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corre 1 Anthropology as a Discipline Comeisso imme.) Tales erensute Socrate gt s'eppopriasheareuemevt et {me pensde morale es ont post ao da roe: hamein Lacomeissance deo exten fe arallled deals counalr enizrement areal & "étude de ou ce gut et hort de le Bisse Nyadans homme un sentinen sits clair Falher erfoustes (Mio) Kew thselE" Thales and then Socrates, ho ‘achieved more than hy pera eve ine: The Equality of the Han Races Seine indeed goes hand in ho wth the kuowledge ofthe word Iman ever achieves comple sel anowledge he will do 50 ons ‘erhaving eared about everything tate sdk (Gates Bac) Man hrbor such a clear sent fie sapeia ltyoverainas tha no argument nd noo ries orfalie can ever obscure (Nicole) IMPORTANCE OF ANTHROPOLOGY Since Bacon, whose ease De Augmenttt Digit Scowiaran ik fiat tmp systemaie and clei the scenes, Man, vay con ‘cemed with sorting and recording the achievements of his mind ese searched fo alia ay of ordering the diferent branches ‘ofscence. His sim has ben te hem al nou harronss whe, ‘oie metoucaly highlighting he successive step of hl proat shining Tader wih ak in Sacb's vison ries from eat ven an bathes ‘tray the univere and Man space an thot, Sen the vkaown 0d wham mun obeyofien whe being ignorant Tcl of hs ga rosy by dey powering Man's ind conrling hie pr, supa {ng his bea white doriaing reo. The pest workers th ied take uns to sae ote go. Tey compte or te prvilge fel ing the pret lows which since manifest al. ‘Bacon came after Arse, Mer Bacoy, the Ensylopets, Ben: Van sas ighing uma’ ey, undertook that ask of coying The laws of sien Iti particulary daunting entree Because el inion requires sich pofund and universal Kowa, {smo necessary io ingeroverthe particular and varying omar sleet achieved hy cachof thee men orf cut te speci pee Sines of bieruhinionsaected hy sore and enpovel By ete. arches ofthe wes of scence, anropology hs Ben the diping ‘which ar hd th ost a ofr to tore questing inde wishing Sin beset the great problem of hearin and mature of Man and the ‘question of is place in creation, The subj wel worth he involvement of al hee bilan nds emulating one ath inthe gust fran answer. Sil he convey Ansiopolons aa Disilne oes on ant the most perspiccius and knowledgeable participant ha Jettoencouner an expose lopie.a dems s ea tha com tnon vere agrecing with ihe stent conclusions he would recogni Teh he hse andthe ight he prays for Te ble tha he st ls Man, Montegn's vai, slippery and dre Being. Pascal's Winking red and Bract’s prima, When we sly Man whatever sin Thao he philwopr, we seck to cnsemsrbe all he characterise ‘at make pa oman ing. The quate ta ie a evry sep nou vestigation re maty tn aie. Mans god and teas joined together i undeinable propor tone. Here we come cron = kiny, weak, py, nd misshapen Being. ‘ho sna ony physically dxgacefi tala morally depraved a cow dry cry, neal and slithering create, ready to bite the foot hes fking ad log at ding i igh aruba Herc yi the perpertion of erimes, There we encounter a sage, handsome {wh andthe Beterment of hs low human beings, Sugg ling sett very ith he unwavering patience and contancy oe jo Iw wonder at hath these men are members ofthe sme spec ofthe ‘hme aril ti preset his cons a contiies Ma's reise. Man can lower inset the lonet depts of ignorance and cons cen wallow nthe muy samp of te, the cn on to he Sore Antnoestogrimaingly uly There rom good-hearted and for ving Jesus to treasonous and repulsive Joss. from Humbol to the ‘use cri, Tousen Lower tthe rush Negro, thee scemetote an unbridgeale dnc. Ye there sno problem of cmt iy between there two exenes. Eveybing comes ogee to procs the dignity of he human species, which can dsb o sch ow dh hutwhihca lio rset sch dizying heights Man-my wel be nan inal abimanva primate, bt he wl als almays bea piled an ‘one endowed witha superior flligence and spr, "snes his nina nenique capacis ata” asthe poet of Meramorplases wis. “Antopoogy. te dcpine which stats complex ing, thes na real inponance among te diferent slences, Born oly peter. Tissiece wae promod wih sich vigr rom th ey beanie tha ‘eesaleady ol so burdened ts with flay docs dependent retbodolpis, he whole ang vp to an imposing Bl combename {pers AIT he oer sciences graualyhocome hs baie, The 4 ‘The Equality of the Hunan Races sping anthropologist