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CLIL Unit 6

Focus on Biology: Immunity

3 Guess if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).
Then do research to check if you guessed
1 Complete the sentences with the words from the correctly.

antibodies bacteria fever 1 Some people have little to no immune system. __

immune system inflammation
symptom vaccination 2 The earliest reference to immunity was over two
white blood cells millennia ago. __

1 ________________ are substances that kill a 3 There is no link between sleep and how healthy
specific disease and make us immune from it in your immune system is. __
the future.
4 Around the world, death rates from measles fell by
2 ______________, also known as leukocytes,
74% from 2000 to 2010 thanks to vaccination
circulate in the blood and body fluids. They programmes. __
defend the body against infectious diseases.
3 A _______________ is a small amount of a 4 Do research to find out more about
disease, which is inserted into our bodies to vaccinations.
protect us from the real disease. 1 How exactly do vaccinations work?
4 The ________________ refers to all the parts of 2 Why are they such an important part of
the body that work together to fight infection. medicine?
5 When you have a/an _______________, your 3 What are the most common vaccinations given
temperature is very high, your body shivers and to children and teenagers?
you often have a headache. 4 Find out about the first vaccination ever given.
6 A _______________ is the sign of a disease, 5 What does the word ‘eradicated’ mean in terms
which a patient feels. of a disease? Have any diseases been
7 The condition where a part of the body becomes completely eradicated by vaccination?
red, hot, swollen and painful is called
5 Use your research to write a health leaflet that
will be given out to teenagers about
8 ______________ are micro-organisms, usually vaccinations. Your leaflet should explain:
with one cell.
 how vaccination works and why it is so
2 Match the questions (1–4) with the answers important.
(A–D) below.  which vaccinations are recommended
1 How can you tell that your body is fighting off an specifically for teenagers and why.
infection? __  where teenagers can get their
vaccinations done.
2 What is adaptive immunity? __
 possible side effects of vaccinations.
3 What part does the skin play in the immune
system? __ Use the phrases to help you.
4 Why do doctors sometimes have to suppress the
immune system? __ Vaccination is important because …
It’s vital to …
A You experience symptoms such as fever or The best way to protect yourself is to …
inflammation. Remember that …
B It stops germs from getting inside the body. Don’t forget to …
C So that they can introduce foreign bodies into You will need …
the body, for example during blood transfusions You might feel / experience …
or organ transplants. For more information, go to …
D It is a form of immunity that you develop over the
course of your life following infections and