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Quotation Dated: 15 October, 2018 Quote No: JPC-Q-0030-18


P O Box 10786, Jubail Industrial City 31961
Saudi Arabia

Atten: Mr. George Manuel --

Dear Sir,

"Thank you very much for your interest in our products & services.

We are pleased to submit our best & competitive offer for the products/services in request.

We trust that information provided will prove sufficient for your present needs but please do not hesitate to contact
us for any discussion, presentations or clarification with you or your team. We will be very happy to assist you in
finding the most suitable products.

We hope our offer meets yours requirements and expectations and looking forward to receive your valued
‘Purchase Order/ Agreement’."

Unit Rate
S/N Item Name Description Quantity Total Amount

1 Welding Machine On-site Calibration 13 400 5200

2 Oven (Baking) On-site Calibration 1 400 400

3 Oven (Holding) On-site Calibration 1 400 400

4 Portable Oven On-site Calibration 5 250 1250

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

5 Off-site Calibration 2 400 800
Profile Gauge (Dial
6 Off-site Calibration 1 300 300
thickness Gauge)
Dew point (Humidity
7 Off-site Calibration 1 400 400

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Total Instruments 24
Total Instruments Quote 8750.00

Extra Charges (If Any)

On-site Mobilization charge at Ayun 500

Net Total 9250.00

Vat 5% 462.50
Grand Total 9712.50

Terms and Conditions

Validity 30 days from the date hereof
5-7 business days for services (estimate only) and process shall start only after receipt of
Delivery Time irrevocable official purchase order/agreement and advance payment. Delivery subject to goods
remaining unsold at time of order.
Delivery Place Free delivery within the distance of 100 km from the origin Dammam, Jeddah, Jazan
Purchases of more than SAR 3,000.00 up to the approved credit limit must either be paid via
electronic funds transfer or paid via cheque with terms of Net 30 days, from date of
invoice/delivery/performance of product/service. Net days refers to calendar days. Purchase
amounts equal to or less than SAR 3,000.00 and exceeding the approved credit limit will be
required to be paid immediately upon, or prior to, delivery (C.O.D. or prepayment).

Prices Price is quoted for mentioned total job in the above proposal and it will not be applicable in case
job size is decreased.
All prices shown on Seller’s quote are exclusive of all taxes unless otherwise indicated. Any
taxes assessed prior to receipt of exemption certificates cannot be refunded by Seller. Seller
Taxes represents that it is VAT paying organization under the laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Customer shall take all action required to cause the purchase of the products/services hereunder
to be treated as a VAT transaction.
We shall be entitled to invoke an event of Force Majeure, as defined in Appendix 1, if the
performance of the Work or its exercise of its obligations under this Offer is wholly or partly,
Force Majeure:
temporarily or permanently, prevented or impeded by circumstances reasonably out of our
company control.
Parts & Repair Parts & Repair of is required shall be quoted separately.
Service on priority is available. Additional 50% & 25% charges shall be applied for 24 hours &
72 hours respectively.
30% of the order value shall be applicable on PO cancellation

Assumption If the information above is not correct please contact us ASAP to revise our proposal.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Our company "General Terms & Conditions of Sale” are applicable including Appendix 1. Both
are available at purchaser’s request, if not received before.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance

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Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance
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Please Contact Sanju Kabeer
Mr. Usama Bin Waseem
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