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PRM 2009-11

Term V: Optional Courses

Credits registered as
Course Faculty Credit Audit
course course
s s
Rural Development Management Group
1 Cost-Benefit Analysis (Post MT) Prof. Rakesh 0.5
2 Development and Rural Communication (Pre Prof. Ila Patel 0.5
3 Geo-informatics for Rural management (Post Prof. Pramod K. 0.5
MT) Singh
4 Micro Finance Prof. HS 1.0
5 Rural Innovations (Pre MT) Prof .Tara Nair 0.5
6 Natural Resource Management (Pre MT) Prof. Pramod K. 0.5
7 Governance & Development (Post MT) Prof. Mukul Kumar 0.5
8 Gandhi’s Critique of Modernity in Prof. Vivek 0.5
Contemporary Perspective (Post MT) Bhandari
9 Ecology and Economics (Pre MT) Dr Felix Padel 0.5
1 Social Policy in Market Economies (Only for those Prof. Sony 0.5
0 who have done PPA) Pellissery
Sub-total for RDMG (credits)
Rural Enterprise Management Group
1 E-Business for Rural Enterprises (Pre MT) Prof. HK Misra 0.5
2 Consumer Behaviour (Pre MT) Prof. SN Biswas 0.5
3 Taxation Prof. Paresh Bhatt 1.0
4 Marketing Analytics (Post MT) Profs Preeti Priya 0.5
& Anand
5 Understanding Negotiation (Pre/Post MT) Prof. Nivedita 0.5
6 Rural Marketing (Post/Pre MT) Prof. SR Asokan 0.5
7 Consumption, Culture & Market (Post MT) Prof. Himadri Roy 0.5
8 Strategic Management of Innovation & Technology Prof. Vanita Yadav 0.5
9 Strategic Marketing & Planning (Pre/Post MT) Prof. Pratik Modi 0.5
1 Quality Management (Post MT) Prof. Hitesh Bhatt 0.5
Sub-total for REMG (credits)
Total for RDMG & REMG (credits)

(Signature of the participant)

1. Each participant is required to choose four credits of optional courses in Term V.
2. Participants are required to choose minimum two credits of optional courses for from each of
the two groups – RDMG & REMG (Term IV and V put together).
3. A participant can additionally audit a maximum of 1.0 credit equivalent of optional courses in
Term–V. The fee for auditing a half credit course is Rs.350/- and for a full credit course it is
Rs.700/-. This fee will have to be deposited by a certain date to be announced later.
4. The Pre/Post Mid-Term status of 0.5 credit optional courses shown above may need some
5. Participants may consult the concerned course instructor(s) for any additional clarifications.
6. Participants are required to submit the course registration forms to Ms. Prabhavathy (TAU) on or
before October 20, 2010 (09:00 hr).
7. An optional course will be finally offered only if the number of registered participants (including
both credit and audit) is 10 or more. The participants registered for a course that does not meet
this requirement will have to shift to other courses. A participant cannot change her/his
choice unless shift is required because of low registration in some course (s).