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ABC’s Pictures and pronunciation

By: Megan Acosta

ABC’s Pictures and pronunciation

Grade(s): ​ Kindergarten

Subject(s):​​ Language Arts

Length of Lesson:​​ 1 hour 30 minutes

Lesson Overview/Rationale:

Learning ABC sounds will build the foundation for future language arts. Students will be
learning letter to letter in the Alphabet​, ​recognizing​ ​what each letter looks like and the
correct sound for that letter.

Curriculum Framework/Standard:

“Demonstrate basic Knowledge of one to one letter sound correspondences by producing the primary
sound or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.” Page 16

Michigan K-5 Reading Standards

Learning Objectives:

● Students will be able to identify Picture recognition

● Students will demonstrate Pronunciation
● Students will learn Letter recognition

Technology Uses:

❖ Computer
❖ PowerPoint presentation


a. Computer
b. Pictures (I give each group)
c. Paper
d. Pencils

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ABC’s Pictures and pronunciation
By: Megan Acosta


1. Teacher will demonstrate images with PowerPoint

2. Teach will each give the groups five pictures of food, buildings, objects etc.
3. Students will be placed into groups of three
4. Student one will put together the PowerPoint upload the images to PowerPoint
5. Student two will be in control of the pictures and first letter of each picture
6. Student three will be in charge of having the correct sound for each letter of the picture.


✓ I will give the groups each a couple of pictures of random things food, buildings, objects etc. and
they will need to know what that picture first letter begins with (for example I give one group a
picture of a apple they need to know that it begins with “A” and “A” sounds like ​AH –Ah​ apple..
✓ I will check to make sure the groups understand how to work PowerPoint and understand
everything that needs to be done
✓ I will evaluate how the groups work together and how they handle teamwork

Does not meet Towards expectation Meets expectation score

expectations (5 pts) (8 pts)
(0 pts)

Technology use 0 pts 6 pts 8 pts

(powerpoint) doesn’t understand Somewhat Understand the use
how to use understands of powerpoint
powerpoint at all. powerpoint but not completely and can
completely. work it well.

picture recognition 0 pts 6 pts 8 pts

Didn’t know what the Knew some pictures Understands what
pictures were not every picture. the pictures were and
how they are in our
everyday lives.

sounds pronunciation 0 pts 6 pts 8 pts

Did not pronounce Had correct Understands each
the letters correctly. pronunciation for letter and the correct
some letter not all. pronunciation.

Teamwork 0 pts 6 pts 8 pts

Did not work well Somewhat worked Worked very well
together well together but together each put in
didn’t show real their own effort and
teamwork. skills and got the job

total points 32

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