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A Force to Enterprise Automation

Supply Chain Management

Why eXerterp
eXerterp sets up and organizes core turn-around in a process in eXert is eXperienced as a force in
sync with technology, resources and possessions of an enterprise. enterprise automation.
Automation of enterprise operation with eXerterp adds value in
eXert meets eXact expectation on
terms of result enhancements. eXerterp is a suite of web based demand.
applications including Customer Relationship Management,
Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting System, eXert exploits technology as a resource.
Supply Chain Management, Point of Sale, Property Management
eXert provides eXpert and flexible
System and Construction Project Management.

The application critical approach enables eXerterp to automate at eXert examines complex business
grass root level, back-office, intermediary level, administration scenarios with a niche approach.
level, managerial levels and at stakeholder level. eXerterp offers
eXert handles user migration with easy
enormous controls at each point of hierarchy with clarity and
Graphical User Interface (GUI).
authority. eXerterp believes in business activity wise best
alternative modeling for a successful post deployment review.
eXerterp increases efficiency and decreases processing time
thereby helping your enterprise to achieve higher productivity.


eXert SCM is the management of flow of goods. It includes the

movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process eXert SCM is the management of
inventory and finished goods from point of origin to point of flow of goods. It includes the
consumption. Interconnected or interlinked networks, channels movement and storage of raw
materials, work-in-process
and node businesses are involved in the provision of products and inventory and finished goods from
services required by end user/customers in a supply chain. point of origin to point of
eXert defines supply chain management as designing, planning,
executing, controlling, and monitoring of supply chain activities Interconnected or interlinked
with the objective of creating a net value, building a competitive networks, channels and node
businesses are involved in the
IT infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing provision of products and services
supply with demand and measuring performance globally in required by end user/customers in
term of multi location/region management. a supply chain.

What It Is

eXert SCM is a nodal point for collaboration of all the Combines Procurement, Production and
key players in the supply chain. eXert SCM imbibes all distribution into a single window concept
the sophistication required to process and control
Helps in forecasting demand and supply
the movement and delivery of product and services.
eXert SCM is capable of integration with devices on It sources, plans and executes operations.
the fly to record and monitor multiple warehouse in a Flexible and domain oriented approach
complex business environment.
Collaborates with channel partners, which may be
eXert SCM makes a business case study for their suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service
respective clients and builds a process based providers, or customers
operational flow of data to chart a reporting plan in
terms of complexity and nature of the domain to
which SCM is required. eXert SCM is a ready to use
application integrated with financial management
and inventory management. eXert SCM is capable of
managing huge data processing on the go with a
critical approach.

What it does

eXert SCM increases the productivity of supply chain, eXert SCM includes cross-functional programs. It manages raw
material movements, internal processing and finished goods of an organization. Usage of eXert SCM decreases overhead,
increases core business value.

Managerial control over the logistics is reduced resulting in customer satisfaction.As organizations strive to focus on core
competencies and becoming more flexible, they reduce their ownership of raw materials sources and distribution
channels. These functions are increasingly being outsourced to other firms that can perform the activities better or more
cost effectively and this is where we take the onus and provide a simple to cater solutions and control outsourced work

Satisfies customer demand

Reduces managerial control
Improves trust and collaboration
Implement the best of Standard Business
Consolidated and Independent warehouse
Absolute control on inventory and delivery


Delivers Updated Information

Uses online connectivity and centralized server, giving

updated results reporting of data

Acquired Efficiency and Accuracy

eXert SCM improves efficiency by using updated

technologies. Provides accurate and timely information

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Increases customer satisfaction by reducing back office


Enhances Security and Fraud Control

Uses login based restriction in order to give access


IMS Masters
 Category  Storage Type  FOB Master

 Sub Category  Warehouse Master  Matrix Template

 Class  Location Master  UOM

 Sub Class  Bin Master  Transaction Sequence No

Item Management

 Item Master  Item Allocation to Bin  Item Promotion and Offers

 Item Stock Master  Item Substitute Items
 Item Contract Prices (With
 Item Barcode  Item History (Sales, Purchase Customers)
etc. YTD)
 Item UOM  Item Back-order Tracking
 Item Price Change History (Customer Orders)
 Item Grid / Matrix (Size and
Color)  Items KITS  Item Images / Documents /
 Item Open P.Os (from other uploads

Vendor Management

 Vendor Terms  Vendor Master  Item Vendor-Items

 Vendor Category  Vendor Statically Evaluation  Authorized-Users dealing with



 Stock Adjustment  Internal Stock Transfer within  Stock Adjustment Posting and
the same Warehouse Financial Distribution
 Stock Adjustment Posting
and Financial Distribution  Stock Reconciliation and  Stock Issues – Consumption
Adjustment Based
 Stock Transfer from One
Warehouse to other  Stock Reconciliation  Stock Issues Posting and
Warehouse Worksheet Financial Distribution

 Stock Transfer Posting and  Stock Variances with System  Stock Reconciliation
Financial Distribution Count and Physical count Worksheet

 Stock Receipts

Consignments  Evaluation Analysis

 Vendor Items
 Item Consignment pickups and
 Consignments
 Stock Adjustments
 Item Consignments
 Stock Reconciliations
 Consignment Posting and Financial
Distribution  Item Kits

 Indents

Kits Management  Item Prices

 Item Historical Prices

 Kits Management - Assembly and  Historical Transaction Analysis
 Item Kits Assembly and Dis-Assembly
 Kits Transaction Posting and
Financial Distribution

 BOQ Management in KITS – Purchase Order Entry

Available for Assembly

 Payment Terms

 Cancellation Terms
 Transaction Sequence No
 Picking List and Dispatch Orders  Additional Charges
 Inventory Indents and Requisitions

 Goods Receipt Notes Posting and Transactions

Financial Distribution

 Goods Receipt Notes and Stock  Item Requisition

 Purchase Order

 Blanket Order
 Item Listing  Contract implementation in PO
 Stock Reporting  Posted GRN Updating
 Current Inventory
 Multy Currency Implementation
 Stock Ledger
 Direct GRN
 Stock Transfers
 Generate Schedule
 Vendor Management

Sales order Entry

 Payment Terms

 Additional Charges

 Cancellation Terms

Sales History

 Customer A/R Statement  Customer A/R Statement  Invoice History, Voids

and Cash Receipts and Cash Receipts Tracking, Exceptional
Listings and Refunds
 Tracking Pay-in and Pay-Outs  Tracking Pay-in and Pay-Outs
 Item Sales Report (Volume
 No-Sale History  No-Sale History calculation through amount
 G/L Distributions reporting  G/L Distributions reporting or quantity sold)
on Sales on Sales


 Quotation  GDN (Goods Delivery Note)  Return Merchandise

Authorization for CMA Sales
 Sales Order  Sales Returns Return
 Available to Promise  Contract Management  Integration to Accounts
 Item Picking modes  Generate Schedule Receivable

 Blanket Order  Customer Credit  Integration with Stock

Management Management

 Centralized financial postings

 Integration to Trial balance and Profit & Loss statement

 SMS/email based reminders and alerts

 Integration to any third party application database

 Portal based inquiry generation integration for prospect

tenant follow-up

Our eXert Products

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Construction Project Management Customer Relationship Management

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eXert SCM
Supply Chain Management

A Force to Enterprise Automation

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