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Country Bankers InsuRANCE CorporATiON ‘Coury Bankes Cex, 648 TM, Kala Avenue, Eni, Mala TH.Nes: 5240621 10.25, 524-1886 189 fa 526-7904 BO, Box 1280, Mada \websie: www. couvimybavkess.ner- Ei: ‘Vat Reg, Ty: 000-840-873-000 ‘Establisied Since 1960 PERFORMANCE BOND KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: PHIL CONCEPT CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION ts principal, and COUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE CORPORATION corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the Philippine Currency, for the payment of which sum, well and wuly to be made, we bind ouscives, four heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. ‘The conditions of this obligation are as follows: SO ee ‘WHEREAS the sve bounded pce as awn warded Sorta he obs a8 per HG (010388 to hly and fathly guarantee forthe ” Supply of Materials, Labor, Equipment Tools, Operation ‘support and other facilities forthe satistactory timely and fathfuly performance ofall works necessary to commence and complete the project * ocated at Lot 15-A FPIP-SEZ, Sta. Anastacia, Sto. Tomas, Batangas. PROVIDED, however, thatthe labity of the Surety Company under this Bond shal inno case exceed the amourtn the amount of Pesos: Three Milion Nine Hundred Fony Five Thousand Pesos Only (Php3,045,000.00) Phil Currency. ITISHEREBY DECLARED and AGREED, that this Bond is issued to cover insurance valid unt May 9, 2016. sag .MSSINFRECISIONPHIUPPINES CORPORATION en icin Sod At ceesiac garg ee Nae ened NOW THEREFORE. if the principal shall well and trulppsgfppengnd fulfill all the undertakings, covenants, terms, conditions, and agreements stipulated in said : ‘then this obligation shall ‘be mull and void; otherwise it shall remain in fall force and effect. The liability of "SOU Bie BANKERS INSURANCE CORPORATION, under this bond will expire on vwvnand said bond will be cancelled .. “DAYS afte expiration, unewssurcy i otf of eny ‘existing obligations thereunder, oa IN WETNESS WHEREOF, we haye set our hands and signg pur names on the «sy sr grarta~ day of 20.. . PHIL CONCEPT C TION CORPORATION ENGR. a __| . es Mige President. - Operation =, ! : : : : ACKNOWLEDGMENT REPUBLIC (HU PHILIPPINES) )SS. This isto certify that on the __*" day of 20, > Philippines before me the ‘undersigned authority personally appeared: NAME REPRESENTING (CTC NO. & VALID ISSUED AT DATE GOVT-ISSUED ID NO. ny ENGR, HECTOR 8. SARMIENTC «TN NO. 272-765-648 2), 3), 4) 5). A (MS.CHRISTINE TODINO rete and exhibiting CTC No. & Valid Govt-Issued ID No. 1741400 February 4, 2015 Cebu City issued at on representing COUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE CORPORATION, @ corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the Philippjggggiith its principal office in the City of Manila and wyishfanyeeratines Tex Certificate No. _issued at Manila on _—____—__ and executed the foregoing document and acknowledged to me that they executed the same as their free and voluntary act and deed of the company/ies which they represented, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. (MS.CHRISTINE TODIRO. FURTHER, said as ‘of COUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE CORPORATION, having been duly sworn, states and deposes that COUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE CORPORATION is duly authorized to execute and furnish surety bonds for all purpose and that it is actually worth the amount specif ¢ ) Pesos, Philippine Currency, over and above all just debts and obligations and property exempt from execution. JUNTRY BANKERS INSURANCE CORPORATION, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Ihave hereunto set my hand and affixed my notarial seal on the date and place first above written. Doe. me Dh. Page No. slate otkio: Tab sei 20 iii ‘The undersigned hereby also empower and authorize the COMPANY to attach hereto copy or copies of said bond, to fill the blank spaces that might have been left in blank and to corret the mistakes that might have been committed in fling these blanks space, or in the description of said bond, or regarding the amount of premium on regarding any other matter, it being ‘understood that said copy or copies thus attached and said insertions or correction if made, shall be deemed prima facie correct. OTHER CONDITIONS: — That nothing inthis document shall be construed or interpreted as a waiver or diminution ‘of any right and remedy that the COMPANY has or might have against the undersigned as a consequence of or arising from the «execution of the