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Operation Cargo

(For the website & Quarterly NewsLetter)by Rebecca Salazar

“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion. — Michael Jordan”

This is absolutely true, the building blocks of the David F Cargo Library in Villanueva has been in existence
since the late 1990s. However, with newly employed staff this year of 2018, many great things have been
happening! Ms. Karen McPheeters, the Library Director of Farmington responded to my global email to
other Library Directors and Librarians in New Mexico in need of bookshelf units because our shelves were
at full capacity from myself, Rebecca Salazar, the Director of the David F Cargo Library in Villanueva NM.

Ms. Karen Mcpheeters said yes, come and get them! Farmington’s previous library was 100,000 square
feet and now they have a new library; it is the size of a shopping mall. For a month, volunteers of the
David F Cargo Library in Villanueva planned the trip; on July 15, 2018 they set forth towards their
adventure. The volunteers that went to Farmington to obtain the bookshelving units were Kimberly
Stoppel, IT Social Media & Website Consultant, Rebecca Salazar, Ms. Aggie Ortega, the board president,
her husband, Mr. Tony Ortega, and Bill Salazar. The Following day, we arrived at 9am with a 26 foot uhaul.
Ms. Karen already had her crew of 4 people to join our forces to load the library goods. It took about 3-4
hours to load. Before leaving for Villanueva, the volunteers had the opportunity to tour the Farmington
Library.” What a great library which gives our small rural library inspiration.” Stated Ms. Ortega. It took 8
hours to unload the trailer at the Villanueva Library the next day with half the amount of people than they
had the day before in the sweltering heat. Thank you Roger Sena, Gladys Salazar, Jim Ballard, Tony Ortega,
Robert Madrid,and many others who assisted int his joint venture. Pictures can only describe the
Villanueva Library’s transformation. Thank you Farmington and Shiprock Library for your kindness and
generosity. The David F Cargo Library is looking more inviting and professional! This will be a continued
work in progress.

Karen McPheeters, Bill Salazar, Rebecca Salazar, Aggie Ortega, Tony Ortega, Farmington Staff and
forefront is Kimberly Stoppel. 2nd picture. Emily Farmer and her family visiting from Colorado during the
The Amazing Tour at the Farmington Library which gave us inspiration for our rural library.

Ms. Karen McPheeters, Library Director of Farmington NM and Mr. John Kennedy, Library Facilities

Transformation: Before and After Pictures of the Main Library of the David F Cargo Library Villanueva.
Before and After Pictures of the Children’s Corner Library of the David F Cargo Library Villanueva.

Newly Erected Computer Lab Summer 2018

Back to School Bash
The Back to School Bash has been an annual event for several years now at the El Valle
Community Center. The organization of such an event is alot of work from requesting funds to
the obtaining of various school supplies. Commendations goes towards Ms. Geraldine “Geri”
Madrid, she is a Core Volunteer that decorates and suggests organization for children’s events at
the El Valle Community Center in Villanueva NM. She is always willing to help. This year was a
successful event for the Back to School Bash. We obtained donations and support from the
Fraternal Order Chapter the Eagles of Las Vegas NM, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church of
Villanueva NM, Albuquerque the Magazine located in Albquerque NM, and from local Villanueva
residents. The Literacy Council of Las Vegas allowed the David F Cargo Library to take free
books of all ages in April. The free books were used at the Back to School Bash to have kids fill
their tote bags from Albuquerque the Magazine Company to take home for their reading enjoyment
alongwith backpacks filled with school supplies! Praises also go towards our IT Consultant, Ms.
Kimberly Stoppel of Albuquerque for posting Laptop Giveaway from the David F Cargo Library
Villanueva housed under the El Valle Community Center. The computer applications have been
ongoing since April 2018 to July 2018. There were two age categories: 8-12 and 13-18 years old.
A total of 6 laptops were previously donated from Adelante Development Center in Albuquerque
NM. Adelante Development Center is a 501c3 organization that helps people with disabilities,
senior citizens, and disadvantaged populations such as the El Valle Area. Not all of the children of
El Valle area have access to internet, computers, or devices at home. The David F Cargo
Library will continue to reach out to patrons and residents of El Valle to prove we are a sustainable
library for every resource. Since there were minimal applications turned in, the Library had kids
enter a raffle ticket with obtaining a library card and placed in a drawing so everyone had a chance
to win
There were 6 drawings and 6 laptops were given to 6 children under the age of 17. The David F
Cargo Library Villanueva hopes to be able to give out newer laptops or tablets for the next Back
to School Bash event. In addition, to the events of the Back to School Bash, the Community Center
had the Las Vegas Police Department give the kids a lecture on Active Shooter situations. No
city, town, or village is resistant from having this type of crime happening. Officer Mike Lopez
came and talked to the kids with interactive involvement with the school aged kids. It was an
informative session and everybody learned something from the lecture. Moreover, the David F
Cargo Library has recently erected a computer lab. The computer lab is open during the library
opened hours which is Wednesday through Saturday 1-6pm. The resources available are copying,
printing, notary services, and computer workstations available for patrons use. There are two
rooms of libraries for patrons of all ages to explore the vintage, southwest, other collections in the
Main and Children’s Library. The next successful event was for the El Valle Community is the
Toys for Tots Bike Run to be held on October 6, 2018. For more information on events and
volunteership, please call (575) 421-0808, (505) 604-8688 during Library hours or email and

Officer Mike Lopez, Las Vegas Police Department

Officer Mike Lopez interacting with the students of El Valle School at the El Valle Community Center in
Villanueva NM . Over 30 backpacks filled with school supplies were given.

Kids at the Back to School Bash scrambling for candy after busting the pinata in the courtyard.
Very happy faces upon receiving new laptops. Rebecca Salazar, Director of he Library show here.

More laptops and kindles/tablets will be given to children of the EL Valle Community. The Valley School
of El Pueblo NM and The David F Cargo Will be having Storyteller day in April 2019 to commemorate
National Library week in conjunction with the American Library Association whose theme will be April 7-
13, 2019 with the theme "Libraries = Strong Communities." David F Cargo Library of Villanueva will be
holding the Storyteller day on April 5th, 2019 at the Valley School Library. See our website for more
calendar of events.

Bike Run, October 6, 2018. Thank you to all who helped assist in this event making it successful and
raising over $500 for the El Valle Ninos for Christmas!
Storyteller Day 2018
Every year the David F Cargo Library has a Storyteller event in commemoration of American
Library Association (ALA) NationaL Library Week. On April 21, 2018. Katherine Beuhler a
school teacher in Santa Fe showed us how to do traditional Hispanic dances such “Baile De La
Escoba.” The Parents and volunteers had a great time participating.
Previous Storyteller Day Themes with the David F Cargo Library was “ Reading on the Orient” in 2017 Asian
food was served and Japanese Folktales were told with a Raffle of various prizes. “ Castles in the Air “ was
the them in April 2016 a backdrop of a castle was displayed, princess hats were crafted on that day and
Steve Foster played some cheery tunes as well as children told made up stories and read fairytales
provided by the David F Cargo Library.

David F Cargo Library Villanueva, Storyteller Days

2015, 2016 “ Castles in the Air “, 2017 “ Reading on the Orient”
David F Cargo Villanueva Library, Storyteller Day, “

Castles in the air “ (2016)

Silent Auction, Presentation, Fundraiser Dinner

Storyteller Day 2018 Preserving Cultural Tradition in El Valle. WE had tortilla making, historical Biles,
food, drum demo, music, and prizes.
Reading On the Orient Storyteller Day 2017.