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SPECIAL 76-PAGE ISSUE THIS MONTH! Leisure Pain MAY 2015 £3.99 NEW Beginners’ 7 Actor ‘ perttaiy ig ie: ieee) A and bright landscape series PETRI Mla EAC RK NEW SI 5 eres “Tes not just a brush, its an experience. Si Co A ritual. Its life changing The Finest Quality Handmade Artists’ Brushes and its your life.” We love Art and. hope yar do too! | 01535 600090 Incorporating esure Pinter and Gaftsman and Creative Cats — Welcome wor ee from the editor Issn 0024-0710 MAY 2015, AN write this, we are just over half stor Beis way through the Sunday evening ‘contibutng editor series, The Big Painting Challenge. It’s eee fascinating to watch how the contestants are shaping up, for cnstanss Dina rfl 4 ons especially as the challenges become more difficult as the weeks ay Gampbel Smith, FA, FSP EWS ae progress. Who on earth can capture moving figures successfully? fia om 388 They're doing an excellent job at enlightening and entertaining setsing Coy Us, and | have great admiration for all of them as they reveal aceon gpeshrerragoearhy both their skills and weaknesses before a large TV audience. aa | spoke to one of the original contestants, Melvyn Flint, a couple A eumgoupon of weeks ago. Read about his experiences on the show and how igus the judges’ comments have affected the way he paints on pages ddl Pinkie iieuy: 12. and 13, Melvyn mentioned an exhibition, called The Bigger Seiesn Picture, all ten contestants are holding in London next month esto Soh Warde (see page 68). This is to show the public, he says, just what they Ere aa can produce away from the limitations of painting in front of the tee cameras. | think this exhibition will go some way to explaining An emo why these ten amateur painters were chosen for the show. paneer also spoke to judge, Lachlan Goudie, recently about his seinen working life (pages 9 to 11), and he was generous with his advice seo commie on how we can develop both skill and confidence as artists, sete Lachlan’s practical demonstrations during the hour-long moet programmes are one of their high points, and prove just how aie much can be learned from watching an accomplished and bicelles experienced artist at work. eee ‘As amateur painters, we are the guardians of a tradition that pbisesopien spans centuries in the UK. I hope The Big Painting Challenge has peace pallor not only entertained, but also encouraged you to reach for your Call ben et leeonals brushes. I'm taking a leaf out of Lachlan’s book and have made oases econ friends with my sketchbook again. Enjoy your month of painting. Foreign curency ries inde bank chars Payments ade ‘by creditcard are taken in sterling ~ athe ate ot £45, CZ Prine by ede peg See _4 Broth et Pee Newsade diribution by , ‘Warners Group Publications pl, INGRID LYON Editor (ta 0778395000) June 2015 issue on sale 24 April wew.painters-online.couk vewans— LeisurePainter 3