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1. Course Title Industrial Training

2. Course Code DBCB3336
3. Course Core (Capstone)
4. Lecturer Ruzanna Ramli
5. Rationale Accountants should be exposed to real life work
experience before they enter the job market to appreciate
what future holds for them on they get employed.
6. Semester & Year Year 3, Semester 8
7. Total Student
Learning hours Face to Face Self Learning
L T P O 10 weeks of on the job training as a
L = Lectures
full time trainee in public, private or
T = Tutorial
voluntary organizations carrying out
P = Praktical/Lab
finance/accounting functions.
O= Others
Total Student Learning hours (SLH): 240
8. Credit Hours 6
9. Prerequisite DBCA3023 and DBCA3033
10. Objectives To learn basic principles and practices of accounting,
management and administration relevant to accountants
in managing business organizations.
11. Learning At the end of the attachment, students should be able to;
Outcomes 1. Understand and appreciate real life working
environment in which they will face upon graduation.
2. Identify practical business issues and learn how to
solve them.
3. Work in groups.
4. Use relevant technologies to complete given tasks.
5. Apply lessons learned in managing organizational
12. Synopsis This industrial attachment is aimed at exposing students
to real life work environment so that they can appreciate
the context in which accounting operates and to apply
whatever skills they had acquired during the course of
their studies.
13. Learning Methods Real life work experience, keeping of activity logs and on
the job training.
14. Assessment Assessment by Organizational Supervisor 30%
Methods Assessment by Supervising Lecturer 20%
Final Project Report and Activity Log 50%
15 Types of Training Full time engagement as an executive in real-life
organizations for ten (10) weeks based on a training
programme and guidelines prepared by the University..

Place of Training Private and public organizations. Students will be

encouraged to look for firms that will provide training
according to their requirements.

Focus of Training General Management / Administration and/or Finance/

Accounting in business organizations, Government

Departments and Voluntary Organizations that will

provide students with the opportunity to use knowledge

Supervision and learned and skills developed from taking courses in the


Students will be assigned to a lecturer who will provide

institutional supervisión. At the work place, they will work
under supervisión of a mentor appointed by the

10 weeks.