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PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk

Management Presentation

October 2016
Table of Contents

1. Company Overview 2

2. Growth Strategies 16

3. Financial Highlights 21


Section 1
Company Overview

Brief Overview
 PT Krakatau Steel (Persero) Tbk (“KS” or the “Company”) is the largest steel
producer in Indonesia with over 46 years of experience in the steel industry and total
rolling capacity of 3.15 million tons per annum (mtpa)(1). The Company is 80% owned
by Government of Indonesia and 20% by public
- #1 in hot rolled coil (“HRC”) and cold rolled coil (“CRC”)
- #2 in wire rod (“WR”)
• The Company has planned to increase its total rolling capacity by 47.62% to 4.65
mtpa with an additional capacity of 1.5 mtpa through the construction of Hot Strip Mill
#2 by 2019
• The Company’s integrated upstream and downstream production facilities with VISION
supporting infrastructure are strategically located in Cilegon, Banten province with An integrated steel company with competitive
convenient access to raw materials and customers edges to grow continuously toward a leading global
• The Company has formed strategic partnership with the world’s leading steel enterprise
- Posco (South Korea): joint venture (JV) establishment of PT Krakatau Providing the best quality steel products and related
Posco(2), an integrated steel producer with a capacity of 3.0 mtpa services for the prosperity of the nation
- Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal Corp. (Japan): JV establishment of PT
Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin(3), a steel manufacturer for automotive
industry with a capacity of 500,000 tpa
- Osaka Steel Co., Ltd. (Japan): JV establishment of PT Krakatau Osaka
Steel(3), a producer of steel bars and sections with a capacity of 500,000 tpa
• The Company has grown its asset by over 11% CAGR 2011-2015 with its 11
subsidiaries and 15 associated entities (including JVs) and increased its steel
sales volume significantly by 40% Year-On-Year (YoY) in 1H2016

(1) Existing total rolling capacity of Hot Strip Mill (2.4 million ton), Wire Rod Mill (0.45 million ton), Bar Mill (0.15 million ton), and Section Mill (0.15 million ton), excluding JV’s rolling capacity
(2) KS owns 30% of the JV; (3) KS owns 20% of the JV

The first and largest integrated steel producer in Indonesia with leading
domestic market share
Key Milestones
Port Expansion to 25 mtpa
handling capacity
Commercial operation of:
Expansion of - ERW #2: 150,000 tpa
Section Mill to - KDL CCPP 120 MW
150,000 tpa Revitalization
of HSM (2.4 mtpa)
Completed Modernization
expansion of of HSM (2.0 mtpa)
Wire Rod Mill to
0.45 mtpa
2014 2016
Commercial operation of:
- Slab Steel Plant I (1.0 mtpa) 2011 2013
- HSM (1.0 mtpa) 2005
Commercial operation of: 2001
- Bar Mill (150,000 tpa) 1997
Commercial operation
- Section Mill (45,000 tpa) 1993 Optimization of: IPO
of PT Krakatau Posco
- CRM (3.0 mtpa)
1983 Started construction of
Expansion of HSM #2 (1.5 mtpa)
PT Krakatau Steel 1978
established - Direct Reduction Plant (1.3 mtpa)
1975 - Slab Steel Plant II (0.8 mtpa)
- HSM (1.8 mtpa)
Integrated Operation of KS
- DR Hyl I (2.0 mtpa)
1970 - Billet Plant (0.5 mtpa)
- Wire Rod Mill (0.22 mtpa)
Note: mtpa: million tons per annum
- Coal-fired Steam Power Plant & Port

Sustainable development through the expansion and modernization

Business Portfolio
Raw Material Ironmaking Steelmaking Rolling Down Stream
Raw Material Sponge iron Steel Profile & Pipe
Steel Business

Solution Producer Core Business Bar Producer Producer

1. Flat Product
(Steel Slab, HRC/P, CRC/S)

PT Krakatau PT Meratus 2. Long Product PT Krakatau PT KHI Pipe

National Jaya Iron and (Steel Billet, Wire Rod) Wajatama Industries
Resources Steel (100%) (100%)
(100%) (66%)

