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Her magazine is published by The Daily Reflector

and Cooke Communications of North Carolina.

On the cover
Amanda Barnes is leading the fight in bringing
lacrosse to ECU. Read about her journey on page 8.
(Juliette Cooke/Her)

Meet Her
8 Amanda Barnes

Women in sports
14 Heather Macy
18 Pitt County Girls Softball

28 Nutrition

17 Puzzles
19 Girl Bosses
24 Mother’s Day tips
26 Her Panel
30 Coach Chris

From the editor
Meet our team
When I was a child,
I played just about every sport known to
man. Basketball? Tried it. Soccer? Hat-
Mackenzie is the editor of Jason is the graphic de-
ed it. Field Hockey? Yep. Volleyball? No Her and Mixer magazines signer for Her Magazine
good at that. Swimming? I liked being in and a loving mother to a res- and Greenville: Life in the
the pool, but not for sport. Tennis? Yup. cue pup named Ficklen. She East and a proud dad. His
is also a band T-shirt collec- dislikes are numerous but
I had about a three year stint as a long tor, coffee shop conneisseur include jazz, cold coffee
distance runner on my high school cross and die-hard Pirate fan. and anything Kardashian.
country and track team; I was just OK. Mackenzie Tewksbury Jason Scott
I’m from Maryland, where playing lacrosse Editor Layout
is the law of the land — besides the Balti-
more Ravens and crabcakes. Not playing
the sport is basically equivalent to an east-
ern North Carolinian hating the vinegary
Juliette Cooke is a photog-
tang of barbecue. So, I played it — season rapher for The Daily Re-
Molly is a recent RCC photo
grad, Carolina Panthers fan
after season — hoping I’d magically become flector and Her and Mixer
and cat enthusiast. Her fa-
good at it. It never happened. Oh well. magazines. She is also a
vorite thing to photograph
loving mother to her rescue
My mom, on the other hand, was cap- lab, Molly.
is sports.
tain of her field hockey and lacrosse club
team at Boston University. My dad was Juliette Cooke Molly Mathis
Photographer Photographer
a fantastic swimmer. My brother played
almost every sport, but unlike me, he
excelled at most of them — especially Christina is an advertising
account executive, Her Mag-
lacrosse — for almost 20 years. azine contributor and Hot Dish
I guess the athletic gene got lost some- writer for The Daily Reflector; Christy Jones, also known as
where in translation for me. a Barnes & Noble bookseller; Coach Chris, is a Greenville
and an adjunct writing in- life and business coach. Con-
But the women of this magazine have structor. When not working, tact her at coachchris4suc-
absolutely no shortage of that athletic Christina enjoys bubble baths, or www.
gene and the talent, discipline and ded- drinking wine, cooking, eating
and getting lost in the won-
ication it takes to become a successful Christina Ruotolo derful world of reading. Reach Christy Jones
athlete. My hat goes off to these incred- Contributor her at Contributor
ibly talented women of Pitt County.
Our cover woman, Amanda Barnes,
knows the law of the land of her home An organic gardener of 20
Caroline Whitehurst is an
state Maryland, and she’s the first ever Di- ECU Dietetic Intern who
years, Kimberly is enthu-
vision 1 women’s lacrosse coach at ECU. siastic about nutrition and
earned her Bachelors of
seeks to encourage healthy
Heather Macy has been the leader of Arts in Exercise and Sport
lifestyles through educa-
Science from the University
the ECU women’s basketball team for of North Carolina at Chap-
tion. To ask her questions
the past eight years, and she works ex- or get advice about horti-
el Hill and her Masters of
cultural projects, email her
tremely hard to encourage young female Science in Nutrition from
Meredith College.
athletes in the community. And, the Pitt Caroline Whitehurst Kimberly Newsom
County Girls Softball League has seen Contributor Contributor
continued success for 25 years.
Also, there are some great tips and treats
for Mother’s Day, so there is no reason
not to pamper your mom this year.

Mackenzie Tewksbury
— editor
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6 Her — May 2018

3116 Evans Street • 252.353.7463
Monday-Saturday 10-6 Her — May 2018 7

By Mackenzie Tewksbury

There are a few things the

state of Maryland is un-
doubtedly known for: eating
blue crabs, sprinkling Old

TO HER Bay on everything and play-
ing lacrosse.
And perhaps nobody knows
that better than Amanda
Barnes, the first ever division
one lacrosse coach at East
Carolina University.

