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Anabel Mandujano
EDU 214
29 April 2018

Lesson Plan Title: Geometric Measurement

Concept / Topic to Teach: Math
Level: 3rd grade

General Goal(s): The general goal for this lesson is to teach students how to solve perimeter and
area, to understands the difference between perimeter and area. The grade level is for 3rd grade
students to learn about math.

Specific Objectives: The specific objective for the course is students will be able to understand
the concepts of perimeter and area. Take notes and watch a video about perimeter and area, also
do worksheets and have a quiz.

Required Materials: The materials are following:

 Pencils/Paper
Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): I would introduce students about perimeter and area, if know about
it. I would explain to the class what perimeter and area is. Then, I would show the video to class,
to get a visual idea of perimeter and area, students can take notes from the video or the I notes
that I would make for them.

Step-By-Step Procedures:
Step 1: Show the class a video about perimeter and area, I would ask students if they are
confused in any part of the video.
Step 2: Then give a problem to the class and work together on the problem, explain it clearly so
it is not confusing to students.
Step 3; Have students work on perimeter and area.
Step 4: An interactive activity about perimeter and area, that all students can work together.
This could be having students work in groups, put desks together and find the perimeter and area
of the desks.

Plan for Independent Practice: Practice at home (Homework)

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): The closing is for students to give back their homework and
have a review about perimeter and area, clear any confusion. Have a quiz about perimeter and
area, a quiz about 10 problems.

Assessment Based on Objectives: Grade the assignment and help students if they have a problem
wrong, then I would explain why they got it wrong and how they fix the problem.

Possible Connections to Other Subjects: Be able to read the formula correctly and understand
math questions.
Mandujano 2

Special Need Students: Would have less problems on their worksheets and quiz, in that way they

have enough time to finish. Sometimes, students with needs could have ten problems and would

need more time. I would have to determine their struggled on see how I could help students. The

student has anxiety disorder.







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Final Rubric

Categories 25 15 10 5
Understanding Students Students Students Students are
have an student understand having trouble
excellent understand about the understanding
score in their about activity work about
homework perimeter and in classroom perimeter and
area. area
Working Students can Students Students The student
together work as a understand make needs to
group to perimeter, are mistakes in improve the
solve getting their math differences
perimeter confusing with about
and area area. perimeter and
area, learn how
to do math
careful (double
check work).