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Dry chemical is an extinguishing agent associated with Metals

flammable liquids. What material is the term “dry powder”

associated with?

What best describes coefficient of variation? Standard deviation divided by the mean

What equipment is considered “intrinsically safe” Ordinary wristwatch

It cannot release sufficient electrical energy to cause ignition

What determines the atomic number of an element? Total number of protons

What is friction a function of? The weight, surface and contact.

Hearing loss from industrial exposure is usually? Sensorineural

What is the difference between pounds per square inch 14.7psi

absolute and pounds per square inch gage?
Pounds per square inch gage (Psig) is equivalent to pounds
per square inch absolute (PSIA) minus one standard
atmosphere or 14.7psi

What is the correct formula to determine the percent slope of Rise over run
a ramp?

A body that has a definite volume but no definite shape is? A liquid

What is not true concerning the OSHA regulations on See OSHA 1910.1027
exposure to cadmium?
Exposures over the PEL requires biological monitoring, one
acceptable method would be a test for hippuric acid in the
urine at the end of the shift??
What is correct concerning oxidizing agents? Strong oxidizing agents can cause serious burns

What is not true concerning OSHAS standard on benzene? OSHA 1910.1028

Employees requiring medical examination will be afforded an

examination within 30 days of initial assignment.

The initial examination should be conducted at or before the

initial assignment

What is the specific gravity of dry air? 1

The specific gravity of gases is defined as the ratio of the

weight of a certain volume of a gas as compared to the
weight of an equal volume of dry air.

What is true concerning the properties of calcium carbide? It reacts violently with water liberating and igniting hydrogen

What violates the principle of the stereotype that the term A switch that moves up to shut off a pump?
population stereotype concerning the human expectation
that results from the movement of controls and fixtures?
If a direct current rotary generator has a commutator ring; Slip rings
what does a A.C. generator have?

What statement concerning epidemiological studies is most Prospective studies are also called cohort or incident studies.

Which state had the first workers compensation act to Wisconsin

become law and remain in effect?

Who does responsibility for safety in operations belong to? Operations management

What are program audits designed to accomplish? Determine if the program is following the plan
What is the major cause of on the job injuries in the United Motor vehicle accidents

What is the most common error in preparing and using Operator entry
computer generated statistical analysis of accident and injury

What is not a reportable DOT accident? Injury not requiring medical response

How many years of loss records is a retrospective rating of Last three

workers compensation insurance premiums based on?

What is the important first step in the development of an Define the subsequent use of the data
accident data collection system?