Maryland native brings lacrosse to ECU

Photos by Juliette Cooke

The Bel Air, Maryland transplant played goalie at the
distinguished division one lacrosse program at the Univer-
sity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is also the former
assistant coach at Duke University. So, while she may know
what it’s like to be from Maryland, she is definitely no
stranger to the culture of North Carolina.
But, she traded in the shades of blue for the iconic purple
and gold when she entered Pirate Nation to begin her head
coach career for one of the fastest growing sports in the
entire country.
“It was an opportunity to do what I love and make the
next step as a head coach in an area I was really excit-
ed about it. I was excited about introducing the sport of
lacrosse to eastern North Carolina,” Barnes said. “Up until
a year and a half ago, east of 95 had zero division one
lacrosse programs.”

I was excited about introducing the sport

of lacrosse to eastern North Carolina. Up
until a year and a half ago, east of 95 had
zero division one lacrosse programs.

After coaching at Duke University, her lacrosse journey led

Introducing Elleebana one shot Lash Lift! her to an assistant coach job at Ohio State University and then
Boston University. But, after spending many years in the Tar
BEFORE Heel State, Barnes already had a glimpse of what life could be
like — warmer lacrosse weather and a southern state of mind.
“I had to shovel my car out of snow on April 1. I remem-
ber thinking, ‘It’s April Fool’s Day. This has to be a joke.
I wanted to give city living a try… But realized I liked a
little bit of a slower southern pace to life,” Barnes laughed.
The hottest trend in the eyelash industry!
Barnes was in New Jersey when East Carolina Universi-
Europes #1 Lash Lift!
ty announced they were adding a women’s lacrosse team.
Her cellphone immediately flooded with text messages
— “ECU’s adding!” most of them read — and Barnes was
ready to take the challenge.
“Having been an assistant coach for eight years, it was
probably in year five or six that in the back of my mind that
I need to start preparing myself….This is something I really
Introductory offer 2 for 1 special!! want to pursue at the next level,” Barnes said. “I was hun-
gry for a bit more.”
Now, a year and a half into the program and in the middle
of her first season, Barnes said her journey has been been
full of milestones — both exciting ones and challenging
ones — including the task of transforming a group of girls
who were once all complete strangers into one, cohesive,
!MBVQTDBMFCFMMB “Any time you have 27 girls in a first year program…

10 Her — May 2018

When you look at what we are
building as the foundation of
our program, the fact that we
can be hard workers on the
field for 60 minutes and play a
physical brand of ball is really
positive for us moving forward.

there has been a lot of getting to know were yesterday. calls, long practices and conditioning
each other not just on the field, but “When you look at what we are build- and a full course load of schoolwork.
off,” Barnes said. “It’s been unique to ing as the foundation of our program, But, to them, it’s all worth it to wear
see them go from not even knowing the fact that we can be hard workers on purple and gold.
each other’s names to being excited the field for 60 minutes and play a phys- “Being able to wear the East Carolina
about being roommates next year and ical brand of ball is really positive for us uniform and playing for the universi-
making plans to see each other over moving forward,” Barnes said. ty is a unique honor,” Smith, a goalie
the summer.” Christina White, a Maryland native from Virginia said.
And a trio of freshman on the team and goalie on the team, said Barnes is And while Barnes is now in the state
— Christina White, Alexandra Staton dedicated to helping each team mem- known for barbecue, sweet tea and
and Abigail Smith — all reiterated that ber improve. football instead of blue crab, Old Bay
notion. “Coach Barnes always comes up with and lacrosse, she’s seizing the oppor-
“It’s like having 27 sisters,” Stanton, pertinent drills to make us better, she tunity to bring her sport to the quickly
a New Jersey native said. shows us what we did wrong in the last growing city of Greenville.
Barnes picked up her first win game or practice and she makes a goal “A lot of people we’re probably like,
as a head coach on Feb. 18 versus for next practice or game to make sure ‘What’s lacrosse?’” Barnes laughed.
Gardner Webb, and her first win in we perfect it. She laughs at our quirky “A really unique thing about starting a
Pirate Nation on March 30 against jokes and tries to implement compe- program in an area that is not familiar
Delaware State. She said while there tition between our team to make it go with your sport is the task of educating
are obvious growing pains that come more smoothly,” White said. people in the community about what
with starting a brand new program, And if being a freshman in college your sport is and what to expect and
she aims to make sure that each day, didn’t come with it’s own challenges, be excited for.”
her team is improving on where they these girls take on 4:45 a.m. wake up