Supporting Business Other Business

Non - Steel Business

Electricity Port Service Industrial Water IT Service Health Care Industrial Estate EPC
Provider Provider Provider Provider Service Provider Company

PT Krakatau Daya PT Krakatau PT Krakatau Tirta PT Krakatau PT Krakatau PT Krakatau PT Krakatau

Listrik Bandar Samudera Industri Information Medika Industrial Estate Engineering
(100%) (100%) (100%) Technology (98%) Cilegon (100%)
(100%) (100%)

• PT Krakatau Posco (30%)* • PT Latinusa (20.10%)


• PT Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin (20%)* • PT Kerismas Witikco Makmur (29.31%)


• PT Krakatau Osaka Steel (20%)* • PT Krakatau Semen Indonesia (50%)

• PT Indo Japan Steel Center (20%)
Effective ownership: direct/indirect ownership
*KS has the rights to increase its ownership up to 45% in Krakatau Posco, 51% in Krakatau Nippon Steel
Sumikin, and 51% in Krakatau Osaka Steel

Diversified business portfolio to supports KS’ business performance

PTKS Production Process

PT Krakatau Posco
Slab Steel Plant Steel Slab Plate Mill
3.0 mtpy 1.5 mtpy

1x300 ton 1xLF, 1xRH 1xCCM

PT Krakatau Steel Steel 1.5 mtpy Cold

Slab Rolled
Slab Steel Plant 2 Coil
Direct 2.0
Hot Strip Mill Hot
DRI mtpy Rolled 0.85
Coil Cold mtpy
1.7 mtpy 2x130 ton 1xLF, 1xRH 1xCCM
Rolling Mill
2.4mtpy Cold Rolled
Slab Steel Plant 1

Hot Rolled
4x130 ton 2xLF 2xCCM Coil/Plate
Furnace Steel Wire
Billet Rod
Billet Steel Plant Wire Rod Mill
0.65 mtpy 0.45 mtpy
Wire Rod
Bars & Sections
4x60 ton 1xLF 2xCCM
0.2 mtpy Bars &

PT MJIS Rotary Kiln 0.3 mtpy

2x150.000 ton

Leadership in the Indonesian Steel Market

Market share in Indonesia

17% 33%
29% 11%
43% (10%)*
(39%)* (29%)*

#1 #1
54% 55%

Total Demand 2015: Total Demand 2015: Total Demand 2015:

3.97 million tons 1.83 million tons 1.27 million tons

KS Import Other domestic producers *( ) 2015 market share

Production capacity

Krakatau Steel 2.4* Krakatau Steel 0,85 Ispat Indo 0,7

Krakatau Posco 1,5 Essar Indonesia 0,4 Krakatau Steel 0,45


Gunung Raja Paksi 0,7 Little Giant Master Steel

0,23 0,25

Gunawan Dianjaya 0,35 Gunung Garuda 0,12 Gunung Gahapi 0,1

(mtpa) (mtpa) (mtpa)

*) new production capacity of 3.9 mtpa

Dominant market position across major steel products in Indonesia

Advantageous Pricing over Imports

 Faster physical delivery

Historical premium price to imports
Location  Short turnaround and lead times
advantages 200
 Accommodate both large and small orders

100 78
 Economies of scale in production
position and
customer  Negotiating power with our suppliers and
relationships customers due to our size 2013 2014 2015 1H2016
Note: (1) Defined as KS HRC domestic selling price less Far East import HRC price
and excludes duties and freight
2013: US$681-US$572
 Fair trade practices when necessary
2014: US$649-US$520
 Re-registration of steel importers 2015: US$493-US$338
1H2016: US$426-US$348
Support for  Indonesia National Standard (SNI) certification (2) Breakdown of 2015 imports by region: Japan (39%), South Korea (32%), and

domestic steel requirements Taiwan (10%)

(3) Currency conversions based on exchange rate as of June 30, 2016 Rp.
industry  Local content policy 13.885/US$1

 Presidential decree that encourages the Source: CRU Strategies, Company data

consumption of local products

KS enjoys favorable pricing due to its competitive advantage and strong Government support

Integrated Production Facilities Across Value Chain

#1 Raw materials access on-site #2 Integrated production facilities #3 Close to customers

