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The 2018 Edition

Fat Goblin Games

of Rick Hershey

RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -1-



Bringing you a huge assortment of popular fantasy creatures in a Cosmic horrors and unnameable monsters inspired by Lovecraftian
subscription stock art format at an awesome rate! mythos and presented in a subscription stock art format!


Looking for a diverse and large variety of fantasy characters to populate Unusual aliens, space vehicles, laser guns! An assortment of science-fiction
your publications? Take advantage of this subscription stock art format at art presented in a subscription stock art format for your convenience!
an awesome rate!

Fat Goblin Games produces a wide assortment of stock art, cartography, and design elements to make your prod-
ucts look amazing without breaking the budget. Take adventage of our various stock art subscriptions above, or
visit us for additional single stock art releases!



Fat Goblin Games is creating Black & White Stock Art
Interested in some amazing Black & White stock art? Head over to our
Patreon for an amazing chance to get weekly themed art packs, all with
that old school feel.

The following pages list my illustration and design rates for 2018.
Each section breaks down the importance of the service, as well as
presenting the cost to hire.

All rights listed in this document are for Non-Exclusive Licens-

ing Rights to the artwork. What that means is that any artwork or
design (not including logo work, which is always considered work-
for-hire) I retain the rights. This allows me to resell artwork as well
as use it in my own product releases.

All Rights (Work for Hire): You always have the option to
purchase the exclusive rights to my work, which means you now
own the rights to the work and can use in any way you choose. To
purchase All Rights an additional 25% fee will be added to the cost
of the work.

RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -3-

Don’t just settle for making sure your interior layout meets the basic requirements of your printer, dynamic
interior design helps shape the reader’s impressions of your game.

Print layout and interior format- Good interior book design, like other This is why hiring someone with
ting serves the purpose of bringing design, can also be subtle, even invis- expertise is vital to a books success.
a manuscript to life, and often with ible to the viewer. Yet, these decisions
tabletop roleplaying games, creating affect both the reader’s conscious and • Interior formatting tells the reader if
an immersive cohesion between the subconscious reaction to the material. the book is professional
theme of the setting and the visuals in • Typography Matters
which it is presented. These books can Most authors and publishers are not • Interior print layout affects the
be serious, dynamic, regal, and even graphic designers themselves, and when reading experience.
playful. They might invoke a specific they handle their own book design can • Word processors and print layout
time period, an established genre, and often make arbitrary decisions based on programs are not the same.
even a mythical location. what they think looks good, often with-
out the design experience to back it up. Don’t settle for inferior design.

Regardless if the book is a simple black & white

product or dynamic color, layout has an important
story to tell to the reader.


Remember cover layout is an important feature of any
product and is often the first available moment to catch
a reader’s attention.


Layout Setup: This involves

setting up the master pages
in InDesign, the creation
of design elements, type-
face choices, etc. This also
includes making sure the
document is set up correctly
to your printer specs. $100
to $250 flat rate.

Page Layout: This is adding

text files and artwork into
a cohesive document. Price
is $4.00 to $6.00 per page,
depending on complexity.

Cover Setup: This service is

included with the Lay-
out Setup. However, with
many publishers preparing
products for print, the
need to set up covers for
specific production is on
the rise. This service can
be purchased at $50. If you
need full cover design (text,
graphics, art placement) as
well as print setup, the cost
is $100.00

Additional layout and

design services are available
and might be needed in
production, please contact
if you require services not
listed here.

RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -5-

Book Interior Layout &
Cover Design Examples

vs. Stranger Stuff: Season 2 layout,

8.5 x 8.5 format, 1980’s inspired
horror for kids.

Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race

Guidebook layout, 8.5 x 11 format,
inspired by the art/design of Jack

Morrow Project: Operation

Daidalos, 8.5 x 11 format, style of
military briefing in black & white.


Working with a small budget? Fat Goblin Games offers a variety of Quick Covers and
Interior Page Designs to make your projects look amazing. These offerings explore many
different themes and are extremely affordable, go take a look.


RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -7-

SECTION For All Your Art Needs

Illustration is one of the most important forms of modern visual communication: it informs, delights, decorates,
instructs, and inspires the readers of your books and games.

Spot Illustrations & Portraits

These type of images are typically simple and often include

portrait busts, single items (like sword, armor, or flag), and
basic filler art or spot illustrations.
Color: $25 (3x4 Image, 300dpi Tiff)
B&W: $15 (3x4 Image, 600dpi Tiff)

Single Figure Illustration

Single figure illustrations have become very popular as a way

to include amazing art without breaking the budget on larg-
er more detailed artwork. Single figure illustrations are often
used to depict characters, monsters, and important figures in
a book.
Color: $50 (5x7 Image, 300dpi Tiff)
B&W: $30 (5x7 Image, 600dpi Tiff)



Standard Interior Illustration

The standard interior illustration typically depicts a scene in-

volving characters performing an action in an environment.
Color: $250 (Full Page) - $125 (1/2 Page) - $62.50 (1/4 Page)
B&W: $150 (Full Page) - $75 (1/2 Page) - $37.50 (1/4 Page)
Full Page is considered 8.5 x 11

Cover Illustration

Cover illustrations are specially designed artwork created to

capture the feel of an entire book, entice the viewer at a quick
glance, and ultimately contribute to selling the product.
Color Cover: $350+ (Full Page, price increases upon com-
plexity) A wraparound cover starts at $500 and increases
depending on a complexity.

RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -9-



This is a gray-
This is a color illustration and was scale illustration.
This is a black &
created as a cover for You can add this
white illustration
Knights of the Dinner Table. to B&W work
for only $10

This is a simple spot This is a simple spot

illustration often used to illustration often used to
fill space in document fill space in document
This is a portrait and perfect for affordable
production, but also very production, but also very
useful to create every representation of minor characters in books and useful to create every
day details in your book. adventures that need visual representation. day details in your book.

RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -11-

and Cartography From company and product logos, maps of fabled lands, and even small icons,
graphic design elements can be an important part of defining your book or
telling an important story to your audience.
Logos: $100+
Cartography: $150 (full page design)
Graphic Design: $45 an hour (flyers, collectable cards, advertisement)


Dungeon maps are often needed for adventures
and sometimes need to be produced as “battle
maps” for miniature use.

World maps often include a variety of different

terrain as well as many types of labels for easy
identification, while still being beautiful and
intriguing to the viewer.

RICK HERSHEY 2018 | -13-

All artwork is the property of their respected owners.
If interested in any of the listed services, stock art, or
design services not included here - please contact for
further discussion.

I look forward to hearing from you.