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Volume 16, Number 33 October 12, 2018

I'm honored to point out that this evening at the Los Angeles Biltmore
Hotel one of the original GREAT Latino organization in the USA, the
Mexican American Opportunities Foundation, will be honoring me
along with Moctesuma Esparza and Fernando Guerra. MAOF's Aztec
Awards are an amazing evening. Please below for more information.
36 years ago when the National Association of Hispanic Publications
was founded the internet did not exist and Hispanic media was
relatively small. A lot has happened since then - and Hispanic Print
has consistently collectively generated over a BILLION in revenue
annually. Today a rapidly increasing portion of those revenues come
from the digital side, and roughly half of the 2018 NAHP Convention
will be devoted to digital efforts. The convention with be at the Las
Vegas Golden Nugget October 24-27 and I look forward to seeing
many of you there. Click here for more info.

Here's this week quote: "Since salespeople are on the front lines in
contacting customers, they should know more than anyone about
what customers need" Steve Kaplan in Be The Elephant.
If you find a quote you like let me know. I will be happy to send to our 14,400
plus Hispanic advertising and media executives and give you a plug for sending
it! Our Goal Latino Print Network's goal with each issue is for you to say at
least once "Glad I learned that".


Kirk Whisler
Executive Editor
Media Insights


Only 2 weeks remaining to Las Vegas
By Jose Sueiro, NAHP Executive Director

We have come a long way as the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP)!
This is our 37th year as we get together at a Convention to review the status of the
Hispanic print community in 2018 and share the trials and tribulations we go through on
a daily basis. This year, under the Presidency of Fanny Miller and guided by our
Convention Chair, David Cortinas, we've managed to improve all of our offerings to
produce a workmanlike, engaging 3 days (October 24 thru 27, 2018) at the exciting
venue of the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

We've confirmed top political talent in Congressman Luis Gutierrez who will
keynote our Friday luncheon, Dina Titus representing Las Vegas proper and Ruben
Kihuen, a top Latino Congressman in the state. We'll present a major Mexican figure
from the new Andres Lopez Obrador government in Mexico as the keynote for our Friday
night GALA, and a video message from Nevada Senator, Catherine Cortez Masto.

We're bringing to the table top national Hispanic leadership such as the new
LULAC President; Domingo Garcia, Arturo Vargas from NALEO and Cid Wilson from HACR.
They will inform us as to the status of our Latino community and let us know where
we're headed!

We have top industry leaders who will speak about how to jack up sales and
improve your digital offerings. The remarkable Zeph Snapp on what a small, modest
publication can do to step up their digital message. Gloria Rodriguez from Comunicad on
how the Hispanic market has changed and what that means for our publications and our
own Anita Grace, one of the finest national sales representatives in the market today.

And how could we forget entertainment in Las Vegas! Opening night with the
showgirls, mariachis, folkloric ballet and Hispanic icon, Moctezuma Esparza, plus movies,
plus tequila... On Thursday night the now famous 'Jose Marti Awards", the 'Spanish
Pulitzers' hosted by our renowned Latino print scholar, Kirk Whisler along with cast and
crew of the movie; "Crave; The Fast Life", plus Comedian Juan Villareal and even a
surprise magician.

Members and friends of the NAHP, if you've been undecided until now, make an
executive decision, reserve an airplane ticket, we have your hotel room in one of the
most iconic hotels in Vegas so for a memorable convention you won't forget, join your
colleagues and make friends in during the 37th Annual NAHP Convention at the Golden
Click here for more info
Political Insights
POLITICO race ratings: The GOP House majority is crumbling

The Republican House majority continues to show signs of collapsing, with Democrats steadily gaining
ground toward erasing their 23-seat deficit and ending eight years of GOP control.
There are now 209 seats either firmly or leaning in the Democratic column - only nine shy of the 218
needed to win control. The GOP still has a path to keep the House, but it would require either a near-sweep
of the toss-up races or a significant change in the political environment in the final four weeks of the
Read more here.
20 Years of Recognizing the Greatness of
Award Winning Authors
2,636 Authors & Publishers have
been honored

Click here for ALL the Award results since 2000

Latino Literacy Now Insights

The 20th International Latino Book Awards:

Two Decades of Recognizing Greatness in
Books By & For Latinos
By Kirk Whisler

The Int'l Latino Book Awards is a major reflection that the fastest growing group in the
USA has truly arrived. The Awards are now by far the largest Latino cultural Awards in
the USA and with the 232 finalists this year in 93 categories, it has now honored the
greatness of 2,636 authors and publishers over the past two decades.
Click here for hundreds of photos from the Int'l Latino Book Awards
Ceremony and all the wonderful people involved. Photos by Scott

The size of the Awards is proof that books by and about Latinos are in high demand. In
2018 Latinos will purchase over $725 million in books in English and Spanish. The year
the Awards started, 1998, approximately 2,100 books were published in the USA with a
Latino author. In 2018 it's between 25,000 and 30,000.

