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According to OSHA 1910.

147, when is it permissible to only When other protective measures are in place
use a tag out system of protection?

According to NFPA 850, “Fire Protection for Electric Power Must be in place before any major construction begins
Generating Plants”, 1992, when must fire protection water
supply mains and hydrants be in place?

What employee would you suspect of being exposed to Pesticide applicator

cholinesterase inhibitors?

What type of work would a task requiring 300 kcal/hour be medium


A room devoted to the charging of lead-acid batteries One hour fire wall
involved in warehousing operations requires what item?
What agent could be used to clean up a spill of mercury from Calcium polysulfide
a thermometer that has collected in the cracks of a wooden

What level of oxygen is required if personnel are to enter a 19.5%

confined space without breathing apparatus?

What are OSHA requirements for an excavation that is made Maximum allowable slope is ½:1
in type A soil that will be open for less than 24 hours and is
10 feet in depth? Horizontal to vertical ration of the slope?

The “percent of operational personnel that have completed Leading indicator

all phase of chemical safety training” is what type of
performance indicator?

What instrument would be used to understand the noise Integrating meter

exposure in a particular workplace with highly variable noise
According to 1910.184, when inspecting a natural or synthetic Paint on the sling
fiber rope sling, what would not compel you to remove it
from service?

In accordance with 1910.95 the employer shall retain Duration of the affected employee’s employment
Audiometric test records for?

What best describes the “standard threshold shift” referenced A change in hearing of 10 db or more at 2000, 3000, and
in OSHA standards? 4000hz

In addition to the OSHA Log of occupational illnesses and OSHA form 301 or equivalent
injuries, what other records does OSHA require an employer
to maintain?

What merit does “accident proneness” have in the safety Accident proneness is a concept that has no validity in
community? accident prevention work
What organization is responsible for design of pressure vessels ASME
in the United States?

Manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP fuel tanks EPA and OSHA
that install them on client’s property. What regulatory
agencies are most concerned with the operations?

What agency has authority over a container of chemicals used OSHA

in plant without a proper label?

What is the best overall technique for a manager to use to Ensure each subordinate supervisor understands his or her
have good working relations among subordinate supervisors? responsibilities and those of fellow subordinate supervisors.

What would be an example of a “dangerous Firearm

Who is the regulator responsible for providing oversight of Compressed Gas Association, Grade D
compressed air or oxygen with respiration and what grade is
required for breathing air?

What manufacturing production line would be the most Straight process line
conducive to safe operations?

A safety director is been authorized in writing from company Functional authority

vice president that if they detect any imminent danger
hazards they may independently and immediately shut down
the operation involved. What type of authority is this?

The effect of a neutral or irrelevant event in an experiment Hawthorne effect

that is intended to produce the same reaction in a participant
as if the event were of importance is called?

Man can perform more complex operations than a machine Flexible

because he is more?