12 Her — May 2018 Her — May 2018 13
ECU basketball coach, motivational speaker impacts athletes

By Mackenzie Tewksbury | Photos by Juliette Cooke

lastered all over Heather dence so the kids walk away
Macy’s ECU office and and understand that they can be
website are the words division 1 college athletes if that’s
“Win to impact and influence.” what they want to be, but we also
Macy is heading into her ninth want to make sure we empower
year as East Carolina University’s them that they can be anything
women’s head basketball coach, they want to be,” she said.
but she also spends a lot of her Macy said she’s been involved
time trying to encourage young with basketball camps for as
females — athletes or not — to long as she can remember —
follow their dreams through her “Back in the day it’s what you
summer camp program. did in the summer,” she said —
And to Macy, those words are and she’s been taking aspects of
more than words — it’s a motto. each of these camps and making
“We teach hoops through (the them her own ever since.
camp), but at the same time, it’s And in her experiences, it’s
just the ability to build confi- been nothing but rewarding.

“In our community, the Greenville “Some that come to camp are ing and influencing there, as well.
community is an important one to not sure they even wanna be bas- “We’ve done some firsts; we’ve
be involved in, give back in. It’s been ketball players. That gives us that had some milestone wins here.
a great realm for us to be able to do ability to impact them in different We’ve done some things that have
that,” she said. ways,” Macy said. “A lot of kids never been done in the history of the
Macy said she’s even hired some of come to camp and it ends up that program,” she said.
the girls and recruited a few who went they want to be East Carolina stu- But even with nearly 15 years of
through her camp programs, adding dents, so that’s been really cool, headcoaching experience, Macy said
that a big aspect of the camp is that it too,” she said. the job still hasn’t lost the appeal.
allows the campers to connect with And as the head coach of ECU “It goes by so fast when you’re
coaches and athletes in ways they women’s basketball for eight years, having such a good time,” Macy
wouldn’t have been able to without it. she’s done her fair share of impact- laughed.
1. Maintained possession of 1. Kilogram force (abbr.)
5. Dropsy 2. Your consciousness of your own identity
10. Type of music 3. Score
12. One who is deliberately cruel 4. A way to modify
14. 411 5. Respect
16. Rhode Island 6. Midwife
18. Follows sigma 7. Region near the Dead Sea
19. Baked dessert 8. __ Gerais: gold-rich state of Brazil
20. Craftsman 9. Equally
22. Austrian river 10. Monetary units
23. Distributed 11. The mentioning of things one by one
25. Close 13. Traveling entertainers
26. Midway between east and southeast 15. Small island
27. Thunderstorm code 17. A way to sing
28. Where wrestlers work 18. __-bo: form of exercise
30. Away from (prefix) 21. “The Bard”
31. Canadian law enforcers 23. The best player
33. Shade 24. Male parent
35. Sir Samuel __, Brit. statesman 27. Harm the reputation of
37. Della __, singer 29. Allow for the tare of
38. Existing in fact 32. Grand __: wine classification
40. Tennis matches have at least two 34. Soak
41. Reunifying Chinese dynasty 35. Bother
42. Not just “play” 36. Ophthalmologist
44. Angry 39. Preceded
45. Photomultiplier tube 40. __ Francisco, California
48. Slovenly person 43. Touch gently
50. __ and Diu 44. Lithuanian given name
52. Cologne 46. Matched
53. What actors deliver 47. Stomach
55. Campaigned 49. Mother of all gods in Scots’ Celtic mythology
56. Cash machine 51. Partner to cheese
57. Spanish be 54. Fit of irritation
58. Animal that eats insects 59. Visit
63. Colonists who supported the British 60. Suffragist Wells
65. Loved 61. Swearing to the truth of a statement
66. A pair of people who live together 62. Old Red Sandstone
67. Work tools 64. Sacred Hindu syllable
Puzzle solutions on page 29 Her — May 2018 17

A League
Softball league strives
to empower young girls
By Mackenzie Tewksbury direction they want to take it,” said Mickey said the program has created
Her Magazine Melissa Mickey, board member of the a “Sara A. Law” award, and has been
league and softball coach. giving the award to one girl since 1995.
Every spring, young females in Pitt As a coach, Mickey said the last The award recognizes a female athlete
County take to the Sara A. Law Com- thing she wants to see is girls dread- for sportmanship, attitude, dedication,
plex in Winterville to play softball -- ing going to practice, so she encour- team loyalty and competitiveness.
but the experience often teaches much ages the girls to do their best, but also “That brings together what we want
more than just how to swing a bat. have fun. the girls to strive for,” she said. “All
The Pitt County Girls Softball League, “I mean, getting you there and play- those things are very important.”
a nonprofit sports league that offers ing is the key. If you enjoy it, you don’t In the 25 year life span of the league,
girls ages 4-18 the chance to play rec- have to be the best,” Mickey said. “We it has reached milestones, produced
reational and competitive softball, also want to encourage the girls to believe all-star athletes and achieved many
aims to build confidence and teach girls themselves and be the best they can be, noteworthy successes. The program
to believe in themselves. whatever that looks like.” has won over 55 state titles, 50 regional
“We really aim to provide and pro- She said the most rewarding thing crowns, 11 world series championships
mote and foster a softball program for for her is watching the girls succeed. and one national championship, accord-
female youth in Pitt County. We really “You can have a four year old hitting ing to Mickey.
strive to provide a place where they the ball for the first time and seeing “We really have a history of creat-
can learn the fundamentals, but also that smile and excitement is priceless,” ing quality competitive and winning
build the skills for the future, whatever she said. teams,” she said.

