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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

Miguel Leija
3/14/2010 - EDLD

Week 3: Targeting and Addressing a Need

As a part of your Week 2 assignment, you chose two areas of weakness based on campus
Academic Excellence Indicator (AEIS) Report data. This week, you will narrow your focus to one
targeted weakness and write a measurable S.M.A.R.T. goal and an objective for the target
weakness. You will also research appropriate strategies/activities, including specific
professional development, to address the target area.

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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

Use the following rubric to guide your work.

Tasks Accomplishe Proficient Needs Unacceptabl

d Improvemen e

Week 3 Assignment: Targeting and Addressing a Need

Part 1: States the area States either No criteria Does not state
Targets, of weakness the area of stated and no the area of
Goals, and and rationale. weakness points listed. weakness or
Objectives and/or the the rationale.
(10 points) (7 points)
(ELCC 2.2 k-i, (0 points)
s-i, iv; 2.3 k- (8 points)
i, s-i, ii,iii,iv;
2.4 k-i, ii,s-i,
ii, iii; 2.5 k-i,
s-i, ii, iii, iv;
2.6 k-i, ii, iii;
s-i, ii, iii; 2.7
k-i, s-i; 2.9 k-
i, s-I, ii, iii iv)

Part 2: Composes one Composes one Composes one Does not

S.M.A.R.T. S.M.A.R.T. goal S.M.A.R.T. goal S.M.A.R.T goal compose one
Goal and and one and one or one S.M.A.R.T. goal
Objective objective objective using objective using and/or one
according to some critical critical objective using
the critical elements. elements. critical
elements elements.
(8 points) (7 points)
outlined in the
(0 points)
(10 points)

Part 3: Records and Records, with No criteria Does not

Strategies elaborates on minimal stated and no record
and the usefulness elaboration, points listed. strategies/activ
Activities of three two strategies/ ities, or
(7 points)
strategies/acti activities, records
vities, including strategies/activ
including professional ities with no
professional development, elaboration.
development, that address
(0 points)
that address the target
the target area’s
area’s weakness.
(8 points)
Cites research.

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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

(10 points)

Mechanics Few errors in Multiple errors

grammar, in grammar,
spelling, or spelling or
punctuation. punctuation.
(5 point) Responses lack
clarity and
( 0 points)

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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

Part 1: Targets, Goals, and Objectives (ELCC 2.2 k-i, s-i, iv; 2.3 k-i, s-i, ii, iii,
iv; 2.4 k-i, ii, s-i, ii, iii; 2.5 k-i, s-i, ii, iii, iv; 2.6 k-i, ii, iii; s-i, ii, iii; 2.7 k-i, s-
i; 2.9 k-i, s-I, ii, iii iv)
Remember from your lecture that goals should provide direction, focus, and be S.M.A.R.T. That
is, they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Results-oriented/Research-based,
and Time-bound (Learning Point Associates, Inc., 2004).
While goals and objectives are closely related, goals are broader, and objectives are more
specific. Objectives (1) identify a target population, (2) identify assessments and data sources
that will be used to meet the objective, and (3) specify anticipated growth or progress. For
example, a goal might state, “By 2012, Paradise School will earn an Exemplary rating.” An
objective related to that goal might state, “90% of all third grade students will meet or surpass
the state standard on TAKS Reading by the end of the current school year.” Strategies then
would be tied directly to the objectives.
In this week’s assignment, you will decide on one area of campus weakness, state your
rationale for selecting it, and write a S.M.A.R.T. goal and an objective to address the target
need. You will also research strategies, including professional development ideas, to address
the targeted weakness and meet the goal and objective. These will be used in Week 4 as you
develop a campus action plan to address the target weakness.

1. Select one area of weakness identified in your Week 2 AEIS Comparison Chart activity
and compose a brief rationale explaining why you chose this weakness.
2. Compose a S.M.A.R.T. goal and an objective to address the weakness.
3. Locate three research articles that suggest strategies to address the target weakness. At
least one of the articles should address professional development ideas. An Internet
search would also yield ideas and best practices. Refer to Helpful Websites.

Target Area of Weakness and Rationale for Selection

In a paragraph, state the area of weakness that you will target and your rationale for selecting it.

The area I would like to target more is TAKS Science for 5th grade. In the past years 5th grade
has shown gradual increase in their scores for science. However, every year the increase has
been insignificant that the school misses achieving exemplary status by a small percentage.
The average passing rate has been in the 80%’s the last couple of years. There have been
several programs/curriculums in place that have helped with student achievement in
mastering the TAKS Science objectives. The problem is that at the end the programs seem to
get changed every year. The intended purpose for improvement is to create an action plan,
select two curriculums, test them out to see which one fits the needs of 5th grade teachers and
students, and plan an intervention to work on the weak areas. The ultimate goal is to master
the state mandated objectives so that Zavala elementary can reach exemplary status at the
end of the school year.

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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

Part 2: S.M.A.R.T. Goal & Objective

Compose a S.M.A.R.T. goal and an objective to address the weakness.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal: Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary will increase the passing rate to 90% in the
Texas Academic and Knowledge Skills Science exam to earn Exemplary status in the 2009-
2010 school year.

Objective: By the end of the 2009-2010 school year Lorenzo de Zavala 5th grade students will
pass the TAKS Science exam by 90% or higher.

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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

Part 3: Research Articles

Choose three strategies/activities, including one that addresses professional development.

Article (Cite in APA Style) Strategy/Activity Ideas

1)Institute of Education Sciences . The Randomized Control Trial- I like this idea
(2003, December). Identifying and because it helps determine what
Implementing Educational Practices programs/curriculums work. In this case I would
Supported By Rigorous Evidence: A use this strategy early in the school year to test out
User Friendly Guide. Retrieved two programs: Palmira and Monster Jam. I would
March 12, 2010, from randomly separate fifth grade into two big groups
(with similar groupings) to test out the intervention curriculums and measure which one covered more
earch/pubs/rigorousevid/guide.html objectives and helped the students master major
TAKS objectives before deciding on one of the

2. Evaluating Success: March 12, 2010 CRSD- creating reform school- evaluations:
from This strategy involves creating assessment
according to what is being taught. This works
perfectly with the collaborative process. The
collaborative process involves establishing goals,
deciding what programs to implement, and other
issues. By looking at the targeted objectives, the
collaborative can work to create assessments
based on the need of where students need to
improve in their TAKS science objectives.
3. Edvantia (formerly AEL) and WORKING IN A COLLABORATIVE FOR
CCSSO. (2001). Data-Based Decision DATA-BASED DECISION MAKING: This is not
Making. Retrieved March 12, 2010, so much a strategy but a planning guide to establish
from a team that will analyze the weak points according to the AEIS, PEIMS, and AYP reports in order to
m?&ider=Esta6762 create an action plan. The action plan will in this
case be developed for 5th grade teachers to help
them plan accordingly so that they can improve
student achievement in science. The collaborative
will serve to analyze instruction, set goals, plan
interventions, and document achievement progress.
The main people involved for this action plan will
be the principal, curriculum assistant, 5th grade
teachers, and special collaboration by the district
science specialist.

E-portfolio assignment: Continue to complete and post Campus-Supervised reflection logs in

the e-portfolio. All course-embedded and Campus-Supervised logs must be completed by your
11th course in the program prior to the EDLD 5398 Internship course.

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EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability

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