must therefore undertake al kinds of tes an xplee thao ll posible ares of knomledge if eto be under tly competent te Be. No eter eld of study fever a compen at this one. Here one must reason with seleassurnce on every sje, ‘wtherit ast do with esprit or with mater, One mas conse both the world and tough, bath pleromenon std aomenon, owe Kia's terminology. Not everyone up othe tas, nd more than on dogmatic polos woul with ihe ha asflenunderstaing of he inlet exigencies forthe ot which be aspires, The main sb ofthis since deserves such a noble effet, however, even i wolves ‘doing one's scenic education, broadening te foundation of ons ie haowledge, ths renouncing perhaps one's speriorpsion in ome pail, Pariclry nthe el of ato pogy. one be wary ff excisive specialization frit as the mils orzo and ees ‘he inlletncpable of eovsdering every facet of given realy. ‘The question atatme whea he diferent babes of sense coostaly being further sudivided, is it possible for esingle man over whelmed with work and ote ett swe al re today, to embrace ‘Stexiting scene notions and sll undraland each one? OF couse ot ASithas been oon oid outa Pc dela Mzadola would be Impose today. For the antropologit who wishes o sah a sca teed and paralysing eruion. the sah appooch thes, 10 ey the Scien disciplines considered indispensable othe eid nt beable to seamline is personal tue, Ts approach mig perhaps make ‘oslo develop anellevive mato fr eaching the Sted goa, DEFINITIONS ‘The next question, tral, i this: What ae the elds of knowledge ‘hat contrite othe work ofthe amthropologls? Theres no conseasis inthis respect, for answer vary depending on one's understanding of tbe tn and feo ofthe sence Philosophers an sits bave lid competing cli othe fk of antvapaogy The former oe it a he puro pilorophy, whee 1 the later consider it esselly a biological or natural cence. From these wo perspectives derive avatiayof convergent or oeraping de ‘Among philosophers, Kent in particular was he fst provide a systematic dsinton which marked lear beak from seit’ under Standing ofthe csiline isc Blamenbach We know that Ue scent. -Arshoplogy asa Disciptine 5 philosopher of Koengserg authored a reatise ened Pragmatic Av Phopoogy, bat tis acter work tat he defines his pase. Says Kant Phys, besides it empirical dimension, sits rainal sie The fine iste of ethics. However, nthe as ofthe ater cence. he em Deal anthropology ta parca pt sm for teem he Tile te word morality san appropiate designaion fer aon $ide"® THs division of ethics Ino "Pragmatic anthropology" and “ora” may sum ave, bt spel consistent withthe ge ‘enlmetiod ofthe eminent pilosoper who, every concept cpabieat renting the eitigu of reason, cstingushes between te objective and Teaujctve reality and bog. “The Kama schoo! bas long maintained te very sume definition ndaribtd hese mening tothe Same words notltsandng he Terma changes underne by Kanan thought i is ourey frm Ue Insert Hegel The ltr indeed hs rained he pee of metaphy {al pecolatons with his habit of king the cess es subject of ‘Siow, Sl, Hegel as vent ino every fd of oman kao fein sees of works which, however somewhat conse, Som tines yield bili’ isighs ough the Dick of an excessively ary but away nie eminoogy “has acordng wo Hegel anvopology isthe science which ses ‘te gies oF te mind a til one ont an ike the ‘eal word by te enveloe ofthe body. ia union which the very be inning, mare previa, the eign determination f th Rumas being. "This fondaretl ssl of man, 1 sn express mysell thus, res Hegel, "ste suber of antropologbcoe evden ere tae Kin’ deftion hae moved from Fishes iaacendonl eal fo ‘Schlings philosophy of sot enti and, aly. othe seal eal whieh Hege’s Philosophy of the Spit epitome. ‘Orthodox spnualsts woud ind fc to acep hie de ofthe body ste pysel envelope of the pt dow very uch tha Mi “net or Profesor Caro wil ever presto make schon en pa fr philosophical sytem. But we have aleady Ungered to long amide Plilosophicaabsctons. What sgh sping isthe fac atKat nthe hikers of his school were unaware ofthe wavs of contempo- ay sins inthe eld of antropology, ste dsifine has evolved Since the end of he list entary. Kaas Propatc Ambopolgy was pbs in 798.1 is worth noting hat ales in 1764 Datbenton had Dubs his cemachabe book Surles diférence? de positon du rou Salas homme eles animaus. Mer is work came te Wee se