18 Her — May 2018


Girl Bosses By Christina Ruotolo
Her Magazine

It’s been almost 100 years since and restaurant owners, there is no limit
women gained the right to vote. Since to what these women can do. In honor
that landmark decision, women moved of all that women can and will continue
from running the home to working in to do inside and outside of the home for
the office, to running fortune 500 com- our community, we created a new series
panies, holding high ranking political called “Girl Bosses.” Throughout the
positions, running for president, and year, HER Magazine will introduce you
the list goes on. Greenville is home to to several female business owners who
hundreds of these dedicated and deter- have taken a seed of an idea and turned
mined female leaders. From fashion and it into a thriving business eastern North
jewelry designers, boutique store owners Carolina can be proud of.
692 Olive
have over 50 different selections to
choose from!
The difference of our products is
striking, not only in amazing taste but
in our knowledge of how the prod-
ucts are made and where they come
from the chemical make-up offering
health benefits that will improve
your everyday diet along with your
personal health.
In the fall of 2017, we recently added
wine and wine tastings. Currently,
we offer boutique wines at affordable
prices. It has been an exciting new
We try to support other local and
North Carolina businesses by carrying
their products. Currently, some of our
top sellers include Mamasita Chips,
Ladyfingers of Raleigh Gourmet to Go,
and Greenville’s A Bit Off Center Pot-
tery. In addition to the North Carolina
products, we offer a unique variety of
salts, herbs and sauces.
Come on in and learn more about
our products and their various uses to
improve your health and recipes. We
offer private tasting parties for a fun
night out!

Most popular items?

Since October 2012, Arlington Village Meet HER Girl Boss: Tuscan Herb Extra Virgin Olive
has been home to a specialty olive oil Leah Dew Danak, 34 Oil (infused with sundried toma-
and vinegar shop, 692 Olive. A tasting Owner of 692 Olive in Arlington Village toes, garlic, basil, oregano, marjoram,
bar specializing in olive oils, vinegars, 692 E. Arlington Blvd, Greenville NC 27858 rosemary.) tied with our 18 Year Aged
specialty oils, wine, and specialty Open: Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 6p.m.; Balsamic (aged for 18 years in the
North Carolina made food products. Saturday 10a.m. to 5p.m. Modena Region of Italy.) Mix the two
“Once you have good olive oil and For more information, visit their website, together and grab a baguette or drizzle
balsamic vinegar, you simply cannot, or call 252.565.8472; find over a salad!
go back to grocery store brands. The them on Facebook and Instagram.
difference is unbelievable — come What made you want to open
and try it for yourself! Our products What items do you sell in your your own business?
are great for your health, sautéing, sal- store/ What is the most popular? It really has been a dream to own
ads, marinades, over fruit, ice cream, Olive oil and balsamic vinegar my own store since I was a little girl.
or in a cocktail. Both men and women tasting bar. We invite our customers It would not be uncommon for me
of all ages can enjoy 692 Olive’s prod- to come in and sample the individ- to play “store” as a child – pretend-
ucts as hostess, birthdays, Mother’s ual flavors before you buy and then ing with clothes and neighborhood
Day, Christmas, corporate, or just watch as our team freshly pours, friends. As I got older, I knew I
because gifts!" corks and seals your selections. We wanted more than just a job. I wake

20 Her — May 2018

up every day excited to go to work.
Opening this store was one of the big-
gest risks I had ever taken. I worked
from home for a market research
company and found that I really
missed interacting with people. While
looking for other jobs, I picked up a
part-time job at the olive oil store in
Pinehurst. I have worked with olive
oils and vinegars for over eight years.
This job helped me to gain experience
and rekindle my passion for fresh and
healthy products and cooking. Even-
tually, I outgrew my role and decided
the next step would be to open my
own store. I chose Greenville, because
I attended ECU for undergrad and
after revisiting the city, I could tell
there was nothing like it in the area. I
attended East Carolina University for
an undergraduate degree in Apparel
Merchandising and Business Admin-
istration and earned a Master’s degree
in consumer affairs and brand market-
ing from Auburn University.