Bar & Section Galvanized Steel /Annealed

Power Downstream
Producer CRC Producer
PT Krakatau Daya Listrik PT KHI Pipe Industries 63% of customers are located in
PT Krakatau Osaka Steel PT Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin
(Electricity Generation) (Pipe & Coating Producer) Greater Jakarta(1)

94 km from
Jakarta via
 Toll road
 Rail


(1) Based on 2015 steel products sales volume

Port Integrated Steel Integrated Steel Mill Water Bar &
Mill (Slab, Billet, HRC, Section
PT Krakatau Bandar (Slab & Plate PT Krakatau Tirta Industri Producer
CRC, WR Producer)
Producer) (Industrial Water Provider)
(Port Service) PT Krakatau Wajatama
PT Krakatau Steel
PT Krakatau Posco

Transportation cost savings, supply chain efficiency and

faster customer responsiveness provide KS with significant advantages over our competition
Strong and Diversified Customer Base

Product Diverse end-markets Strong sales proportion (1) Low customer concentration
End-markets Proportion of total steel sales in 1H2016 Top 5 customers of total steel
sales in 1H2016
HRC  Automotive
 Mechanical engineering and
boiler pressure vessels
 General structure
 Oil and gas pipes B
 Shipbuilding 5% C
Stockist & Coil 5%
Center D
34% 4%
 Automotive Manufacturing All other
Company customers
 Coil Centers 66%
 Drum
 Pipes, tube packaging, tin
 Home-office appliance
 Enamel
 Galvanized steel sheet

Wire  Automotive
 Appliances Sales volume: 1.17 million tons
 Bolts and nuts, nails
 Construction, welding
 Cable wires, wire rope
 Spring bed’ electrode
 Nails, welding

Our customer and distribution mix provides us with leverage in the market

Global Steel Price (Hot Rolled Coil)
Hot Rolled Coil; CFR East Asia (USD/ton)
Jul-08; 1090



Sep-16; 400,5


200 Des-15; 265,5

Steel price hit a lowest point at December 2015, but start to increase since beginning of 2016

Performance of Chinese Steel Mills

Profit/(Loss) (USD Million) – 2015 Production Cost and Export Price

Chongqing (922)

Maanshan (740)

Angang (708)

Hunan Valin (456)

Xinjiang Ba Yi (387)

Shagang (12)

Lingyuan 7

Baosteel 156

(1.100) (900) (700) (500) (300) (100) 100 300

Source: World Steel Dynamics (Inside Track, September 2015)
Source: Morningstar (accessed April 2016) Operating Cost (Before Depreciation and Interest)

 51% of Chinese steel producers suffered losses  Chinese HRC export price lower than its
in 2015. Total losses reached USD 12.6 billion production cost (Operating Cost). At August
(WSD, Inside Track 146, 2016). 2015, the difference reached USD 60 per ton.

Low steel prices have an impact on the loss of Chinese steel mills

Indonesia’s Steel Demand
Indonesia’s Real GDP (billion USD) Finished steel consumption in Indonesia (mn ton)
Source: World Bank Source: South East Asia Iron & Steel Institute
Consumption Import
Imports 46% 55% 61% 63% 65% 57% 61%

893 918 910 889 12,7 12,9

862 12,5
11,0 11,4
7,9 8,2
540 7,4 7,3 7,6

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Indonesia’s steel demand drivers

Demand for infrastructure  Infrastructure, including among others, toll-road, airports, seaports, bridges, and ship building

High population density  Steel intensive construction, including among others, residential and non-residential buildings, high-rise buildings

Energy sector  Power plant, electric transmission and oil & gas development projects

Indonesian steel consumption has increased with limited domestic supply.

Hence, market opportunity is significantly high.

