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3i Group plc

Healthcare General
Partner, 3i Ventures

. Heidrick & Struggles advises the company on the basis of an exclusive consulting
assignment. The following details are for your personal information and should be kept
The Company
3i Group is a world leader in private equity and
venture capital. The firm is active across all
stages of funding. From early-stage venture
capital to growth capital and buyouts, the U.K.-
headquartered firm invests $1.5bn a year globally
in industries across a variety of sectors.
3i has been in business for over 60 years. In the
last five years alone, 3i has achieved more than
500 portfolio exits and has listed 43 companies via
initial public offerings on 12 international
exchanges. The firm is traded on the London
Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100 index.
3i’s purpose is to substantially increase the value
of the companies in which it invests and then to
realize this value, both for the firm and its
partners, through exit events and stock market
listings. Their track record demonstrates that they
have consistently achieved this, even in the
toughest of bear markets.
3i's international relationship network is unique.
Their team of over 300 investment professionals
spans three continents, linking them to a wealth of
corporate contacts and industry experts. This
gives 3i both a local and global view of industry
trends. The breadth of the firm’s network ensures
that they are able to bring together the best team,
with the right experience and relationships for
each investment opportunity. It also means 3i has
the scale, the agility and the talent needed to
deliver even the most challenging deals.

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3i Ventures

3i Ventures is one of three dedicated funds

within 3i Group; the other two are its Buyout Fund
and Growth Fund. With 3i Group as its sole limited
partner, fundraising risks are limited, which we
believe is a tremendous benefit to its platform.
Currently there are 18 investment partners in 3i’s
US Venture group, with two based in Menlo Park,
CA and three in Boston, MA.
Healthcare Sector Focus
3i’s longstanding focus on healthcare spans across
domains from services to pharmaceuticals and
biotechnology, as well as in medical devices. The
firm has financed some of the best-known names
in healthcare, and their portfolio of prior, current,
and pending investments now is in excess of 300
companies (a list of investments is attached at the
end of this position specification). The focus of
U.S. venture capital investing is primarily in patent
protected intellectual property intensive
investments, such as those in devices,
pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology. Investments
where operational excellence is necessary will also
be considered, such as those in healthcare
services. The U.S. venture capital investing in
healthcare is done from two offices, one in Menlo
Park and the other in Boston. S/he will work
closely not only with the west coast team but also
with the 3i team worldwide to ensure consistency
of approach and best ideas/ practices sharing.

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The Opportunity
3i has brought on new leadership within the last
two years, naming Philip Yea as CEO and Jo Taylor
as Managing Partner, Venture Capital. The firm
has also recently made a renewed commitment to
the U.S. market, which has led to some
organizational and personnel changes, including
the globalization of its investment approach and
its structure. It has also recently named two
people to lead its growth capital business in the
U.S., which is a new effort in this region. The firm
views the senior-level hire in healthcare, as well as
an anticipated senior hires in its technology
practice, as important steps in finalizing the
configuration of the U.S. business.

The Position
TITLE: General Partner, Healthcare

LOCATION: Menlo Park,


Specific This position will develop an investment point-

of-view around opportunities in healthcare
Responsibilities across the various domains. The Partner will
have significant responsibility in creating a
framework that characterizes the greatest
opportunity for 3i. In addition, partnership
responsibilities include fiduciary duty in the
context of current and future investments and
managing them to best outcome. This person
will be responsible for the full range of
investment activities, including sourcing,

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evaluating, negotiating, closing, monitoring and
exiting of investments.
Specific responsibilities will therefore include:
• Refine a strategic plan for healthcare investing
in emerging companies with areas of emphasis
• Successfully identify, examine, structure, and
invest in venture healthcare investments
• Monitor, manage, and optimize portfolio
investments to highest returns
• Build and advance 3i’s brand equity in the
United States with regard to healthcare
• Mentor, develop, and when appropriate identify
and recruit members of the healthcare venture
team so as to expand the franchise to the
available market available opportunity in the
United States
• Perform rigorous fiduciary duty in all matters
related to 3i and the portfolio

The Person
Qualifications • Excellent technical credentials, such as a M.D.,
Ph.D. or a Masters or Bachelor in science; a
& Experience M.B.A. would be beneficial, but not required.
• Over 10 years of investment or other relevant
experience with recognized market and industry
leading institutions.
• A demonstrated investment track record of
successful healthcare investments
• Strong history of independent deal origination
and evidence of a high quality network of

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contacts and reputation in the market.
• Demonstration of the management of technical
risk is critical, as well as the avoidance of
infatuation with technically intriguing but
commercially unviable products.
• Ability to work effectively across any team – the
partnership, the deal team and the wider 3i
• International experience preferred, but not

• Experience serving on a variety of boards.

