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2018 Pop quiz

Easy Round

1. What is the international name of a super typhoon which also known locally as “Yolanda” that ultimately
devastated the Philippine Archipelago last Nov. 8, 2013?
Ans. Haiyan
2. Which is the most populated country in the world as of July 2018?
Ans. China
3. What do you call of a group of individual with the same species?
Ans. Population
4. Global warming is due to increased production of which gas?
Ans. Carbon dioxide
5. This is called the steady increase of the earth’s atmosphere?
Ans. Global Warming
6. What type of family also known as the “traditional family” with a father, mother and dependent children?
Ans. Nuclear

Average Round

1. When is the Earth Day celebrated?

Ans. April 22
2. How much of the earth is covered by water?
Ans. Approximately 70%
3. What kind of natural phenomena that occurs when there is a sudden release of stored up energy of the
Earth’s lower crust?
Ans. Earthquake
4. In which city of Cebu that killed at least 65 people due to a landslide last September 20. 2018?
Ans. Naga
5. What kind of gaseous compound that air condition equipment, leaking refrigerators, spray cans and
burning of plastic foams released?
Ans. Chlorofluorocarbons
6. What layer of the atmosphere that absorbs ultraviolet rays from the Sun?
Ans. Ozone Layer
7. What is the term used that closely linked to masculinity and femininity?
Ans. Gender

Difficult Round

1. It is classifies as the additional harmful substances that have bad effects on environment and living
Ans. Pollution
2. What kind of waste that takes 80- 100 years to be decomposed in a landfill?
Ans. Aluminum cans
3. In what year does the Kyoto Protocol agreement was signed?
Ans. 1997
4. What type of parenting style is not considered adequate for the care and nurturing of a child?
Ans. Neglectful
5. What term that refers to individuals’ beliefs and actions that are rooted in anti- female prejudice and
stereotypic beliefs?
Ans. Individual sexism
6. What hierarchical system in which cultural, political and economic structures are dominated by males?
Ans. Patriarchy
7. Who put forward the concept that ‘population tends to increase geometrically while food supply
increases arithmetically’?
Ans. Thomas Malthus