Tell me a few things about your-

Andrew, my husband, and I got
married last June. I really enjoy
spending my free time with him –
we have two dogs that are also up What is your favorite part about the community that supports you. It
for any ride we plan to take. We being a business owner? is a blessing to be able to give back to
love exploring eastern North Car- There really isn’t just one favor- others. Unofficially, we have adopted
olina together. As a native of Pine- ite part. I like the relationships and children as our philanthropy. We will
hurst, we also enjoy visiting friends interactions I have with customers. I try to help out as many organizations
and family there. You can find me have made some great friends though as we can throughout the year. I am
sitting around at dinner time with the shop. I moved to Greenville just to a firm believer that every little bit
friends, curled up on the couch open 692 Olive. This great community counts — so we try to do our part as
reading a book and on gamedays in has embraced our concept (and me – best we can.
full cheerleader mode for Auburn thank you!) and I love to see how it has Personally, it has also been a priv-
and ECU. Every weekday morn- changed the way people are cooking ilege to serve as a board member for
ing, I start my day at Fit Body Boot and eating at home. Schedule flexibili- Women for Women Pitt County for the
Camp’s 5:40 am class — it is really ty is also a nice perk! past three years and a just this year
fun and healthy way start to the as a board member for the Rocking
day. I love doing DIYs that I think Do you take part in charitable Horse Ranch Therapeutic Riding Pro-
will only take an hour that end up giving in the community? gram. I really enjoy being able to see
lasting all day – Andrew of course Yes, I think as a local business firsthand how much our city cares for
loves this too. owner it is important to give back to one another. Her — May 2018 21

and earrings made of semi-precious
gemstones and fine silver. I also sell
seasonal scarves that I design and

Most popular items?

I’d say earrings might be the quick-
est sellers. They always make a great
gift and I provide gift boxes.

What made you want to open

your own business?
I was searching for a creative
outlet and began making stained
glass panes, which led to fused-
glass rings. As I drifted further into
jewelry and selling it, the demand
got to be so high, I had no choice
but to open a brick and mortar store
to expand my workshop and sell
my pieces. I have had my store for
six years.
Before jewelry, I was an educator,
teaching upper level Spanish for 26
years. I’m happy to say I am leasing
the retail space next to my store to
begin teaching metalsmithing and
jewelry making classes, so I still get
to enjoy teaching! I also will be offer-
ing jewelry making birthday parties
for girls.
On any given day behind bright throughout the world and she has
purple walls in a shop in Arlington won numerous awards for her designs Tell me a few things about your-
Village, there is a petite, bubbly Costa including the “Beyond the Runway” self/hobbies.
Rican woman shaping and molding award at New York Fashion Week Honestly, my hobby turned into my
sterling silver, copper andfine metals, with Nolcha in 2010. business.
polishing and shaping gemstones, and
sketching out new jewelry designs. Meet HER Girl Boss What is your favorite part about
For the last six years, the owner of Ileana Rojas-Bennett, 49 being a business owner?
Maleku Jewelry and Studio has been Owner of Maleku Jewelry and Studio I enjoy the one-on-one with my cus-
creating beautiful jewelry collections, 684-C East Arlington Blvd (behind Cubbies) tomers. It pleases me when I am able
handmade scarfs and one-of-a-kind Open- Tuesday-Friday 11a.m.-6p.m. and to provide that special piece of jewelry
pieces from bold and daring to mod- Saturday 11a.m.-4p.m. for them.
ern and classic. They offer something For more information, visit the website: www.
for every woman from the working or call 252-717-5481 Do you take part in charitable
woman to the mom next door for giving in the community?
any budget from $25-$2,000. Her What items do you sell in your store? I do, in fact I just donated a necklace
pieces have graced the necks, wrists I sell my own line of custom made to John Paul II Catholic HS for their
and earlobes of actresses and models jewelry — necklaces, bracelets, cuffs yearly fund raising event.

22 Her — May 2018

Boston Bags & Tags
Centrally located in Greenville is a
quaint little shop specializing in em-
broidery services and monogramming.
They offer a myriad of gifts to delight
your mother, sister, best friend or any-
one who enjoys fashionable clothing
and trendy gifts from jackets, purses,
custom license plates, totes, baby gifts,
and other specialty items.
"Some of our most popular ways to
personalize items are with embroidery,
regular vinyl and heat transfer vinyl.
We do offer many monogrammed gifts
including wedding and baby gifts.
We believe everything is better with a
monogram and that personalized gifts
always make the best gifts. Thank you
for shopping with us. We really appre-
ciate your business and hope that you
enjoy our website. We strive to offer you
excellent customer service and hope you
get to chance to stop by and say hello."