• Proven analytical and deal-structuring skills.

Behavioral • Highly motivated to succeed and achieve

superior performance.
• Collegial and partnership-oriented.

• Excellent business judgment.

• Able to engage in open discussion, and be
receptive to the input of others in the context of
team decision-making.
• Personal presence & communication skills as a
component of influencing/leading decisions
made by Boards of Directors.
• Ability to gain respect quickly and to work well
within the 3i culture of integrity, intelligence,
hard work and partnership.
• Desire to work and succeed in a visible and
accountable environment.
• Entrepreneurial desire to roll-up sleeves and
continue building the portfolio and the firm.

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• Superior time and project management skills in
the context of multi-tasking against deadlines.
• Inculcate a performance culture that
encourages thoughtful risk-taking and patience
for market success and profitable growth.
• Excels as an ambassador for 3i and in so doing
builds corporate brand equity.
• Impeccable personal and business ethics.
• Strong leadership skills and executive presence.
Highly engaging personality to lead, manage,
and inspire others.

• Willingness to travel domestically and


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Heidrick & Struggles
Richard N. Eidinger, M.D
Senior Partner
direct line +1 213 237 6287
cell +1 310 717 6925

Amy Bottoms
Senior Associate
direct line +1 360 779 7571

Diane Brady
Executive Assistant
direct line +1 213 237 6287

Heidrick & Struggles

633 West Fifth Street, Suite 3300
telephone +1 213 625 8811
facsimile +1 213 694 2829

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3i Healthcare Investments – Prior,
Appendix Current & Pending Investments
Recent Healthcare Transactions
Company Business Region Deal Size
Transmedics Medtech US $30 Million
Microsulis Microwave UK ₤ 45 Million
Smallbone Medical Device US $ 42 Million
Endosense Medical Device Switzerland $20 Million

Comprehensive Transaction List

3F Therapeutics, Inc., 4SC AG (DB:VSC), Able Systems Corporation, Acal plc
(LSE:ACL), Acambis plc (LSE:ACM), Actelion Ltd. (SWX:ATLN), Adprotech Ltd.,
Aegis Analytical Corporation, Alderwoods UK, Alliance Medical Ltd., Amaxa
Biosystems GmbH, Amgen Inc. (NasdaqNM:AMGN), Amoebics, Amphora
Discovery Corporation, Amura Ltd., Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(NasdaqNM:AMLN), Andreas Pein Medizintechnik GmbH, Aneo AB, AorTech
International plc (AIM:AOR), ApaTech Ltd., Apovia AG, Aquaculture Vaccines
Ltd., Ardana plc (LSE:ARA), Arexis AB, Argenta Discovery Ltd., Arpida
(SWX:ARPN), Arrow Therapeutics Ltd., Artemis Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Asac
Pharma, Asia Renal Care, AstaCarotene AB, Axxima Pharmaceuticals AG,
B.R.A.H.M.S. Diagnostica GmbH, Betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, BetterCare
Limited, BioAlliance Pharma (ENXTPA:BIO), Biocompatibles International plc
(LSE:BII), BioFocus DPI, Biofrontera AG, Biomade, Biopolis SpA, Bioquell plc
(LSE:BQE), Biosearch Italia SpA, Bioserv AG, BioShape AG, Biosurface
Pharma, BioTul Bio Instruments AG, Biovation, Ltd., Biovector Therapeutics
SA, Blease Medical Holdings Limited, Bradford Particle Desig, plc,
BusinessHealth Group Ltd., Cambridge Antibody Technology Group plc

