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What is not included in the ten basic principles of safety?

Safety management should be treated separately and different

from other company management.

In epidemiology, the term incidence rate is often used to New cases

indicate the number of ______ that occurred in a given
period of time.

OSHA DART is frequently used in industrial safety work as An accident severity rate to compare your severity and
what type of indicator? frequency against other similar industry rates

How long must OSHA form 300 be retained in the 5 years

workplace for?
Records of investigations retained 30 years

What does an employee have right to do under OSHA act? To contest the abatement date-NOT to change the
abatement date
What is most essential consideration in developing a safety Training objectives
training program?

What is the most important feature of a maintenance A written and enforced lockout procedure
department’s safety program?

Who is most responsible for implementing response actions Supervisor

required by the emergency action plan?

Which test is associated with the OTIS-Lennon mental ability IQ test


Who must take the actions listed in the plant emergency Supervisors
Three leading causes of fire in the United States according to Electrical, smoking and hot surfaces
the Factory Mutual Engineering Corp are?

What type of standard is section 1910.1000 (Air Performance

Contaminants) of the general industry standard classified as?
It is a performance standard that deals with more than one
industry, making it also a horizontal standard

What is not true when comparing the capabilities of a Computers are better at following random and variable
computer and humans? strategy

What is the least important requirement of training That training objectives should be written
 Training objectives should be measurable
 Training objectives should be obtainable
 Training objectives should be reasonable

What is least important when picking an instructor for health Appearance

and safety training?
What is the best indicator of training effectiveness? Increase in effectiveness of job performance

What is required in order to make valid decisions? Listening

Minimum number of people required for a group? Three

What is not an advantage of the lecture presentation? There is only limited audience participation

What defines first aid according to OSHA? Any one time treatment, and any follow-up visit for the
purpose of observation of minor scratches, cuts, burns,
splinters which do not ordinarily require medical care. A
onetime treatment and follow-up visit for the purpose of
observation is considered first aid.
Emergency response guidelines (EPRGS) provide values of EPRG-3 is the maximum airborne concentration below which
intended as estimates of ranges where one might reasonably it is believed nearly all individuals could be exposed for up to
anticipate observing adverse effects as a consequence of one hour without experiencing or developing life threatening
exposure to a specific substance. How many levels of EPRGS? health effects.

What indicates a training instructor projecting a power Dark suit, relaxed body motions, closed arm stance

What is the most common language of the client/server SQL-structured query language.
database management?
It is a standardized application language for relational
databases that is used to enter data into a database, modify
data, delete data and retrieve data.

When is the least effective time to present a safety training After the company announces it is downsizing

What is not an expected outcome of group training? Gains skills