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anchor channels anchor channels anchor channels

New design method. Matched system for fastenings rated up to 39 kN*.

For anchor channels, based on CEN / TS 1992-4-3. HAC cast-in anchor channels, HBC T-head bolts and connecting parts from the MQ
installation channel system.
Already several years ago, the design of anchor fastenings in concrete with
partial safety factors in accordance with European guidelines led to better
utilization of each fastening point. This is now also possible with the design of
cast-in anchor channels. Both of these fastening methods have thus been
Overview of anchor
adapted to the European standards applicable in the field of construction.
channels, T-head bolts and

Hot-dip galvanized 4.6 / 8.8 (45 μm)

• Design of fastening points for static and dynamic loads as well as loads connecting parts

Serrated-head bolt for loads acting

Electrogalvanized 4.6 / 8.8 (8 μm)
Takes specific conditions into account, such as
occurring in the event of fire is according to the state of the art.

MQ system connecting parts

Hot-dip galvanized 4.6 (45 μm)

Hot-dip galvanized 4.6 (45 μm)

Hot-dip galvanized 4.6 (45 μm)

Hot-dip galvanized 8.8 (45 μm)

Electrogalvanized 4.6 (8 μm)

Electrogalvanized 4.6 (8 μm)

Electrogalvanized 4.6 (8 μm)

Electrogalvanized 8.8 (8 μm)

 oncrete member thickness

Bolt for elevator installation

 oncrete grade

Thread sizes M10-M20

Thread sizes M16-M20

Thread sizes M12-M16

HBC-C-N T-head bolt

HBC-C-E T-head bolt

Thread sizes M8-M12

Thread sizes M8-M12

(Not part of approval)

Stainless steel A4-50

Stainless steel A4-50

 dge distances

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HBC-C T-head bolt
HBC-B T-head bolt
HBC-A T-head bolt
Versions available:

Versions available:

Versions available:

Versions available:

Versions available:

Versions available:
 ype of load / direction of application
• Supplementary reinforcement

New design software.
Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel for cast-in
The fastening system for design loads NRd from 5 to 10 kN*
anchor channels and hammerhead bolts.
HAC-10 anchor channel
Channel lengths from 100 to 5850 mm
The specification of anchor channels in accordance with CEN demands use of Hot-dip galvanized (55 μm)** ◼
flexible, up-to-date software that lets engineers work efficiently. PROFIS Anchor
Channel, the new PC application from Hilti, meets these requirements admirably. HAC-20 anchor channel
Channel lengths from 100 to 5850 mm
• Fast, flexible and user-friendly – based on the proven Hot-dip galvanized (55 μm)** ◼
PROFIS application platform.
• Detailed, easy-to-follow calculation approach shown The plumbing, heating and air-con. fastening system for design loads NRd up to 10 kN*
on the screen and on printed copies. • Individual design of anchor channels HAC-30 anchor channel
and T-head bolts Channel lengths from 200 to 5800 mm
• Database link to DWX / DWG files in 2D and 3D for integration in CAD drawings. •L
 oads can be entered directly on the Hot-dip galvanized (55 μm)** ◼ ◼
• Instant display of calculation results upon
The fastening system for design loads NRd from 13 to 39 kN*
changing parameters
 ptimisation options HAC-40 anchor channel
Channel lengths from 200 to 5800 mm
Hot-dip galvanized (55 μm)** ◼ ◼ ◼

HAC-50 anchor channel

Technical advice. Channel lengths from 200 to 5800 mm
◼ ◼ ◼
Hilti supports and advises you in all Hot-dip galvanized (55 μm)**

technical matters.

Innovation in V-form.
HAC-60 anchor channel
Channel lengths from 300 to 5800 mm
We provide a comprehensive package of services for engineers. Our own Hot-dip galvanized (70 μm)** ◼ ◼ ◼
engineers are pleased to offer their advice – in your office or on your jobsite.
In particularly complex situations, Hilti’s central team of experts and a global HAC-70 anchor channel
network of highly competent technical staff are at your service. Channel lengths from 300 to 5800 mm
Hot-dip galvanized (70 μm)** ◼ ◼ ◼

Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.

* Design loads NRd for C20/25 concrete without edge influence
• Support with planning and design ** Mean counting thickness of channel
• Support with tenders and quotes
• On-site tests and assessments
• Seminars and training
Hilti. Outperform. Outlast.
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anchor channels anchor channels


• Innovative system
New V-form that allows higher loads
to be taken up close to slab edges
where shear loads occur.
The new cast-in anchor channel generation. Designed for static and dynamic loads as well as
loads occurring in the event of fire.
• Well-sealed system With V-form for outstanding performance.
The foam filling strip and end caps
ensure that no concrete slurry finds $IBSBDUFSJTUJDT

its way into the channel. With over 60 years of experience in fastening systems, Hilti is your reliable partner for secure anchor solutions. F90

• Time-saving system We have now further extended our range of products to include a new generation of cast-in anchor channels for reliable $SBDL 1200

Thanks to the new time-saving load transfer to concrete structures – the Hilti HAC anchor channel. 800

tear-out strip, the foam filling can



be removed quickly and easily 200

without leaving any remains. 0 30 60 90 120 150 180

• Simple, matched system

Use of a single hammerhead screw
type for several channel sizes Designed for static loads. Designed for dynamic loads. Designed for loads occurring on
greatly simplifies the range of bolts exposure to fire.
required. The serrated anchor Only very low displacement occurs under The new design method employed allows An all-encompassing design concept for
channels are compatible with the service loads with Hilti anchor channels in dynamic loads to be taken into account anchor channels was developed for the
familiar Hilti MQ channel system
cracked concrete. The anchor channels in terms of short-term as well as long- first time. This concept takes the loads
for general installation work.
exhibit ductile behavior when the ultimate term fatigue strength for tensile loads that occur during exposure to fire into
limit state is exceeded and provide clear acting in conjunction with static loads. account in accordance with the standard
advance warning before failure occurs The basis for this is formed by the Wöhler temperature curve (ETK and ISO 834, DIN
fatigue strength curves determined 4102 T.2) for pure tensile as well as shear
experimentally for the entire oscillation loading. Design calculations are made
spectrum. according to EOTA TR020 or, respectively,
CEN/TS 1992-4.

• Hilti HAC anchor channels are

manufactured in seven different
standard profiles in lengths between
Innovative V-form for Matching, simplified Time-saving, well- Tests and approvals.
100 mm and 5850 mm.
high performance. system. sealed system.
• The channels feature an LDPE
closed-cell foam filling with tear-out
The classic anchor channel cross section • One anchor channel type for static and The new environmentally friendly LDPE Under the number ETA-11/0006, the Hilti
has been optimized with the aid of ad- dynamic loads as well as loads occur- closed-cell foam filling equipped with a HAC cast-in channel system has been
• Channel ends are sealed by plastic vanced computer simulation and through ring in the event of fire. tear-out strip can be removed quickly, approved for use under static as well as
end caps. intensive testing. The resulting innovative thus saving labor costs. Plastic end caps dynamic loads and loads occurring in
• Only three bolt types are needed to cov-
• Life expectancy of 50 years thanks V-form allows higher loads to be taken up er the entire range of anchor channels. also help keep concrete slurry out of the the event of fire.
to galvanizing with a zinc layer of at edge zones where shear loads occur. channels.
• The HAC 30 channels are compatible
at least 55 μm.
Volume of concrete taking up shear loads with the Hilti MQ installation channel
• Hammerhead screws in various system.
lengths, diameters and steel grades.

V-form Classic cross section