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BCR Science, PLLC December 31, 2016

DrRostro@ Jennifer M. McDowell, MPA
University Registrar
7411 Hines # 130 The University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, Texas USA 800 W. Campell Rd.
Mailbox SSB 1.310
Richardson, Texas USA 75080

To Registrar’s Office /per McDowell, J.M./,

This is with respect to former UTD alumni (August 1995-May 2000)

Bertha C. Rostro, preferred name “Betty”, from hereon referred to as
“BCR”. We have discussed this matter in an impersonal conversation, as
agreed to, per that verbal agreement, this written note herein furthers
that discussion.

BCR is stating that as a matter of law, fact in law, UTD be aware that
grading of any class of BCR during this period came from UTD professors
and staff.

The basis for this letter is the allegation made by Harvey Loomstein
(HL), and Parties privy to statements made by Loomstein, from hereon
Parties and HL referred to as HL+, therein fraudulous statements made
by HL+.

I do request a letter stating that transcript shows that BCR attended UTD
and that HL was not a professor at UTD during this time.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235



BCR Science, PLLC Due to this, I request that UTD acknowledge that HL was not a professor
DrRostro@ at UTD of BCR during 1995-2000 for any class. I am more than happy to
send you documents corroborating this (letters of reference also noted in
the OPM and notarized affidavits given of such) — under oath.
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA
75235-4032 Reviews of BCR given to UTD and USA Federal Agencies during 1995
through 2000 were from faculty at other Texas universities — Surgical
clinics with various faculty at UTSW Dallas, and associated UTD
hospitals where BCR worked, and is noted in documents, depositions to
Federal agencies (as BCR working for Federal Agents in Federal

Further, that UTD acknowledge that patents issued to I.H.Musselman

void of Rostro being named as inventor belong solely to Musselman and
UTD. Additionally, that BCR has nothing to do with the corporate use of
any Musselman work, as BCR did not sale, nor offer to sale work not
belonging to BCR — therein tortuous infringement — to other

From 1995-1996, BCR was a work for hire at BIOTECH (owned by HL),
and BCR also worked with other law firms and Federal Agencies.

During 1996 HL was investigated by FBI for crimes of moral turpitude,

and during that time (1995-early 1996), BCR worked as a secretary for
“BIOTECH” (as a consultant for HL and various law firms), in addition to
working at other schools, work/s — UTD, UTSW.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235



BCR Science, PLLC The first day of work for BCR at BIOTECH, the FBI raided the office. FBI
DrRostro@ was seeking data on HL pertinent to an investigation that BCR knew
nothing of.

7411 Hines # 130

Dallas, Texas USA During BCR’s employment at BIOTECH there was a lawsuit against
75235-4032 Mentor where HL was providing scientific testimony for. I continued to
work with HL tape-recording (every day there) until my resignation. As
the office was raided by FBI on the first day of work, BCR noted that
work at BIOTECH entailed reporting data to law enforcement agencies,
and agents as well.

The FBI was interested in investigating hacking by Mentor and Reservoir

Dogs vis a PROMIS Software through groups associated with Spy groups
that marketed an Operation InfeKtion and Area51 U2 Negev-Dimona
Agenda. The FBI also noted other reasons as to why eavesdropping,
monitoring, and securing BIOTECH property were relevant.

BCR concurred that FBI given access to — therein secure location — and
place eavesdropping devices over BIOTECH property (since day 1), and
BCR continued to work at BIOTECH, not stating anything about this per
FBI requests.

BCR subsequently provided information to federal agents, as requested

by law, on BIOTECH and HL+ for future reference, as to employment

BCR duties at BIOTECH entailed answering phones for BIOTECH and

reporting to US Federal agencies any and all phone calls, information,

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235



BCR Science, PLLC data logs, client logs — as Federal law enforcement agencies privy to
DrRostro@ access as needed by Federal Agency personnels.