Meet HER Girl Boss

Laura McKeel-Gladson, 47
Owner of Boston Bags &Tags
3110 S. Evans St. Suite C Greenville
Open: Monday-Friday 10a.m.-5:30p.m.,
Saturday 10a.m.-4p.m. tion. I worked in the banking industry spent with her when I am not mono-
For more information, visit the website: for over 12 years starting while in gramming. I also enjoy concerts, ECU or call 252- college performing many duties such football and the beach.
756-9500. as internal auditor to bank secrecy act
analyst. I started out making hand- What is your favorite part about
What items do you sell in your store? made purses I called “Boston Bags.” being a business owner?
We sell popular gift items for ladies, Over the years, the store evolved into The best part of being a business
weddings, baby and birthday. We offer a one-stop shop for gifts and more. owner is the people I have met
embroidery services as well as person- In total, Boston Bags & Tags has been throughout many industries including
alization through heat transfer vinyl open for 11 1/2 years with a brick and several other local business owners. I
and regular vinyl. We also do corpo- mortar store and out of my home 2 have had the pleasure of making many
rate logo's and athletic wear. years prior to that. friends through contacts that I have
met through my business.
Most popular items? Tell me a few things about your-
Our monogramming services are our self/hobbies. Do you take part in charitable
most popular. I am married to my husband Richie giving in the community?
and have a furbaby named Lilly that I am a member of the Pirate Club and
What made you want to open is a Boston Terrier. She was diagnosed also contribute to multiple charities
your own business? with a complicated disease back in around town including 3rd Street Edu-
I graduated from East Carolina Uni- August of 2015 and requires lots of cation Center, Pitt County Girls Softball,
versity with a BS in Business Educa- special attention so most of our time is Riley's Army and various churches. Her — May 2018 23

date night MOTHER’S DAY IDEAS By Mackenzie Tewksbury
Her Magazine

Mother’s Day is on the horizon! It with other things she likes. In the past,
will really be here before we know it. we’ve gone to her favorite restaurants,
The day always sneaks up on me to be gone shopping or just spent time bask-
honest. In my opinion, moms are su- ing in the May sunshine and talking to-
perheroes. They take on a task that is gether. I think when I was a kid I even
worthy of the highest of praise. gave her a coupon book of things I’d
If you’re anything like me, you have do around the house to help her out.
a mom you’d give the whole world So, don’t let the day sneak up on you
to. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the this year! I’ve given some ideas for five
whole world -— so I have to make do different types of moms.

24 Her — May 2018

For the sporty mom:
If you are or you have a mom that
loves anything fitness, you’re in
luck! There are a ton of places
around town where you can spend
time with your mama, but also break a seri-
ous sweat. Try looking into pilates classes, water
aerobics, zumba, yoga, barre classes or even be
brave and try crossfit! You could always keep it
simple and go on a run on the Greenway. 644 E. Arlington Blvd., Greenville, NC 27858

For the girly mom:

There are really endless possibilities here.


Keep it traditional and go get a mani-
cure/pedicure, or maybe go all out and
have a full day at the spa — fully equipped
with a massage and facials! Or, schedule a
hair appointment and walk out with that SPRING CLEANING
new-hair feeling together.

For the adventurous mom:

This Mother’s Day might be the chance to get out of your
comfort zone! While the weather warms up, take advantage of
everything the outdoors has to offer. You can rent kayaks
from Knee Deep Adventures and take a trip down the
Julie Garris (252) 714-4354
Tar River with your mom, or there are even plac-
es in Greenville and surrounding areas where
you can do yoga on the river on
a stand up paddle board!

For the social mom:

Check out places like Wine and Design and The Painted
Peacock which allow you to create your own art,
either pottery or canvas, and drink wine and
eat snacks while you do it! Or, host a party
with all of her friends and spend the whole
day planning, cooking and getting ready! A
backyard barbecue is a great place to start!

For the creative mom:

Pinterest will be your friend here! The app that allows users
to share their own creative ideas can give you a plethora of
crafting ideas — from do it yourself projects
around the house to one and done things to
decorate your home with! Doing this with your
mama will offer some great bonding time.
Or better yet...
REALLY pamper yourselves on this day and do ALL
of them!


