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SAIL: Bhilai Steel Plant; Expansion to 7.

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Inter Plant Fuel and Industrial Gases Pipelines for all Units (Pkg-075)

Minutes of the Meeting (MOM) held between BSP, MECON, ABB and TPL on 05.04.2017 at
Bhilai for the part laying of LP nitrogen pipeline of size DN 100mm on the structure of pipe
gallery and ABB’s cable gallery in view of unlikely completion of IPPL network for RMP-III.

BSP Mecon M/s ABB M/s TPL

Shri Ashok Kumar , Shri N K Garg, Shri B N Kumar, Shri Rupesh Sharma,
DGM (Project Utility) Jt.GM Site Incharge RCM
Shri T. D. Venkatraman Shri Nitin Kalamkar,
DGM (Project-Power zone) SDE
Shri R.K.Banchhor, Shri S.Shresth,
SM(Project-Steel zone) DE
Shri Y.K.Verma,
DM(Project-Power zone)
Shri Rishabh Yaduraj,
DM (Project Utility)

Following points were discussed & agreed

1. In view of the commissioning activities of the RMP-III, LP nitrogen is required. Since the
route as envisaged in the contract of IPPL and as required for the installation of above
nitrogen & other pipelines for RMP-III is unlikely to be ready shortly. The alternate
arrangement/route for laying of LP nitrogen gas pipeline of size DN-100 mm to the RMP-III
was explored. It was observed that the LP nitrogen gas pipeline of size DN-100 mm to
supply the LP nitrogen gas to RMP-III can be completed if laid partly on the structures of
pipe gallery (30m approx.) & partly on cable gallery (50m approx.) already installed for the
package -140 & 071A etc.

2. As per the proposed route, the LP nitrogen gas pipeline of size DN 100mm (coming from
new PRMS) will be routed/installed upto column no B-5(of IPPL) as envisaged in the
contract as per the approved drawings. From column no B-5 the pipeline will be laid on
pipe gallery upto the trestle no TR-10 (X+4175.40, Y+8357.45) of the cable gallery of M/s
ABB, from trestle no TR-10 onward upto the trestle TR-8 (X+4131.8, Y+8357.45) the
pipeline will be laid supported on the structures of cable gallery and from the trestle no TR-
8 the pipeline will be laid upto TOP of RMP-III as per site condition. The proposed route is
indicated in the sketch (Proposed route for nitrogen pipeline of size DN 100 mm to RMP-III)
attached as Annexure-I.

3. The DN-100 mm size nitrogen pipeline will be supported by welding additional structural
member to the structure of cable gallery as per detailed structural drawing of cable gallery
and also as per the site condition.

4. The routing/installation of DN 100mm LP nitrogen pipeline as mentioned above have been

envisaged as permanent. And the nitrogen pipeline is not required to be laid on the route
between trestles B-5 to B-1 as per approved drawings of IPPL.
5. Additional support as required for supporting the LP nitrogen pipeline of DN- 100 mm will
be engineered/ installed by M/s TPL. Further, necessary care/precaution should be taken
by M/s TPL during erection of LP nitrogen pipeline on ABB’s cable gallery. M/s TPL shall be
responsible for any damage during erection & shall rectify the same without any extra cost.
M/s TPL shall rectify the damaged sheeting of ABB’s cable gallery which got damaged
during erection of DN 250mm HP nitrogen pipeline, within a week.

(BSP-Proj-Utility) (BSP-Proj-Power zone) (BSP-Proj-Steel zone)

(MECON) (M/s TPL) (M/s ABB)

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