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10 features of EKATO agitators

which cut downtime and reduce maintenance costs

1. C-Face Flange Connection

All agitator connections are self-aligning -- NO

2. Flexible Coupling
Absorbs shocks and loads between gearbox and
motor to reduce wear of motor and gear components.

3. State-of-the-Art Gearbox
EKATO is not a gearbox manufacturer. We select the
optimal gearbox from the best gearbox companies to
ensure long, virtually maintenance free life. If
required, parts and service are available direct from
the gearbox OEM.

4. Thrust Bearing
Designed to isolate external thrust loads for high
pressure applications and allows use of a standard

5. Flange Coupling
Allows easy access to seal and in-tank parts. No
disassembly of gearbox required. Precise connection between gearbox output shaft and bearing shaft.

6. Lift and Swivel System

Quick seal replacement reduces costly downtime. Easy enough for one person to change seal, even on the
largest units. No disconnection of motor, or removal of gearbox.

7. Integral Seal Fluid System

Conveniently mounted on agitator. No extraneous piping and instrumentation to remote reserviors. Compact
design with very small seal fluid volume due to low seal leakage. Thermosyphon seal circulation eliminates
need for auxiliary pumps.

8. Cast Bearing Housing

Permits large bearing span, reducing shaft deflections.

9. Cartridge Mechanical Seal

Designed by EKATO specifically for large shaft, low revolution, high pressure service. Slips onto shaft for easy
servicing. Optional radial bearing minimizes wear effects of shaft deflection on seal faces. Seal faces rest in
floating seat to prevent shaft deflection from affecting the seals. Pressure compensator is included for high
pressure services.

10. Mounting Flange

Independantly supports drive assembly, providing single point contact for easy assembly and removal.
Eliminates vibration problems. Avoids potential thermal expansion problems. Shaft suspension device prevents
shaft and impeller from dropping to bottom of tank during seal maintenance.