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La Consolacion College of Rinconada

Iriga Campus


WHERE: St. Augustine’s Auditorium

WHEN: Friday, October 19, 2018 (08:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.)


Youth are in dire need of self-direction that will enable them to navigate life’s tests and
help them understand their role in building a new world of civilization. Action happens when
ethics and spiritual principles are integrated at a deep level and become part of an individual’s

The arts performance incorporated with the classes from Grades 11 to Grades 12 will be
having their Zarzuela this coming 19th of October as a partial fulfillment of their requirements in
the following courses: Augustinian Spirituality, English for Academics and Professional
Purposes, Understanding Culture, Society and Politics.

 To spread social awareness among the students and the audience about the varied social issues
that the society is experiencing nowadays.
 To present the different social issues creatively and artistically through a performance of
 Morally educate the community at large.
 Set up a sustainable youth development project that has two components, namely: drama &
moral education.
 Increased confidence and skills relating to performing drama and moral education.
 To highlight and utilize the talents and creativeness of every student involved in the said activity.
 To increase vocabulary and language development.
 To develop self-esteem.
 Avenue of expression for ideas and feelings
 To increase skills in terms of planning, conceptualizing and management
 Contribute to the main learning areas of the OBE Educational system.

 When the students arrive in the campus, they shall immediately go to their respective classrooms
for their final briefing at exactly 08:00 A.M for an hour. After then, they must go straight up to
St. Augustine’s Auditorium. All props must be ready and so are the students. There shall be no
interruptions to maintain the flow of the activity.
 Each section of performers will be given an hour to execute their presentation. The time span of
the activity would be from 10:00 A.M. up to 5:00 P.M.
 The occupants of the venue only consist of the performers and the subject teachers in the Senior
High grade levels.
 It is highly discouraged for the performers to speak of vulgar words that may offend the

All materials needed in the program will be provided by the students.

Prepared by:

Lara, Ressabela Hana Llagas, John Russell

Ramos, Lilac Bettina Evangelista, Edzel Adolfo R.


Mr. Mark Anthony C. Botor Ms. Gwen Miguelle G. David Mr. Ian Carlo Tarrago
21st Lit/CW/EAPP Teacher UCSP Teacher Augustinian Teacher

Mr. Ferdinand G. Moran Jr. Ms Annaliza Mojares

Augustinian Teacher Marketing Teacher


Ms. Rechilda L Hugo Mr. Benedic V. Baluyot

SHS Coordinator Assistant Principal

Approved by:
Sr. Angelita M. Baraero, OSA
Principal/School Head