bond herein solicited or of this bond application. ‘The undersigned hereby jointly and collectively waive any and all notices of whatsoever kind as regards any violation ‘of the bond or as regards any actor fault that might give rise o any claim under the terms ofthe bond herein applied for. In event default of the principal or principals upon the bong, it shall not be necessary for the COMPANY first to bring suits against the principal or principals nor to exhaust the property of said principal or principal, the liability of the undersigned hereunder being hereby understood as joint and several, a primary one together with said principal, and shall be enforceable immediately upon default agains all the undersigned jointly and severally. ‘The COMPANY may, atts option, require the undersigned to put up guarantees or collateral securities or additional guaranties and/or additional collateral securities, and the undersigned hereby agrees jointly and severally to comply with said ‘demand; and should the undersigned fail to put up or furnish such guaranties or collateral securities or additional securities and/ or additional collateral securities, the COMPANY, may likewise at its option, bring suit against the undersigned for the whole liability, incurred by virtue of the bond or bonds that may have been underwritten by virtue hereof whether such liability has ‘been due or not. y COLLATERAL SECURITY: ~That the undesigned_______ have, delivered to the COMPANY, as collateral security by way of pledge, forthe later’ protection and to guarantee the payment of any lability ‘or obligation that it has or might have in consequence of having executed the bond herein solicited, and do hereby authorize the COMPANY to retain at its discretion said collateral security until its liability, in consequence of the execution of said bond, shall have been completely discharged. Said COMPANY is hereby empowered to sel said collateral security either at private or public sale, without any necessity of notice tothe undersigned and also to buy said security by itself in the event the COMPANY has paid or has to pay any amount of money of bas contracted any obligation to pay any amount of money in connection with the execution of said bond, and the balance from the proceeds ofthe sale, if any, shall be delivered to the persons authorized to receive the same, after deducting all legal expenses and costs relative withthe sale, as well as the premium due on the bond; IT BEING UNDERSTOOD, furthermore, than in case said collateral security should in the opinion of the COMPANY, diminish in value by twenty (20%) percent, then the undersigned shall, upon demand of the COMPANY, put up or furnish additional ‘securities to the satisfaction ofthe COMPANY, and in case of default on the part ofthe undersigned, the COMPANY is hereby ‘empowered, to sel in the manner herein above provided whatever securities it may have in its possession. ATTORNEY'S FEES: — In the event a case is instituted for the recovery of any amount under this bond application and/or under such bond as the COMPANY may execute pursuant tothe terms hereof or under any extension, renewal, alteration or substitution of said bond the undersigned hereby agree and obligate themselves jointly and severally, to pay unto the COMPANY, as and for attomey's fees, a sum equivalent totwenty (20%) percent of the amount claimed by the COMPANY in such action, the same to be due and payable irrespective of whether the case is settled judicially or extra-judically it being understood, however that said attomey’s fees shall in no case be less than P1,000.00. NOTIFICATION: — The undersigned hereby accept due notice that the COMPANY has accepted the bond undertaking in consideration ofthis Indemnity Agreement executed by the undersigned in favor of the COMPANY. th HRAVITNESS WHRREOF, these presents are signed atthe City of Manila, Philippines on this. day of 20. Signature : Name Address ee ENR, HECTOR $. SARMIENTO nance Name .NOSTTBSarAvence Plainview, Mandelvyeng Cry Sia Address Address: Signature : Signature : Name: Name Address Address Signed in the Presence of: REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) ns, Inthe City of: manice Phitippines uf" day of MY 207 personaly appested Before me: a ag 5 ene Govt-Issued ID No, ont. a ‘ERGEHECTOR 5. SARWNENTO TNO. 272-765-446 . to me known to be the same persons who signed and executed the foregoing instrument and knowledged before me that same is of their own voluntary act and deed, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Notaral Seal atthe place and on the date