BCR duties at BIOTECH also included typing clients lists into computer
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA (null Internet access) yet BCR did not use scientific works from the
75235-4032 University of Texas at Dallas or University of Texas Southwestern Medical
Center for this. Other BIOTECH duties (as noted on security footage)
included filing legal court documents in binders and dealing with Mentor
Johnson & Johnson breast implants, Agent Orange (DTT), accident, suit

During 2012 to present, various complainants have alleged that HL and

HL+ as fraudulently reporting that BCR from 1995-2000 was a HL
student, and further that HL was an advisor to BCR — this while BCR
was a UTD student (from 1995-2000) — this is false (Statement 1).

The allegations subsequently refer to HL as a professor and advisor to

BCR, the latter a student of HL (Statement 2), while at UTD, and
subsequently at Rice thereafter — this is false.

As a result of both statements (false) by HL, and marketing by HL+, it

was then claimed that all, if not some of BCR’s work at UTD, and other
schools and Federal Agencies, and subsequent intellectual properties
stemming from 1995-2000, and thereon, were advised upon by HL
(Statement 3) — also false. Further, that HL’s advice and preceptorship
gave HL and HL+ rights to BCR’s work in terms of monetary
compensation, and rights to offer to sale BCR works with HL speaking
for BCR due to a disability of BCR diagnosed by HL, and due to the
advice given to BCR (Statement 4) by HL — again false.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC

DrRostro@ Therein it is claimed that BCR’s work for hire at BIOTECH gave HL
rights to BCR’s UTD work due to HL’s advising of (Statement 5) BCR —
therein false. HL has no rights to any of BCR’s work, while at UTD, or
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA thereafter, and no power of attorney was given to HL vis law firms
75235-4032 claimed, rather no power of attorney given to HL.

As a Health Communications workshop and training BCR underwent —

during high school and while a student at UTD and Federal Labs, as
research — to help in operant conditioning for patients in Hospital
settings that suffered end term cares gave way to hearsay. Part of the
workshop training was to understand Health Communications for end of
term cares of patients (Statement 6) and study operational deceptions in
Organized Crime.

In order to better study emotional blackmail topics by agents prone to

crimes of moral turpitude (wire and mail frauds) various scenarios were
used to better understand Health Communications and investigate
psychological operations of HL+. This formed part of training aimed at
understanding deceptions, disinformation campaigns, and propaganda
operations, as carried out by foreign intelligence units, vis overall media
and marketing spins (termed LaP) and helpful in investigating affairs
thereon at BIOTECH to trace statement by HL and HL+.

HL and HL+ has noted that a training class dealing with Journal entries
for a Health Communications created “statements of Jewish community
claims” and that such “constituted a fixation with operant conditioning
and emotional blackmail” through foreign agents of foreign governments
investigated, indicted, charged with espionage.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC

DrRostro@ Statements One (1) through Six (6) are fraudulent statements as
Multiple Level Hearsay meeting scienter requirement/s, as malice and
intent to harm, therein mens rea and reckless commission of the actus
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA reus, where basic intent and specific intent noted therein.
As direct intent resulted from Statements — as HL, HL+ acts — therein
oblique intent assured, causing unconditional and conditional intents
depending on context and purpose of statute/s. Therein the HL acts
upon HL+ caused strong inference of, as cogent and compelling evidence
of scienter, therein eliminating per minas claims of BCR having
authorities that HL claims to ascribe to BCR.

As HL engaged in behaviors noted therein, intrinsic fraud then HL+

engaged in frauds as a matter of law, laws in fact as equitable defense/s
with extrinsic frauds and perjury.

Subsequently misrepresentations given in collateral circumstances led to

moral certainty — as beyond a reasonable doubt — allowing writ of
habeas corpus, or writ of error coram nobis to arise of HL acts.