Company, Position & Person profile 3i Group plc 9

(LSE:CAT), Cambridge Drug Discovery Holdings Ltd., Cambridge Genetics
Limited, Care Principles Ltd., Carema Vård och Omsorg AB, Caretech
Community Services Ltd., Carmel Pharma, Cascade Biochem Ltd., Castlebeck
Care Holdings Ltd., Cell Analysis Ltd, CellaVision AB, Cenes Pharmaceuticals
plc (AIM:CEN), Cerebrus Pharmaceuticals Limited, Ceuta Healthcare Ltd.,
Chiltern Invadex Ltd., Chimeric Therapies, Chiron Viagene, Inc. , Chiroscience
Group plc (United Kingdom), Clínica Baviera, S.A., Cobra Therapeutics Ltd.,
Combinature Biopharm, Complete Case Management Holdings Limited, Core
Group plc, Corin Group plc (LSE:CRG), Covidence GmbH, COX Analytical
Systems, Craneware Ltd., Crucell NV (ENXTAM:CRXL), Curasan AG (DB:CUR),
CyberGene AB, Cybergene SA, Cygnet Health Care Ltd., Cytocell
Technologies Limited, DCC plc (ISE:DCC), Cytyc Corporatoin (NASDAQ: CYTC),
deNovis Inc., Dentallabor Bandulet GmbH, Dextra Laboratories Ltd,
Diagnology Limited, Domantis Limited, Doxa Certex, DrugAbuse Sciences
Inc., e2v Technologies plc (LSE:E2V), EiRx Therapeutics (AIM:ERX),
Elaiapharm S.A., elbion AG, Embrex, Endocrine Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
Endosense SA, EndoSpine Ltd., Entigen Corporation, Eos Biotechnology, Inc.,
Epigenomics AG (DB:ECX), Eskuell AG, Evans Healthcare Ltd, Evolutec Group
plc (AIM:EVC), Evotec Neurosciences GmbH, Farrow House Limited, Febit AG,
Fluorochem Ltd, Gant Company AB (OM:GANT), Gendaq Ltd., Gendel Ltd.,
GeneScan Europe AG (DB:GEP1), Genesto A/S, Genome Express, GenPat77
Pharmacogenetics AG, GenPharmTox BioTech AG, Gensia Pharmaceuticals,
Genta Inc. (NasdaqNM:GNTA), Geron Bio-Med, Geron Corporation
(NasdaqNM:GERN), Gilead Sciences Inc. (NasdaqNM:GILD), Graffinity
Pharmaceuticals AG, Grandis Biotech GmbH, Green Corns Limited, Gresham
Scientific Instruments, Grupo Ballesol, Gyros Aktiebolag, Gyrus Group plc
(LSE:GYG), Healthcall, Healthcare Scotland Ltd., Hint-Els Dentacad System
GmbH, HOSPOR-Hospitais Portugueses, S.A., HumanOptics AG, Hutton & Co.
(Ship Chandlers) Ltd, Hybrand Ltd, Id pharma GmbH, IDEA AG, IEP GmbH,
Igeneon AG, Immatics Biotechnologies AG, Immunodiagnostic Systems
Holdings plc, IMTEC Immundiagnostika GmbH, In4tek Ltd., Indigo Photonics
Ltd., INNOVISION A/S, Inpharmatica Ltd., Integrated Dental Holdings plc,
Intercern Clinical Research Networks, Intercern Holdings Ltd., Intercytex Ltd.
(AIM:ICX), IoDP Medical Imaging Research, IsoTis NV, IsoTis Orthobiologics
(SWX:ISON), James Hull Associates, Jerini AG (DB:JI4), Key Organics Limited,
KREATECH Biotechnology BV, Kronans Droghandel AB, KuDOS

