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Concerns in physical release of manufacturing order and allocation of jobs to

workmen in different machines

Involves issue of production orders for starting the operations.

1. Movement of materials to different workstations
2. Movement of tools and fixtures necessary for each operation
3. Beginning of work on each operation
4. Recording of time and cost involved in each operation
5. Movement of work from one operation to another in accordance with
the route sheet
6. Inspecting or supervision of work

1.Moving of materials from process to process.
2.Assigning of work to machines.
3.Issuing of tools to production departments.
4.Issuing of job orders.
5.Recording of time taken.
6.Ensuring necessary changes.
7.Having proper liaison with routing

Documents in Dispatching
1.Material requisitions order
3.control sheet
4.Internal delivery note
5.Tool and gauge ticket
6. Stores Issue Order
7. Job Cards/time ticket
8. Move order (for transport)
9. Machine set up order

Progressing is the
• checking of actual performance against planned production
• reporting the exception and deviations to concerned authorities for
rectification action
• Keeping a tab on flow of materials
• Recognition of delays and interruptions
• Taking steps to rush the remaining operations
• Communicating possible delays to the customer
• Getting customers clearance for revised schedule

Functions of Progressing
Daily production report
Job card (prepared by Dispatching) – handing over to operator; collecting filled
in job card and handing it back to Dispatching section; tracking job card.
Progress cards
Display boards
Network updating

Expediting, Rush Job tracking, remaining operations

1. Change in priority
2. Pressing additional personnel and equipment into working
3. Subcontracting and outsourcing
4. Hiring capacity of another firm
5. Overtime working
6. Alternative routing
7. Overlapping of operations
8. Job Splitting
9. Use of higher speed and feed at the cost of additional tool wear and tear
when required
10. Communicating anticipated delay in deliveries to sales and customers

Follow up and expediting

Follow up or expediting is that branch of production control procedure which
regulates the progress of materials and part through the production process".

1.Progress should be checked
2.Causes of differences should be ascertained
3.Helping in removing the deviations
4.Report with departments supplying materials.

Inspection is also an important function of control. the purpose of inspection is
to see whether the products manufactured are of requisite quality or not. It is
carried on at various levels of production process so that pre-determined
standards of quality are achieved. Inspection is undertaken both of products
and inputs.

Stores Management
Receives raw material, tools, equipment & other necessary materials &
accounts them.
Preservation of items in good condition for later use.
Minimization of obsolescence and damage through handling.
Disposal & efficient handling.
Maintenance of stores record.
Proper location & stocks of Material.
Reconciling the material with book figures.
Maintains a proper account on issue of items on demand from shop floor /
production division.
Information reports to support purchase activities to take place at right time.

Receipt System
– Maintains proper document about item which are received at the store.
– Details on pending orders arranged in chronological order of dates.
–Accordingly schedule the labour force unload items when they are received at

Stocking System
– Necessary measures are taken to check quality, quantity & weight of the
items before accepted in the store.

Issue System
– For maintaining accounts of issues made to internal division or external
– Helps timely reordering to replenish stock.
– In issuing to external divisions (sub contract), controls are formal and
adequate enough to take care of payments and claims.

 Store must be of adequate space
 Materials must be stored in an appropriate place in a correct way
 Group wise & alphabetical arrangement helps in identification &
 First-in, first-out principle to be followed
 Monitor expiry date
 Follow two bin or double shelf system, to avoid Stock outs
 Reserve bin should contain stock that will cover lead time and a small
safety stock

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