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BoQ for all civil works for BoP and BTG as per the civil specification requirements of tender and other miscella
Buildings, Roads, Drains, Trenches etc in the scope of MEIL including temporary office, Accommodation space on si

BOQ for BTG (Approx 600 drg for 1X 800 MW)

BOQ for BOP (Approx 450 drg for 1X 800 MW) (CHP-AHP, Switchyard, Cooling Tower, Intake PH, Non plant Building, Plant W

Preparation of Pre Bid Queries and providing technical support for pre-bid clarifications

Preparation of scope of work, exclusions, terminal points and assumptions for the technical part of the offer ba

Review of Technical dossier of BoP proposal and BTG (Civil) proposal

Technical assistance to MEIL for a duration covering the validity period indicated in the techno-commercial
submitted to the Owner by MEIL. During this period Engineering Consultant shall provide clarifications/ comm
·         Preparation of replies to Owner’s queries in the technical offer submitted. 
·         Participation jointly with the client, in technical discussions with the Owner, if required. 

RFQ for the following packages – using owner’s functional requirement (the RfQ shall be prepared with mini
requirements, terminal points and exclusions for the purpose of obtaining quotation):

·         Coal handling system & Mill reject handling system 
·         Ash handling system 
·         Cooling Water Pump 
·         Water Treatment Plant including CW Treatment, Chlorination plant and chemical dosing system 
·         Waste Water Treatment Plant 
·         Fuel oil system including Fuel oil storage and day tanks.
·          Instrument & Service Air System 
·         HVAC 
·         Fire Protection and detection System 
·         EOT & Miscellaneous Cranes and Hoists 
·         Miscellaneous vertical & horizontal pumps 
·         Major electrical equipment 
·         Switchyard 
·         Chimney 
·         Cooling tower 
·         Any other systems required for BoP in the scope of MEIL.
·         EBOP Boq for finalizing the EBoP package vendors or its review
·         Providing Suitable Vendors details along with contact details.
·         GA Drawing covered in the scope of Engineering Consultant are to be provided.
·         To provide all the documents in both non editable & editable formats to the Client
The pre-bid engineering services shall also include the vetting and finalization of agreement (technical scope only)
and the BTG contractor.

For all buildings, sub-structures and super-structures entire quantities to be provided by Engineering Consultant.

Obtaining quotations from vendors shall be by Engineering Consultant in co-ordination with MEIL. Engineering C
depute its engineers at its own cost at MEIL office Hyderabad as per the need demands for the proper coordination
of the bid. The required office facilities like workstation, telephone, internet etc., shall be provided by MEIL free of c
No of Drawing Man hour rate considered Manhour

600 3 hr/drawing (including revision) 1800

450 3 hr/drawing (including revision) 1350

1 engineer for 5 days @ 8 hrs /day 40

2 engineer for 5 days @ 8 hrs /day 80

1 engineer for 3 days @ 8 hrs /day 24

LS 40
LS 90

Civil LS
10 engineer for 5 days @ 8 hrs /day 400
LS for Civil 50

50 3 hr/drawing (including revision) 150

LS for Civil 200