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Title, Author, website, What/Who was it Copy and list statement Concluding statement

url source written for? Is it an of definitions

academic paper or an
essay? Context of
comparison- purpose
of writing
Aspects of the Tropical The paper was Brazilian Modern The author concluded
Climate Adaptation in published in Movement that the use of
Brazilian Modern Docomomo journal. Architecture - protection elements
Movement The paper is an innovations destined to and the treatment of
Architecture by expository essay avoid the heat and the the building skin were
Griselda Pinheiro because the contents lightened reflexes in integrated to the
Klüppel were mostly based on glass surfaces, by facades to create more
facts and sources of means of external aesthetic than
Source: information were cited special quebré luzes functional expression.
EBSCO HOST in the paper. But most importantly,
quebré luzes – brise the concepts were
soleil (sun breaker) used to design modern
architecture in
concept of enlarged consideration with the
spaces - allow great climate
cubature of air.
Tall Buildings in The paper was Tall buildings – are The author ended his
Southeast Asia- A published in CTBUH structures that jostle paper by stating that
Humanitst Approach to journal. In this paper, for height, status, and the innovations is not
Tropical High Rise by WOHA articulate their domination of nation only specific to solve
Mun Wong and Richard approach to design, through technology. architectural design of
hassell using both built and Singapore’s high rise
unbuilt projects as “Monsoon Window” buildings but to impact
Source: illustrations. The façade – a other countries on how purpose of this paper is contemporary version we can live well and
to transform and adapt of Dyak longhouses’s sustainably with our
vernacular and passive windows. It is a climate.
responses to climate projecting bay window
into the highrise form with incorporated
and contemporary sliding edge which
technologies with the could be opened
same aim of creating during cold weather to
comfort without the allow breezes in but
need for mechanical keep the rain out.
Building on the The paper is drawn boundary makes a Her concluding
Boundary — Modern from research into physical distinction statement focused on
Architecture in the architectural practice between indoor and the importance of the
Tropics by HANNAH LE and was published in a outdoor spaces. discourse of climate
ROUX journal. The purpose of Tropical Architecture responsiveness within this paper is to show begins with maps of architectural practice.
how the built boundary the tropical zones. She believes that
in ‘tropical’ sites has climatic technique was
been the site of much used to develop a
architectural thought nationalist identity for
and experimentation modern architecture

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