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Engineering Drawing • SKKK 1021


Geometry 1

Instructions (Failure in following these instructions will result in penalty)

1. Use the standard border and title block that you have drawn. Type ‘Geometry 1’ as the title.
2. Produce the same drawings as shown in the given figure below via AutoCAD by using the
techniques that you learnt from the lecture.
3. Use the snapping functions, the coordinate system and other suitable functions that you have
learnt to assist you in constructing the drawings.
4. Dimensions are needed for this drawing.
5. Make sure that this assignment is your own work.
6. Name your soft copy as follows:
Name (Capital letters)_Assignment Number e.g. LAI JAU CHOY_A1
7. If you have any problem, please read the manual in the HELP menu and discuss with your
friends. Enjoy learning!

Faculty of Chemical & Energy Engineering

LJC • 2016/2017/1