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Angel Eyes Musicby Matt Dennis Med. Ballad (F) — Lyricby Far Brent D7G7 Cm At Cm Cus Awl DuiTG7 a, Try to think that loves not round, Sill iS un-com-fort-"By near, — ) Cm O7G7 Cm Ariat) Aba Gus! Cm, Dyigt ee S My old hart aint gain. in’ no ground be = cause my Ane gel Eyes ain't here (Fs) Cm DTGT Cm A Cw Am Dyith6) G7 =3— oF An gol Eyes that old Deve sent, They glow un- bear a» Diybright, Com D7G7_ Cw ATH) ARF oem te “ (4 Need 1 say that myloves mis spent. mis = spontwvth Ans gel Eyes toe nigh % Bout EVE Nua’ AT Biwi Eps Aina” aa ce rink up, al youps>, = ple Or = der ane y-thing you see, Have Am? DF Guat (Cm?) Chait FHT Dui? G7 oF The drink and the laugh’s on me, (F®) Co 07 GT Cm AY Cm Ami7? Dwi? G7 fun you hapepy._peo~ ple < Pardon me— but Tgak & nun, The facts un- common- ly ler, (05) Cm DTGT Cw ATH) apt Tees) = Ga, (Dus G7) eo Gotta find ‘who's now num ber one and why my Angel Eyes aint here {146 Renewed by Darey Brox. Mui av of Msc Snes Corp (ASCAP, nena Copyright Saud All Ribs Reve. Usd By Femi, es grey Cw ‘Seuseme while! diss ap = paar erate cargesor brs 142,5 6696101, 25 626 296 30 : Cos BLATANT Cure, ot Cm &% % D% Com (etc) mC)