Jeannie Clayton,
67, Ayden

Connie Moore Corey

62, Greenville

Mary Dailey
33, Greenville

Mary Ann Pennington

74, Winterville

26 Her — May 2018

All my boys have other places to be on Moth- This Mother’s Day I plan to spend time with the
Do you have er's Day. We usually get together on Saturday special mothers in my life. My mother and grand-
plans for this before or sometimes dinner on the evening of mother. I always try to let them know they are
Mother's Day? Mother's Day. loved and purchase a card and beautiful roses!
— Connie Moore Corey, 62, Greenville — Mary Dailey, 33, Greenville

Best Mother’s Gift was a beautiful dress from The best Mother's Day gift was a puppy! My son,
my husband. He picked it out by himself. for some reason, thought we needed a puppy.
He’s always given me gifts on Mother’s Day, So for Mother's Day, how could you say no!
What was the and we go on a day trip every Mother’s Day — Connie Moore Corey, 62, Greenville
best Mother's since our boys have gotten married. Can’t
Day gift you've forget all the home made school gifts my
ever gotten? boys made me. I plan to be at the beach
this Mother’s Day.
— Jeannie Clayton, 67, Ayden

Yes — don't understand it, but have heard of it! Yes! I’ve always wanted to play! I wish my high
— Connie Moore Corey, 62, Greenville school would have offered it when I was a
Have you student!
ever heard of Yes, I learned all about lacrosse in my first — Mary Dailey, 33, Greenville
the sport of marriage since my husband played it in col-

lacrosse? lege. It requires skill and agility, and can be Yes I have heard of lacrosse, but have never
dangerous if the player is careless. seen this game played before.
— Mary Ann Pennington, 74, Winterville — Jeannie Clayton, 67, Ayden

I played tournament, recreation and church Yes, I played on sports teams all through
softball for 20 years. After my son started play- middle and high school. In middle school, I
ing baseball I played competitive racquetball. played softball, cheerleading, and volleyball. In
I played until I was diagnosed with breast can- high school, I was a cheerleader and ran cross
cer and now just play for fun. My least favor- country. My favorite sport is volleyball and least
ite to watch is professional basketball. I love favorite would be cross country. However, I’ll
college football and basketball. always have a love for all sports!
— Connie Moore Corey, 62, Greenville — Mary Dailey, 33, Greenville
Do/did you
play any I tried golf but ended up being better at driv- Never played a sport outside of the mandatory
sports? ing the golf cart. While living in Europe, I spent PE class. Loved volleyball and kickball. Never
time downhill skiing in the Alps and was black cared for softball or baseball.
and blue from falling down but I enjoyed the — Lucile Yoakum
sport. As I grow older I maintain a walking
routine. Least favorite sport has to be a tie be- I never played sports in school because I was
tween basketball and softball because I lack not athletic, but I was the statistician for the
all required team sports skills! girls basketball team.
— Mary Ann Pennington, 74, Winterville — Jeannie Clayton, 67, Ayden Her — May 2018 27

Bone health
and preventing

Osteoporosis affects nearly 200 Other good sources of calcium include: weight bearing activity like walk-
million women worldwide and causes • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, ing, hiking and dancing. By do-
more than 8.9 million fractures each turnip greens and kale ing exercises like these, the bones
year. It’s a disease in which the density • Broccoli become stronger and one’s risk of
and quality of bones decreases. Bones • Almonds developing osteoporosis decreases.
lose mass as people age, and individ- • Calcium set tofu Exercising is also important because
uals who are most at risk for osteopo- • Canned fish with soft edible bones it helps maintain muscle strength,
rotic fractures include postmenopausal The body’s ability to absorb calcium which improves balance and reduces
women and elderly men. Since many decreases as an individual ages, so an individual’s risk of falling.
people achieve their highest bone mass older adults may need more calcium. While osteoporosis affects almost
in their mid-twenties, it is important to Getting plenty of calcium is import- 44 million Americans, it is prevent-
start thinking about bone health early. ant because when there is not enough able. By eating a healthy diet and
Young adults and middle aged women calcium in the blood, the body pulls doing weight bearing activities reg-
should think about what they can do to calcium from the bones, leading to a ularly, one can make and maintain
preserve as much of their bone mass as decrease in bone mass. strong bones.
possible. Fortunately, there are many If you’re concerned about your
things one can do to decrease their risk Don’t forget Vitamin D risk of developing osteoporosis,
of developing osteoporosis or slow its Vitamin D is another nutrient that talk with your doctor about getting
progression. contributes to better bone health. It a bone density scan. Together, you,
assists with calcium absorption from your doctor and a registered dietitian
Boost the Calcium food in the intestine. Vitamin D is can develop a plan for decreasing
Ensuring a nutritious diet that in- found in oily fish like salmon and your risk.
cludes calcium is essential for develop- sardines, eggs, liver and fortified foods Caroline Whitehurst is an ECU Dietetic
ing strong bones and maintaining their like margarine, dairy and cereal. Intern who earned her Bachelors of Arts in
mass. Calcium is the major building Exercise and Sport Science from the Uni-
block for bone tissue. Many people Get active versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
know that calcium is found in dairy Another contributor to improv- and her Masters of Science in Nutrition
products like cheese, milk and yogurt. ing and maintaining bone mass is from Meredith College.

