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Drug Name Mechanism Of Action Nursing Responsibilities

Carvedilol A nonselective beta-adrenoreceptor  Observe patient for dizziness or
with alpha blocking blocking lightheadedness for 1 hour after
12.5 mg; ½ tab PO BID giving each dose
 Tell patient not to interrupt or stop
drug without medical approval
 Inform patient with he may
experience low blood
pressurewhen standing. Advise
him to sit down and to notify
prescriber if symptoms persist.
Furosemide A potent drug that inhibits sodium  Monitor weight, Blood pressure,
and chloride reabsorption at the pulse rate routinely with long term
20mg TIV proximal and distal tubules and the use and rapid diureses
ascending loop of Henle.  Monitor fluid intake and output and
electrolyte, BUN and carbon
dioxide levels frequently
 Watch out for signs of
hypokalemia, such as muscle
weakness and cramps.
 Advise patient to take drug with
food to prevent GI upset and to
take in morning to prevent need to
urinate at night.
 Instruct patient to stand slowly to
prevent dizziness

Ceftriaxone A 3rd generation cephalosporin that  Tell patient to report adverse

inhibits cell wall synthesis reactions promptly
2g TIV promoting osmotic instability usually  Instruct patient to report discomfort
bacteriacidal. at IV insertion site.
 Tell patient to notify prescriber
about loose stools or diarrhea
Paracetamol Thought to produce analgesia by  Many OTC and prescription
blocking pain impulses by inhibiting products contain acetaminophen.
300mg IV q 4 hrs. for T: synthesis of prostaglandin in the Be aware of this when calculating
37.8 degree Celsius CNS or of other substances that total daily of dose.
(PRN) sentisize pain receptors to  Tell patient not to use for marked
stimulation. fever (temp. 39.5 degree Celsius),
Fever persisting longer than 3
days, or recurrent fever unless
directed by the prescriber.

Azithromycin Binds to the 50’s subunit of  Monitor patient for superinfection.

bacterial ribosomes blocking protein Drug may cause overgrowth of
synthesis, bacteriostatic or nonsusceptible bacteria or fungi.
bacteriacidal, depending on  If patient vomits within 60 mins of
concentration taking Zmax, notify prescriber.
 Advise patient to avoid excessive
sunlight and to wear protective
clothing and use sunscreen when
 Tell patient to report adverse
reactions promptly
Plain NSS Replaces sodium and chloride and  Monitor electrolyte levels
maintain levels. It is capable of  Explain use and administration of
disrupting ionic bonds within the drug to patient and to family
mucus gel, which could reduce  Tell Patient to report adverse
cross linking and entanglements. reactions.