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Keshav Dev Aggrwal

Ex-Hav (Army No.9507145)
52, Dev Nagar
Khandari Bye Pass Road
Director General
Directorate General Resettlement,
Ministry of Defiance
Government of India
R.K Puram New Delhi -110066

Dear Sir,
Denial of CSD Factories/smart card to helpless ESM who are Invalided out of service
under Army Rule 13(3) Item III (iii) Having being placed in Medical Category ‘EEE’ (P)
.who are not in Receipt Of Pension
Army Order 2/2006 Para 4(f) is discriminatory & Retrograde in nature ? ! and has
become Obsolete in the wake of Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 02-07-2013 in
Civil Appeal No.4949/2013 and GOI.MOD Deptt.of ESM Letter No.F-4(17) 2015/D
(Pension/legel) Dated 29 June 2017
Specitic case :
Army No.-9507145, EX-HAV Keshav Dev Aggrwal
Army Education Corps
Date of joining 12 Sept 1977 Date of discharge 23 June 1980

Cause of Discharge
Invalided out of service under Army Rule 13 (3) Item III(iii) having being placed in
Medical Category ‘EEE’ (P)

1. With due regards, I have the following to state for your kind consideration and necessary
clarification please.
a. Being an ex service man, (covered under the definition of ESM as advised by GOI-MOD from
time to time) copy attached. I had applied for smart card for availing CSD facilities vide
application no. OE 0674886 (Copy attached) through Army station HQ Agra on 13 may 2017 and
the application was forwarded to Army HQ New Delhi vie their letter no. 4145/Stn URC/11
dated 15 May 2017.
b. Aggrieved from non receipt of CSD smart card, till 20 Feb 2018, a complaint was made to
Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, GOI vide registration no.
DARPG/D/2018/00648 on 20 Feb 2018. However on 28/062018, the complaint has been closed
by Depty. Director, IHQ of Ministry of Defense (Army), QMG branch CS Dte New Delhi, stating
that as per Army order 2/2006/QMG, an ex-service man should have completed 5 years of
physical service in Army or should be in receipt of concern to be eligible for canteen smart card,
(a copy of status of complaint is attached) ignoring the facts of Para 4 (f) of Army order 2/2006
in respect of entitled categories to which my case is covered which reads “All ex-serviceman
released on medical grounds attributable to military service without any stipulation of service
rendered” (Copy attached).
c. However, he omitted to take not of Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 02/07/2013 in Civil
Appeal no 4949/2013 which stated clearly in Para 28 and 29 of the said judgment “ Any
disability suffered by solders who were found medically fit at the time of commission or
recruitment but later suffered disability while in service are to be treated as Attributable or
Aggravated by Military service” (a copy of judgment attached).
d. E also lost sight of instructions contained in letter no. F 4(17) 2015/D (Pen/legal) GOI, MOD
Deptt of Ex-servicemen dated 29 june 2017 issued in the light of above Hon’ble SC order in
respect of Neither Attributable to Nor Aggravated (NANA) cases (a copy attached).