Per Capita Steel Consumption

Lower steel consumption per capita compared to other Indonesia set to enter a highly “steel-intensive”
selected ASEAN countries phase of growth
Steel consumption per capita in 2014 (kg)

Kg per Capita
GDP per Capita





Indonesia Philippines Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Singapore

Source: World Steel Statistic (2015) Source: World Steel Statistic (2015), World Economic Outlook

Steel consumption per capita typically increases with higher overall economic growth

Government Support for Indonesia Steel Industry

Gas Price PP No. 40, 2016 and PM ESDM No. 16, 2016
Policy Steel industry is among industries which benefit from a more favorable gas price policy

Supply of 200,000 tons/year of steel for the construction of 46,000 km power transmission circuits in
5 years (Decree of Minister of Industry No. 15/M-Ind/Per/3/2016). First shipment was made on 26 Oct
Supply of 250,000 tons/year of steel for the construction 36 km of Jakarta - Cikampek elevated toll
Supply of corrugated steel for the planned construction of flyovers along 8,000 rail-road intersections
Synergy in several cities in Java island
Steel supply for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) projects: Kuala Tanjung Port - Medan (Pelindo I),
Celukan-Bali and Banyuwangi Ports (Pelindo III), and construction of Unloading Port (Pelindo I)
Steel supply for SOEs in heavy industry and shipbuilding sectors in relation to the National
Shipbuilding and Heavy Industry Forum, i.e. PAL, DPS, DKB, IKI, Barata Indonesia, BBI

Steel Implementation of Indonesia National Standard (SNI) for steel products

Implementation of tariff barriers (anti dumping duty, safeguard and import duty) and non-tariff barriers
(trade regulation for alloy steel and local content policy/TKDN) to protect domestic steel industry from
Policy unfair trade practices

Capital injection by the government (PMN) of Rp 1.5 trillion as stipulated in Law No. 12/2016
regarding revision of Law No. 14/2015 regarding 2016 state budget (APBN 2016)

The government provides strong support for the growth of domestic steel industry

Section 2
Growth Strategies

Capacity and Competitiveness Improvement

Program Additional Capacity Project Cost
1 HSM #2(1) 1.5 million ton HRC USD 505 million 2019
Improvement 2 Push Pull Pickling Line 0.6 million ton HRPO 2018
USD 52 million
3 Reversing Mill 0.4 million ton CRC 2018

4 PT KOS(2) 0.5 million ton Bar & Section USD 220 million 2016

Program Lower Production Cost(3) Project Cost
1 Blast Furnace 58.2 USD per ton HRC USD 716 million 2016(4)
2 Coal-fired Boiler 2x80 MW 5.5 USD per ton HRC USD 102 million 2019
3 Coal-Fired Steam Power Plant 1x150 MW(1) 5.0 USD per ton HRC USD 175 million 2019
4 HSM #2 7.2 USD per ton HRC USD 505 million 2019

(1) Part of the project cost will be funded by 2016 Rights Issue proceeds
(2) PT Krakatau Osaka Steel, JV with Osaka Steel Co., Ltd. in which KS has a 20% share
(3) PricewaterhouseCoopers report (PwC), 2015
(4) Start operating/first blow-in

Focus on capacity expansion and competitiveness improvement to meet increasing steel demand
and to face increasingly stiff competition

Increased Value-Added Products and Non Steel Business

Program Capacity Product Schedule

1 PT KNSS(1) 0.5 million ton Galvanized/Annealed CRC for 2017
Increased Value- automotive
Added Products
2 PT KSI(2) 0.75 million ton Grinded Blast Furnace Slag for 2017
cement raw materials

Program Capacity Product / Service Schedule

Non-Steel 1 Jetty/Dock Development 7.3 (3) 1.3 million ton Loading and unloading services 2017
Business for bulk materials
Improvement Cipasauran Dam 750 lt/second Raw water for industrial needs 2019

(1) PT Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin, JV with Nippon Steel Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) in which KS owns a 20% share
(2) PT Krakatau Semen Indonesia, JV with PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk in which KS owns a 50% share
(3) By PT Krakatau Bandar Samudera, a subsidiary which is 100% owned by KS
(4) By PT Krakatau Tirta Industri, a subsidiary which is 100% owned by KS

Expansion of steel products to meet increasing demand from automotive sector

Roadmap of Cost Efficiency
1 USD 496/ton
HRC Operating Cost Curve *
900 Blast Furnace
Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV 2
800 USD 58.2 / ton
700 3. HSM #2 HSM #2
Q1 15 HRC domestic price
USD 597 / ton USD 430/ton 3
5. Coal-firedSteam Power Plant USD 7.2 / ton