The 2018 Winners for the 20th Annual Int'l Latino Book Awards are another reflection of
the growing quality of books by and about Latinos. "I loved the book!", "Wonderful
illustrations", "Kids will relate to it", "Nice rhythm in the writing", "Great book about the
importance of the elderly", "Excellent, informative book", "What a lovely and well
written book", "Attention grabbing book", "Captivating story", "The author is creative and
descriptive allowing the readers to understand the world she has created", "Intriguing
and complex", "Real characters that attracts children", "An enchanting translation", "The
author involves readers in this journey", and "This book contains inside a guide to our
power" were all shared on multiple books.

Even comments like "This book would make a great movie or TV series", "Should be a
required reading for high school students", "This book kept my attention, I didn't want to
put the book down", and "There's so many GREAT books judging is very hard" were heard
about a variety of books. These are some of the hundreds of insights from the 205 judges
who are teachers, librarians, media professionals, Pulitzer Prize winners, book industry
professionals, elected officials, and those who truly love what books bring to all of us.
The Awards celebrates books in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Finalists are from
across the USA and Puerto Rico, as well as from 20 countries outside the USA.
The Awards Cermony was held September 8, 2018 in Los Angeles at the Dominguez
Ballroom at California State University Dominguez Hills. Major sponsors included
California State University Dominguez Hills, the Los Angeles Community College District,
Libros Publishing, the Piping Industry Progress & Education Trust Fund, the American
Association of Latino Engineers and Scientists, Scholastic Books and Latino 247 Media

Our Literary Partners included Las Comadres para las Americas, REFORMA, and the
Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization.
Our Festival hosts included California State University San Bernardino and MiraCosta
College. All winners were honored with the world class Award Winning Author medals at
the well attended event. The event was emceed by Bel Hernandez.

Presenters included Dr Francisco Rodriguez, Chancellor of the largest Community College

district in the USA; Ambassador Julian Nava; actor Mike Gomez; José Angel Gutierrez,
founder of the La Raza Unida Party; Jaime Valdivia, Director of Piping Industry Progress
and Education Trust Fund; El Monte Councilmember Jerry Velasco; Anna Park, CEO of
Great Minds in STEM; Robert Guzman, President of AALES; Lisa Montes ofMiraCosta
College; Edward Becerra, founder of Education Begins in the Home; Roberto Haro, PhD;
Julia Abrantes; and Nora de Hoyos Comstock, Las Comadres Founder.
The Awards are produced by Latino Literacy Now, a nonprofit organization co-founded in
1997 by Edward James Olmos and Kirk Whisler. Other Latino Literacy Now programs
include the upcoming Latino Book & Family Festival at MiraCosta College in Oceanside
will be our 65th.
The Int'l Society of Latino Authors now has 120+ hundred members. Education Begins in
the Home has impacted literacy for 80,000+ people.

Changing the Face of Education is producing a comprehensive study of the need for more
diversity within the education field. The Award Winning Author Tour has over 10 events
in the coming year.
Latino Literacy Now's programs have now touched well over a million people. Over 350
volunteers will donate 14,000+ hours of service this year.
Click here to see the entire list of 2018 Award Winning Books, the
Ceremony's program, and lots more photos.
All these great photos are by Scott Mitchell,

Information Insights

Videos from Latino 247 We Thought You'd Enjoy

We have posted our first 40 videos and will be posting another 10+
every week. Below are some of the video shows we are producing.
You can view the videos by going to the iTunes store, searching for
Latino 247 and subscribing. This is the best way because then each
week you will get more videos sent to you as they are released. You
can also view individual shows by going to
You can also view these videos on YouTube.

Latino Reads: A three times weekly podcast featuring Award

Winning Authors sharing their insights
Here's some of the authors we've interviewed: Ramona Winner; Dolores
Huerta, civil rights activists and founder of the Dolores Huerta
Foundation; Georgina Perez; Adriana Kortlandt; Dora Przybylek; Diana
Lee Santamaria; Albert Monreal Quihuis; Adriana Paramo; Arnaldo Lopez
Anita Vélez-Mitchell, Gloria Vando & Anika Pari; Alvaro Ramirez; Isabel
Garcia Cintas; Sandra Ramos O'Briant; Edel Romay; Silvia Patiño; Alfredo
del Arroyo; Maria Nieto; Abraham Urias
Latino Political News: A twice weekly podcast featuring politicians
and those interested in politics sharing their insights on key issues
Kevin de Leon running for U.S. Senate
Yvonne Waler, SEIU Local 1000 President
Dolores Huerta, civil rights activists and founder of the Dolores Huerta
Ed Hernandez running for California Lt. Governor
Jose Medina, member of the California State Assembly
Tony Vazquez running for California Board of Equalization, District 3
Roza Calderon running for California's 4th Congressional District
Latino Hollywood: A weekly podcast featuring current and
upcoming movies and TV shows we thought you'd want to know
more about
The Academy Award Winning film Coco; Coco Celebrity Tour; Coco: Gael
Recording Remember Me; Coco: Land of the Death Rules; and Traffik.
Community Insights Podcasts starts this month with two special
interviews: With Domingo García and Darryl Morin. They are
running to be the next LULAC National President and seeking to
correct some of the recent problems. We hope you enjoy their

You can view all of these podcast on our YouTube and soon to be a
variety of other places or you can go
to and see the individual

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