28 Her — May 2018

Puzzle solutions from page 17

Skillet cauliflower gratin
• 4 cups 1 inch cauliflower florets (about ½ large
• 1 ½ cups nonfat milk, divided
• ¼ teaspoon salt
• ½ cup dry breadcrumbs, preferably whole
• ¾ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese, divided
• ½ teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
• 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
• 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives
• 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
• ¼ teaspoon white pepper

1. Position rack in upper third of oven; preheat
2. Bring cauliflower, 1 ¼ cups milk and salt to a boil
in a large ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat.
Reduce heat, cover and simmer until the cauliflow-
er is tender, about 5 minutes
3. Meanwhile, combine breadcrumbs, ¼ cup
cheese and oil in a small bowl. Whisk flour and the
remaining ¼ cup milk in another small bowl until C’mon we good together
smooth; stir the mixture into the pan and cook,
stirring, until thickened, about 1 minute. Stir in the
remaining ½ cup cheese, chives, mustard and pep-
per. Sprinkle with the breadcrumb mixture. Broil
until the top is crispy and beginning to brown, 1 to
2 minutes.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving size: about 1 cup
Calories: 183
Fat: 8 g
Fiber: 2 g
Carbohydrates: 17 g
Sugars: 6 g
Added sugar: 0 g O l iv e O il & B als a mic V in e ga r
Protein: 11 g
Cholesterol: 23 mg Wi ne
362 mg sodium
267 mg Calcium (27% DV) G if ts U n de r $20
Vitamin C: 22 mg (37% DV)
692 E. Arlington Blvd | Arlington Village
252.565.8472 |
M-F 10:oo to 6:oo | Saturday 10:oo to 5:oo Her — May 2018 29


The power of
emptying your

Well sisters, it is May! I can hard- what belongs to you.” Consequently, I did Every now and again, we need to stop
ly believe how fast these months are not get that “gene” all the way because whatever we are doing and look at the
going…time is not standing still. Of sometimes, I tend to have stuff all over stuff in our lives and begin a process
course, anyone who knows me person- the place from time to time (I am working of emptying out. Sometimes emptying
ally knows that I am big on encourag- on it though, thank you!). At least three out is not always about “bad things” —
ing people to go after what is in their to four times per year, my mother had the some of us have good stuff that we are
hearts because once we get to the end habit of making us “empty out.” I used using that is taking up good creative
of this life, it is too late! OK, I went off to hate it because this would mean that I space in our lives.
on a tangent so let me get back to the would have to be involved in the process Some of us have allowed various
focus for this month. and taken away from playtime and TV things to take up space in our minds,
It is May and this is the month that we time. We would get big trash bags and our emotions and in our relation-
celebrate Mother’s Day! Happy Moth- begin to empty our environment. This ships. I want to challenge you to emp-
er’s Day to each of you whether you are would consist of clothes, shoes, books, ty out anything that is not creating a
a mother by birth or by choice. I want to toys, papers, and etc. that were taking positive atmosphere in your life. Do
dedicate this article to my mother Jea- up unnecessary space. not allow clutter, spoiled things or
netta Brown — most people call her “Ma I learned a life principle/lesson from things that are too little or too big to
J.” My mother is a very special lady. She my mother ’s routine of “emptying crowd out what could be happening
is no-nonsense for sure, but she will give out” and that is: when you empty out, in your life. There is power in emp-
you the shirt right off her back if you you make room for more. Throughout tying out your environment!
needed her to do so. She is what I call my life, when I refused to take time to Thanks “Ma J” for teaching me and
“good people.” “empty my environment,” I found my- now the rest of us the power of “empty-
Growing up, my mother did not have self missing out on connections and op- ing out our environments.”
a lot but if you ever came to our house, portunities that would have propelled Happy Mother’s Day again! Let’s
things were always in place and in a cer- me to the next level of growth and de- commit to the process of emptying out!
tain order. She believed in “taking care of velopment in my life. Until next time, create space!

30 Her — May 2018