Company, Position & Person profile 3i Group plc 10

Pharmaceuticals Limited, Laurel Management Services Ltd., LGC Limited,
Lichtwer Pharma AG, Ligand Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: LGND)MAP Medical
Technologies Oy, Matrix MicroScience, MBT Munich Biotechnology AG,
Meconic Plc (United Kingdom), Medeval Ltd., Medimod Research Institute
GmbH, Medisense, Memorec Stoffel GmbH, Meristem Therapeutics,
Merivaara, Metris Therapeutics Ltd., Micap Ltd. (AIM:MIC), Micromet, Inc.
(NasdaqNM:MITI), Microsulis Medical Limited, Migenix Inc. (TSX:MGI),
Millbrook Industries Limited, Mitokor, Inc, mNemoscience GmbH, Molecular
Engines Laboratories, Molecular Staging, Inc., Mölnlycke Health Care AB,
Montebello, Morphochem AG, Morphochem, Inc., Morphosys AG (DB:MOR),
Nadag AG, Nanogate Technology GmbH, Nature's Store Ltd., Nektar
Therapeutics (NasdaqNM:NKTR), NeoGuide Systems, Inc., NeoPharma AB,
Neoventa Medical AB, Nervation Ltd., Nestor Healthcare Group plc (LSE:NSR),
Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. (NasdaqNM:NBIX), Neurotech S.A., Neutec
Pharma plc (AIM:NTP), Newron Pharmaceuticals SpA, Nexan PLC, Nova
Science Ltd, Novexel SA, Novuspharma SpA, Nycomed Pharma AS, Onyvax
Ltd., Ortivus AB (OM:ORTI B), Oxagen Limited, Oxford Asymmetry
International, Oxford GlycoSciences Plc, Oxfordshire BiotechNet Ltd, PAION
AG (DB:PA8), PaperPak Group, Patientline plc (LSE:PTL), PD Services Limited,
Penlon Limited, Peptor Ltd., PerSeptive Biosystems, Personal Chemistry,
Peter Black Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Pets at Home, Pharmaceutical Profiles Ltd.,
Pharmacia & Upjohn - CNS Research Centre, Pharmagene plc, Phase 1
Clinical Trials Unit Ltd, Phoqus Group plc (AIM:PQS), Physiomics plc (AIM:PYC),
Physiotools Oy, Picis, Inc., Plethora Solutions Holdings PLC (AIM:PLE), Poggo
Group, Polymer Laboratories Ltd., PPL Therapeutics plc, Practice Resource
Systems, ProCorde GmbH, Profile Therapeutics plc, Prolifix, Ltd., ProStrakan
Group plc (LSE:PSK), PULSION Medical Systems AG (DB:PUS), Q-One Biotech
Ltd., Quadrant Healthcare Plc (United Kingdom), Redcliffe Magtronics,
Residential Care Group, The, RiboTargets Holdings plc, Robinson Healthcare,
Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG, SBL Vaccin AB, Scienion AG, Scientific
Detectors Ltd, Scios Inc., Scottish Medicine Ltd., Sensa, SensAlyse Limited,
Shire plc (LSE:SHP), SICOR Inc., SIRENADE Pharmaceuticals AG, Sloning
BioTechnology, Small Bone Innovations, Inc., Smith & Nephew's UK and
Republic of Ireland Cotton Wool division, Sosei Co. Ltd. (TSE:4565), Sosei
R&D Ltd., SR-Instruments Oy, Sterix Limited, Subnet Oy, SunTech Medical
Group, Ltd, Suomen Terveystalo Oyj, Swissray International Inc., Switch

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Biotech GmbH, Synaptica Ltd., Synomics Ltd., Synprotec Ltd, Synt:em S.A.,
Tayside Flow Technologies Limited, TCT International Plc, Temmler
Beteiligungs GmbH, The Magstim Company Ltd, Tiani Medgraph GmbH,
Tissuemed, TransMedics, Inc., Triage Data Networks, Inc., Trigen Holdings
AG, Trinity Care plc., Ulthera Inc., Ultrafine, Valley Forge Pharmaceuticals,
Inc., Vanguard Healthcare Solutions Ltd., vasopharm BIOTECH GmbH,
Vendôme S.A., Vernalis Group Plc, Vernalis plc (LSE:VER), Véto Santé,
Vicuron Pharmaceuticals Inc., Virofem Diagnostica GmbH, Voxar Limited,
Wavelight Laser Technologie AG (DB:WLT), Westminster Healthcare Holdings
Ltd., Westminster Healthcare, Priority Private Health Clinic Chain, WGP 1 Plc,
Xenova Group plc, Xerion Pharmaceuticals GmbH, XTL Biopharmaceuticals
Ltd. (LSE:XTL), YAbA, YTY Group, Zonare Medical Systems, Inc.

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