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Andal, Limuel A.


Narrative Report

On July 28, 2015 together with Numeriano Landicho, Cabrera Joshua and

Dimaano Gerald, we attended Barangay conciliation at the Barangay hall of

Marawoy Lipa City, Batangas. The Mediation was administered by four members

of the katarungan Pambarangay chosen by the parties in the case. As explained by

the secretary of the barangay, the parties on the case have the right to choose the

mediators whom they want in accordance with their own discretion. But to avoid

conflicts on schedules, they decided to appoint members that will serve as a third

party on the case.

The Complainant, Mrs. Imelda Manzano, filed a complaint against the

Respondents Duckson and Sonia Libiran stating that the two failed to pay for their

rentals. In addition, Mrs Imelda added that the respondents failed to comply with

their agreement and refuses to leave the house even if their electric line was cut.

During the mediation, both Duckson and Sonia Libiran failed to appear in the

barangay conciliation prompting the barangay officials to issue a subpoena.

Despite of their absence, the barangay officials decided to continue the mediation
process. The Chairman of the panelist started the process by introducing the

purpose of the barangay Conciliation and the reasons why it is important to

conduct Barangay Conciliation before the case was brought to the higher Courts.

After the introduction, the Chairman states the nature of the case which pertains

to the failure of the respondent to pay for the rentals. Due to their absence, the

panel gave some advice to the complainant on the steps he should have done

before agreeing to terms with the respondent. Before the meeting ends, the

chairman explains the consequence for not complying with the subpoena. The

Respondent will be prohibited from filing any case with the same nature in any