrad Learning Area: Yr 9 PE

Professional Knowledge:
Charlotte has continued to demonstrate a sound understanding of the subject concepts,
substance and structure of the content and how to apply her own knowledge to give the
students the best possible outcome. She has developed and maintained a consistent approach
to her teaching and has challenged the students with her lesson plans and activities. Charlotte
has used the professional standards to enrich her learning and teaching practices while on
placement. She has also made a conscious effort to improve areas of her teaching, such as
more visual demonstrations, after daily feedback. This in turn has then shown an improvement
in student outcome and success.

Professional Practice:
Charlotte has worked hard to develop a high level of professional practice in the school and
continued to demonstrate the ability to maintain orderly and workable routines in regard to
lesson structure. Her ability to adapt to different classroom situations/ environments is a credit to
her organisation, knowledge and understanding of her students and their needs. She has
continued to show an inclusive and safe environment for her students which has allowed for
maximum student engagement.

Professional Engagement
In the time that Charlotte spent at Reynella East College she has shown great engagement and
dedication to her teaching. Charlotte has shown professionalism when engaging with students
and has always set a high standard for behaviour management, this consistent approach has in
turn resulted in minimal behaviour issues in class.
Charlotte has always been approachable, friendly, she is easy to work with, considerate and
always shows initiative. She has gone above and beyond to be involved in extra-curricular
activities and continues to support our students in their endeavours.
Charlotte has engaged professionally with colleagues within the PE faculty and throughout other
learning areas. Charlotte has been an asset to the school.

Written by: Jenna Nimmo Date: 05/07/18

SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)

Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Charlotte Sharrad Learning Area: Yr 10 HPE

Professional Knowledge
Charlotte has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the varying needs of the students,
and the teaching strategies to support participation of all abilities. Her teaching activities are
engaging, well organised and effectively sequenced. Charlotte has designed and implemented
learning and teaching programs using knowledge of the curriculum, assessment and reporting
requirements. She has shown respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and
cultures by including traditional games in her lessons.
Charlotte has used effective teaching strategies to integrate ICT into learning and teaching.

Professional Practice
Charlotte has set learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students of varying
abilities and characteristics. She has established inclusive and positive interactions to engage
and support all students in activities.
Charlotte sets clear expectations to maintain orderly and workable routines and follows through
with school policy sanctions promptly, in a fair and respectful way. She has established safe and
positive working environments for the students.
Charlotte has successfully developed assessment strategies and provided timely effective
feedback to students, In addition Charlotte has contributed to moderation of assessment tasks
with other secondary school teachers.
Charlotte is totally reliable, well organised and a pleasure to work with.

Professional Engagement
Charlotte has participated in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional
needs and school system priorities by being an active part of training and development days and
faculty and full staff meetings.
Charlotte has sought and applied feedback from mentor teachers and contributed to collegial
discussions. She is a positive role model to students and always very professional and
respectful in her practice.
Charlotte has been fully involved with extra- curricular activities and school excursions. She has
been the coach of the Open and 8/9 Girls Netball team and has the ability to bring the best out
of players by being calm, positive and use her extensive knowledge of the game.

Written by: Jo Draper Date: 29/6/18

SUMMARY ASSESSMENT (To be agreed by the School Coordinator and the University Liaison)

In our opinion (Insert full name)

has demonstrated the following overall level of performance in this final professional experience:
(Please click on appropriate box below)

☐ Fail

☐ Pass

☐ Credit

☒ Distinction

☐ High Distinction


The pre-service teacher may wish to submit this report with an application for employment. Please avoid the use of
acronyms as student reports are often viewed by interstate and international employers who are not always
familiar with South Australian nomenclature.

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