500 1 x 150 MW 1 1. As-is

USD 420/ton 5 4 3 2 USD 496/ton 4 Coal Boiler 2x80 MW
400 6 2. Blast Furnace
USD 437/ton USD 5.5 / ton

6. Gas price at USD 5 / 4. Coal Boiler 2 x 80 MW

MMBtu USD 425/ton 5 Coal-firedSteam Power Plant
1x150 MW
100 USD 407/ton
0 USD 5.0 / ton
100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 600,000 700,000
Production capacity (cumulative) in thousand tons 6 Gas price at
Note: * Operating cost excludes depreciation, interest and SG&A of approximately USD 13 – 19 / ton, USD 5 / MMBtu
USD 17 / ton and USD 45 – 55 / ton, respectively.
Source: PTKS, Metal Bulletin Q1 2015, PwC analysis USD 12.8 / ton

Total : USD 88.7 / ton

Development program will enhance the competitiveness of the Company's products

Future Project Development

Picture of reference plant

Hot Strip Mill #2 PT Krakatau Osaka Steel PT Krakatau Semen Indonesia Coal-fired Steam Boiler 2x80MW

Product : Hot Rolled Coil Product : Bar & Section Product : Grinded Blast Furnace Slag Product : Electricity
Capacity : 1.5 million ton per year Capacity : 0.5 million ton per year Capacity : 0.75 million ton per year Capacity : 2x80MW
Progress : Groundbreaking August 2016 Progress : 70.9% (July 2016) Progress : 26% (July 2016) Progress : -
Completion : 1H2019 Completion : End of 2016 Completion : 2017 Completion : 2019

Picture is a 3D model

Blast Furnace PT Krakatau Nippon Steel Sumikin Jetty 7.3 Development Coal-fired Steam Power Plant 1x150MW

Product : Hot Metal Product : Galvanized/Annealed CRC Product : Harbor Service Product : Electricity
Capacity : 1.2 million ton per year Capacity : 0.5 million ton per year Capacity : 1.3 million ton Capacity : 1x150MW
Progress : 96.0% (July 2016) Progress : 52.3% (July 2016) Progress : 7.1% (July 2016) Progress : -
Completion : End of 2016 (FBI) Completion : Mid-2017 Completion : Early 2017 Completion : 2019

Section 3
Performance Highlights

Sales Performance
Steel Sales Volume Market Share
(million tons) (%)

22.25 1H 1H
1,9 2015 2015 2016
HRC 38.6 33.9 43.5

CRC 29.2 25.9 29.2

WR 10.1 10.2 11.1

2014 2015 M92015 M92016

Sales Value Breakdown

2014 2015 M92015 M92016

18% 17% HRC

27% 34%
45% 37% 6% CRC
46% 53% WR
6% 24%
5% 28% Others
22% 24%

Significant increase in sales volume, mainly on the HRC sales volume

Financial Performance
Revenue & COGS Operating Income (Loss)
(million USD) (1) (2)/(1)
(million USD)
M9 2015 M9 2016 %
1.869 29
1.828 Revenue 993.4 982.3 (1.1)
COGS 1,014.3 844.3 (16.8)

2014 2015 M92015 M92016


993 1.014 982
844 (118)

2014 2015 M92015 M92016
Gross Profit (Loss) EBITDA*
(million USD) (million USD)


2014 2015 M9 2015 M9 2016

2014 2015 M92015 M92016 (8)

(36) (21) (69)

*EBITDA calculation excludes share of loss in associated company

Financial performance improvement gained momentum in M9 2016 compared to M9 2015

Financial Position
Cash & cash equivalents Total Liabilities
(million USD) (million USD)
Cash and Cash equivalent 1.914
Operating Cashflow

133 1.718

(2) (74)

2014 2015 M9 2016 2014 2015 M9 2016

Total Assets Total Equity

(million USD) (million USD)

3.702 3.832 1.800




2014 2015 M9 2016 2014 2015 M9 2016


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Steel Production Process

Gas-based Route
Scrap Hot & Cold
Strip Car - White
Pellet DRI
Iron Ore
Pelletizing Plant Electric Arc
Direct Welded pipes
Furnace - Ships
Liquid Coils
Hot Rolled
Bar Rebar
Coal-based Route Metallurgy
Rolling Mill
Rods Tire Wire –
Machine Nut bolt
Lump Ore Liquid
Scrap Steel
Tube Rounds
Pelletizing Plant Pipelines
Fine Ore Sinter Metal