Herein assumptions of Continuing Conditions as Basis for Relevance in

terms of HL and HL+ behaviors apply. Of relevance is that HL at times
refers to non-compos mentis of BCR due to low carbohydrate intake,
dehydration, strenuous high weight workouts. Such BCR behavior has
already been tested by board competent neurologist vis SPECT, fMRI, CT-
Scans to find completely healthy brain — void of any lesion, void of
bellicose temperament, void obsessive fixations, nulling significant
difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication or

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC problems with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.
DrRostro@ Therein BCR is lacking in stereotyped or scripted behaviors, interests,
social behavior difficulties, uneven skill developments, odd play with toys
or objects, repetitive body movements or behavior patterns, and void of
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA difficulty with changes in routines or environments. This means that
75235-4032 based on testing BCR precludes need for comic strip or social stories
conversations therein impertinent, nulling any type of behavioral
conditioning or framing for such — claimed disability.

Further, as a matter of law, fact in law, from 1995 through present, drug
testing — hair, nail, urine, blood — was undertaken by State Certified
laboratories. Results of testing shows BCR tested negative for illegal
narcotic drug use and consumption. This verified that BCR does not have
a drug or narcotic problem, and that BCR does not consume illegal or
other substances (inclusive of alcohol).

Therein statements of non-compos mentis and drug narcotic problems or

other habitual problems made (per LaP investigation) nulled as
irrelevant. This in turn applies as Evidence That Is Relevant To A
Proposition That Is Not Itself A Consequence Under The Substantive
Law Or Pleadings Is Not Relevant; such that faulty reputation and
opinion per hearsay allegations used as framing a credibility bias therein
established by HL+ and HL.

Additionally, False Impersonation (as Non-Hearsay) therein Solicitation

as Non-Hearsay as Truth of Matter Asserted by Carlos Villalobos (CV)
claiming Delusion Conviction as Altered Mental Status in Villalobos
Diagnosing BCR (CV lacks Medical Licensing Degree). CV thereon
brought forth causation with claims of Persecutory Delusion as evident

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC with acts with HL, HL+ and other Parties. CV claims that a family
DrRostro@ visitation from Ramiro Saavedra in 1995, prior to Saavedra holding a
Medical License Degree counts for diagnosis — therein HL+ arguments
— when BCR medically shown as healthy yet did visit a hospital for a
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA stray puppy bite and scratch.
CV claims diagnosis by CV on BCR gives credibility to his arguments as
Evidence to — this is taken as credibility bias establishing faulty
reputation and opinion per hearsay allegations from CV marketed by HL
who is not a Board Certified License Medical Doctor.

Therein Inconsistent Statements as Offering Post-Motive Prior

Statements with a Limiting Instruction Confining Them to Credibility
Issues as Undue Suggestion (CV had a former narcotic problem from late
1990s to present per evidence gathered by Federal Agencies) and works
with HL+. Therein other statements fall under Res Gestae Non-Rule,
Self-Serving Non-Rule (Fed. R. Evid. 403) applies, hence those
statements claimed nulled, and precluded as evidence to.

Construction of the intent therein allows State and Federal penalties onto
broader scope of conduct/s where purpose and/or knowledge satisfied
therein mens rea as HL, HL+ collective intentionality.

Noted is that from 2001-2002, BCR also worked for a DeGenova, with
subsequent claims to relations to District Attorney DeGenova prosecutor
of Jonathan Pollard whose Federal Agency investigated J.Walker Spy
Rings (SR) arose — not to be confused with Jonathan Walker (J.Walker
Licensed Medical Doctor — MD), business partner of HL (to which FBI

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC claims HL was pro-actively communicating with MD and SR, as such
DrRostro@ claimed FBI).

Also noted as a matter of law, fact in law, that BCR is not an FBI agent
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA and further that BCR is not, and was not employed by the FBI.
BCR informs UTD in writing that as a matter of law, fact in law that
works from UTSW at Dallas (JNK, p38, ERK, MAP Kinases) belong to
UTSW at Dallas labs of E.Goldsmith; while works of H.Deisenhofer such
as LDL and neurexin remaining property of Deisenhofer; and that G-
protein works of S.Sprang belong to Sprang; while NIH work (TREM,
Natural Killer Cell works) belong to NIH; and MicroFab Army work (in
situ microarrays F-moc, T-boc printing of DNA, peptides, proteins)
belongs to US Army — yet these are works to which Rostro co-authored
and published.

