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- Name, age
- Background:
 Mechatronics
 Mainly focus on: robotics, control
 Studying more about algorithms: evolutional algorithms: GAs, PSO
 Math: ode, pde,…
 System relating: linear, nonlinear system and control
 AI & ML (Andrew Ng, online)

o HUST: Subjects that I concentrate on are robots
o NCTU: a class of Mechatronics devices involving: perceptron, actuators,
processing centroid
o I want to study how we can make robot smarter by given it’s the ability of self-
making decision or broader are mechatronics system
o I chose robot because I want to study the underlying theory then apply into practical
problems. Working in both hardware and software because there are many things
called practical challenging. One example is we developed many complex control
algorithms but PID still dominate 90% of the implemented controllers in the
manufacturing and commercial.

- Itelts: 6.5 with 5.5 in speaking. (Sep 2017)
- Two LoRs
- GRE: I am learning but the most important to me is get admission from you so I spent most
of the time study your papers and relating topics.
- when will I have to submit the GRE score to the university?

Technical topic:
Relating to Selective Laser Melting process, a descendant of CNC + 3D printing technology
The project is given by my advisor. It is different between US and Asian, we have to select one of
the given topics.
- Using laser source to partially melting a thin layer of fined powder.
o Slice the constructing part into successive slices.
- Sensing is the big problem. Only indirect sensing
o Thermal irradiation sensor (CCD, CMOS)
o IR thermography and pyrometer
- Model of the dynamics during the scanning process
o No accurate mathematical model that being accepted
o Uncertainty during the scanning process
o Intense of dynamics: high varying of temperature cause sputtering
o Control architecture still simple and inaccurate
My approach:
- UNCLEAR requirement of my advisor. He just required me join in the group, attend the
weekly meeting because there was one other Vietnamese student in my lab working in the
project so my advisor thought that I will quickly follow the progress. But that guys left
very soon to go to Japan.
- I tried to incorporate what I have: control theory, AI/ML with the knowledge after three
months study the literature, and came up with the idea of using ML algorithm to modeling
the relationship between process parameters and process signatures.
- I choose symbolic regression because it is the advanced version of genetic programming,
which I have some background. It just a trial-and-error approach because there are several
algorithms that allows us modeling from data. Even neural net can do so.
- I proposed my idea with my advisor and co-advisor. They think it has a little news and
interesting, and ask me to write the proposal.

Two difficulties:
- Architecture of the smart building system (EnergyPlus)
- Math: GPs, convex optimization

- I sent you a brief report relating to the papers that I also put some of my comments

- Graduate condition: what is the standard of the lab? how many papers are the fundamental
- Is there any chance that I can take an internship during summer?
- I am looking for an opportunity working in US after graduate. Is it difficult?
I am not afraid of challenging but scare of making wrong decision and most important is
don’t know what I have to do. The thing is, in the past, I have no one to
When I come back Vietnam from Taiwan, I thought it should be many chance for a guy
like me in the labor force. But they need a pure CS or pure ME. They offered me the salary
similar to an under graduated guys.