Sintering Plant
Coke Basic Oxygen Structural Profile
Blast Furnace Furnace Shape
Coking Coal
Coke Oven Plant
PCI Coal
Solid and Experienced Management Team
 Appointed as President Director since 2015, with over 9 years in KS and 18 years in finance industry
 Previously Finance Director of KS since 2007, Director of PT Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia (SOE), Vice
President Director President Head of Corporate Banking Citibank, Surabaya and head of marketing CIMB Niaga Surabaya

Hilman Hasyim  Appointed as Director of Production & Technology since 2012, with over 30 years in KS
Director of Production &  Previously President Director of PT KHI Pipe Industries and several positions including GM of Rolling Mill, GM of
Technology R&D, Manager of Product Development, Superintendent of Quality Qontrol, and Engineer in Quality Control of KS

 Appointed as Director of Marketing since 2015, with over 28 years in KS

Dadang Danusiri
 Previously Director of HR & GA since 2007 and several positions including GM of Production Planning, Manager of
Director of Marketing Organization Planning and MS and Production Handling Manager of KS

 Appointed as Director of HR & Business Development since 2015, with over 28 years in KS
Imam Purwanto
 Previously Director of Logistics in KS, President Director PT Krakatau Engineering, Director of Business & Operation
Director of HR & Business PT Krakatau Engineering, and several positions including Manager of Engineering & Procurement and Deputy
Development Manager of Engineering & Procurement Division of PT Krakatau Engineering

 Appointed as Director of Logistic since 2015, with over 15 years in logistic & infrastructure industry
Ogi Rulino
 Previously Director of PT Portco Infranusantara, General Manager Business Development of PT Nusantara
Director of Logistics Infrastructure Tbk, and Regional Process Leader for ASEAN South PT Mitsui OSK Lines

 Appointed as Director of Finance since 2016, with over 19 years in finance industry
Tambok P.Setyawati S.  Previously worked in PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk as SEVP Digital Banking, CEO Region Jakarta-
Director of Finance Kemayoran, CEO Region Semarang, Market Intelligence & Business Portfolio Leader, Project Manager BNI
Reformasi, and Indonesian Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas)

Our management possess significant expertise and proven track record in steel and related industry

Solid and Experienced Management Team (cont’d)
 Appointed as President Commissioner in 2016
Binsar H. Simanjuntak  Currently serving as Deputy PIP BPKP on Politics, Social, and Security since 2013
President Commissioner  Previously Commissioner of KS since 2013, Chair of the Audit Committee of PT Dirgantara Indonesia from 2012 to

 Appointed as Commissioner in 2012

Tubagus Farich Nahril  Currently serving as President Commissioner of PT Tri Kharisma Harapindo, Serving as Senior Advisor PT Trans
Commissioner Production
 Previously Special Staff for the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia from 2004 to 2009

 Appointed as Commissioner in 2015

Harjanto  Currently serving as Director General of Manufacturing Industrial Base at the Indonesian Ministry of Industry
 Previously Director of International Cooperation of Region I and Multilateral from 2010 to 2014

 Appointed as Commissioner in 2015

Roy E. Maningkas
 Previously Investor Relation Consultant for PT Bank Tabungan Negara in 2014, Investor Relation Consultant for PT
Commissioner Bukopin from 2010 to 2011 and Financial/Investor Relation Advisor for PT BNI 46 from 2008 to 2010

 Appointed as Commissioner in 2016

 Currently serving as Deputy for Resources and Infrastructure, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs since 2015
Ridwan Djamaluddin
 Previously Deputy Chairman for Natural Resource Development Technology for BPPT in 2010 to 2015, Director of
Center of Technology for Land Resources, Regional Development and Disaster Mitigation for BPPT in 2009 to 2010
and Head of Technology Center for Marine Survey for BPPT from 2003 to 2009

Oversighted by experienced and reputable shareholders’ representatives with

knowledge of industry best practice