As a matter of law, fact in law, BCR works published outside of UTD or

Rice University are not property of UTD, rather they are property of
respective BCR Science PLLC (front company for Federal Government),
Federal Agency and Federal Agents, where work was conducted, paid for,
and for who BCR worked under on the project (NIH, other agencies).

BCR notes any and all people working on any project and maintains
Security footage through United States Office of Personnel Management

Therein, as a matter of law, fact in law, HL and HL+ did not co-advise,
co-invent, or contribute to any invention during the 1995-2000, and
2000-present while at UTD or subsequently after leaving UTD.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC Additionally that while at UTD and subsequently BCR was working for
DrRostro@ Federal Agency as Federal Employee.

Additionally, as a matter of law, fact in law, work at UTD on UTD campus

7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA belongs to UTD and its rightful owner I.H.Musselman faculty of UTD (as
75235-4032 noted in UTD patents published by Musselman, Ferraris, Balkus).

As a matter of law, fact in law, neither BCR nor corporations or

companies that BCR has consulted for, have rights to UTD, UTSW at
Dallas patents, and that claims of BCR giving rights to corporations due
to UTD alumni status and for working as consultant, or as employee for
company therein negated…..{ This statement is made, so as to avoid
infringement claims that pose conflict of interests to BCR due to alumni
UTD status. }

Questionable allegations made by corporations on intellectual properties

that do not belong to BCR yet are patent issued to other investigators
(Duke’s Jennifer West, and other universities) likewise on patented work
that BCR is not co-inventor to, yet that is patented to Jennifer West are
not property of BCR to which BCR has no rights to.

Additionally this is to inform that Mehdie Kohanloo (MK) PE of Fluor

does not co-own any inventions with BCR and signed contracts that
precludes MK from marketing ownership to, offering to sale BCR works,
using BCR works.

Additionally this letter is given for UTD to acknowledge that Sabrina

Bartlett an alumni from Rice, who identifies as Sabrina Bartlett Diaz
(SBD) — as HL+ person — is not a relative of BCR. Further that BCR

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC does not give rights to SBD or HL+ or corporations associated with SBD
DrRostro@ and HL+ who also claims that Carolina Villalobos (CV2) is a half-sister
to BCR — also false (Statement 7). Further BCR never co-invented,
never co-wrote anything, or gave rights to alumni David S. Silva
7411 Hines # 130
Dallas, Texas USA (MicroFab Technologies) working with MK and who works with relatives
75235-4032 of Carman A. Grider (CAG is a psychiatric patient that is non-compos
mentis who works with Pedro Martinez (PM) an alcoholic and drug
addict, gun walker, that contracts for Marathon Oil, selling stolen
intellectual properties with Jim Miles of San Antonio) therein HL+. PM
works in moving intellectual properties that are stolen and obtaining
monies vis DSS through celebrities and actresses for stolen works as
noted in numerous affidavits and telephoned recordings of PM in
Houston, therein as HL+.

Therein David S. Silva (DSS) as HL+ is not associated with BCR and any
property of BCR that DSS purports to sale to McGuire Woods Consulting
vis MK is criminal infringement as DSS does not have rights to any BCR

Further this establishes that BCR does not sale to National Institute of
Aerospace (NIA, an Indian Space Agency and Foreign Government
Espionage Front), or other company associated with Laura Pena Paras
(Monterrey Tech, Mexican CISEN agent) where none of these companies
and Foreign Agents are associated with BCR is any modality.

Additionally no American Israeli Public Affairs Committee agents are

associated with BCR nor own BCR works, in any modality, this despite
requests for associations through Israel Defense Forces through Technion
requests — therein requests denied.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR Science, PLLC

DrRostro@ As a matter of law, fact in law, BCR is an American citizen void of Dual-
Nationality and not interested in foreign government work/s.

