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Leisure JANUARY 2015 £3.99 LET’S GET STARTED! Colour mixing made easy DAVID BELLAMY paints seasonal landscapes in watercolour Ne s BE INSPIRED Mix water-soluble media for vibrant flower paintings SAA Arjists: : Watercolours Over 45 brilliant colours - | fantastic-price Designed to enhance any watercolour palette, each 14ml tube of SAA Artists’ ‘epECIAL Watercolour is made by FF combining the finest pigments / [ ARIAL 9 yirantarine with the highest production { Try our past French standards to produce a \ 2. 99 watercolour that mixes quality \ with affordability, to deliver ONLY £ picture perfect results \ ier every time. 10 Info, Li The SAA Artists’ watercolour range is perfect for adding a touch of natural brightness and producing beautiful, balanced wi Incorporating esure Pinter and Gaftsman and Creative Cats VouMe sort ISSUE 520 wor ‘wnvepaintersonfine.couk Iss 00240710 JANUARY 2015 dita Ing yon conributng tito JaneStroud itor constans: Daa efile, Ra, NEAC (Hon, RWS ay Gampbel Smith, FA, FSP EWS Tory Pal STP Advertising Sales ‘a Mate Brown Te: 177830208) (annamaresawarnessroupcout) Advertsing Cony: ‘Sue Woodates Te: 177838206 (Guewondgatesawarersgroup cou) Financial Dietor: ‘dy Tapley Accounts (Geoine Mars et: 1778381023) vents Manage: Coolie ets ‘Subscriptions & Marketing Manager: ‘Wend eg0ry Subscptions ‘sn Harton & za Kine (Fels ors 763515753673) online fait: Daan Frey Designers Also Reno ‘sarah Poole eure Pointers pied ‘fey our weeks by: “he Ariss ublsing company Limited (o9r9, canon use, (665 High ea, enteron, ent 130 680 (Fel an50 763915) Managing Director: Desay Bug, Hon Vesa ‘ewould fe readers ta nate thatthe steers made by contrniors are not hays representative the pubiiers opinion Annual sition ates: Urs 50 nes Neri rand Se $a ‘Gata $52 ECmember counties ‘67a eter counties tering ie 5. Foreign cumeny pies ince bankcharges, Payments made by cea cad are len tering alte ate of £5, Printed byNeadey ‘other, asd, Ket. Newsade diribution by Warners Goup Publications le (dev 01778 3000) wew.painters-online.couk Welcome from the editor elcome to the first issue of 2015, Wreccea full of practical advice and inspiration for beginners and amateur painters alike. A special welcome to you if this is the first time you've picked up a painting magazine. You're in good hands, The tutorials you'll find within these pages are written by experienced and popular art tutors, most of whom have been teaching art to adults for decades as well as selling their paintings in galleries, A regular reader recently asked if he should look at the articles that don’t feature his favourite medium. My answer was a resounding yes! Steve Strode may use acrylic for Leisure Painter’s new colour mixing series (pages 12-15), but the theory is the same for all media, Take away white (for acrylic and oils) and add water (for watercolour) and the advice will work just the same, Remember, acrylic— that amazingly versatile medium — can be used with oil painting or watercolour techniques (or both in the same painting) so enjoy following both the oil painting and watercolour demonstrations, | hope you'll be inspired by the artwork you'll find within these pages. Copying, tracing and working from photographs are allowed as you learn to paint, although | always advocate that you spend time developing your drawing skills and painting from real life, Just remember that if you want to sell work that has been copied or inspired by a specific piece of artwork or photograph, you must ask permission from the originator, Contact me if you're in any doubt, Most of all, have fun with your hobby. Aim to draw and paint daily, and realise that learning to paint well can be a struggle at times. More experienced painters and regular readers of Leisure Painter will no doubt agree that there isa lifetime of learning ahead of you. That’s what is so exciting about this; you'll never be bored. Experiment, doodle, be creative, have fun — and don’t pressure yourself into producing a masterpiece every time. Cc Seg Sek oe INGRID LYON Editor February 2015 issue on sale 2 January vowavans Leisure Painter 3