7411 Hines # 130

Dallas, Texas USA However, at times BCR does collaborate on criminal investigations with
75235-4032 InterPol, or other agencies when investigating maritime or wire frauds.

Further as a matter of law, fact in law, CV, CV2, DSS, SBD, HL, MK,
Haymon Gentry (HG), Clifford Johnson Sr. (CJS) as HL+ are not next of
kin with access to, or given rights to any BCR Property, works. CV and
CV2, MK, HG, CJS, as HL+ are not business partners to BCR, nor does
BCR engage in any business transaction/s with CV or CV2 with MK, HG,
CJS, as HL+ as this would be a conflict of interest. Nor does BCR gives
right to CV, CV2 to engage with HG, CJS, DSS, HL, SBD or companies as
HL+— Rice University, Marathon Oil, Capgemini, Inter-Direct, Gates
Foundation, BPI, Abbott ADD, NanoRidge.

Statements from CV, MK, HG, CJS, therein HL+, as Motion to Quash
based on Compulsory Process of HL+ to BCR. As noted Eavesdropper
evidence precluded with lacking Privileges to BCR data where bogus
physician, psychotherapy statement by HL+ due to lack of Reason and
Experience Test (Wrong Authority) overridden by neurological testing by
Federal Agencies and Board Certified Neurologists (Competent
Authorities per Testing).

Further Federal Agencies who tested BCR for narcotic use, neurological
testing, more pertinent — carried out by Board Certified Licensed
Medical Doctors that managed/s BCR at Federal Agency and throughout
employment, contracting for vis Federal Agents.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


BCR also is informing as a matter of law, fact in law that Statements One
(1) through Seven (7) are FALSE.

Please email all further communications to
and cc:, in affidavit notarized form.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235



Representative from BCR Science PLLC located at 7411

Hines Pl. Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75235, in Dallas Texas USA 75235
appeared before me today and stated under oath: “My name is
Bertha C. Rostro. I am competent to make this affidavit. The facts
stated in this affidavit are within my personal knowledge and are
true and correct”.

"I am the custodian of the records of BCR Science PLLC,

located at 7411 Hines Pl., Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75235, in Dallas
Texas USA 75235”.

“Attached to this affidavit are sixteen (16) pages of records from

BCR Science PLLC. These pages of records are kept by Bertha C.
Rostro (name of custodian) in the regular course of business of
BCR Science PLLC, and it was in the regular course of business of
BCR Science PLLC, for an employee or representative with
knowledge of the act, event, condition, opinion, or diagnosis
recorded, to make the record or to transmit information thereof to
be included in the record”.

“The records were made at or near the time of the occurrence of

the matters set forth, from information transmitted by a person
with knowledge of those matters, or were made reasonably soon

“The records attached to this affidavit are the original or exact

duplicates of the original.”

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


Bertha C. Rostro of BCR Science through experience of work at

Federal Agencies and interactions with Federal Agents and with
other law enforcement officers is familiar with the methods
employed by those engaged in espionage crimes.

I am submitting this affidavit in support of a criminal complaint

and arrest warrant for Parties named for violations of Title 18,
United States Code, Sections 1831 (Economic Espionage); and
Title 22, United States Code, Section 2778(c) (the Arms Export
Control Act, or “AECA”); Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations,
Parts 120-130 (the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, or
“ITAR”) (collectively, the “SUBJECT OFFENSES”).

As set forth herein, there is probable cause to believe that Justice

provided technical data that Parties knew was both proprietary and
controlled for export from the United States because of its National
Security Nature to a person, believed to a be an agent of Foreign
Intelligence Service, yet really an undercover Federal Employe
“UCE” where UCE paid for services.

Unless specifically indicated otherwise, all conversations,

statements, and other information described in this affidavit are
related in substance and in part only.

7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235


/Bertha C. Rostro/BCR
Bertha C. Rostro

Notary Public



7411 Hines # 130 Dallas Texas USA 75235