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Closed Cell, Crosslink Polyolefin foam (XLPE) (Aerofoam or similar):

Chemical Crosslink Closed cell polyolefin foam (XLPE) with factory applied pressure sensitive adhesive coating
(for sheet/roll). Reinforced with permanently bonded alupet foil. The material must be assure comply with
antifungal Zero Growth of ASTM G21 and Volatile Organic Compound emission rate less than 4 ug/m2/hr. The
materials must be dust free and fiber free, free of Formaldehyde, CFC & HCFC free. It used for all application of
thermal insulation for pipes, air ducts and equipment to prevent condensation and save energy.

Material: Chemical Crosslink Closed cell polyolefin foam
Temperature Range: -80°C to +105°C
Density (foam core only): 25kg/m3 ±3
Thermal conductivity (λ): 0.032 W/m.K at 23°C
Moisture Resistance Factor µ: 54,700 as per BS EN 12086
Water Absorption: 0.05 by weight as per BS EN 12087 (28 days)
0.00008 by weight as per JIS K6767
Fire Performance: Class 0 as per BS 476 part 6 and part 7
Class A as per ASTM E84
HF-1 as per UL 94
B-s1, d0 as per DIN EN 13501-1
Smoke and Toxicity: Smoke toxic level PASSED as per IMO MSC 61(67)
Toxic smoke COMPLIED as per BS 6853
Resistance to bacteria: Passed as per ISO 22196
Chemical Analysis: Very low as per ASTM C871

Note: Contractor to submit certification for all properties such as WVT, Lambda, water
absorption, Fire and smoke performance… from an independent third party with same
1) All joins should be made with low-VOC adhesive specific for the insulation type. The adhesive must be
suitable for the full operational temperature of the system. All fittings & bends shall be insulated in the
same manor and with the same material insulation as the straight pipe work.
2) All fittings should be insulated with the same insulation thickness as the pipe work insulation. For
external applications, the insulation must be protected by metal cladding or jacketing or N Clad type of
same manufacturer.
3) All joints should be sealed by alupet tape to ensure a perfect vapor barrier.
4) For all load bearing applications PUR/PIR supports are used to prevent compression of the insulation
and “thermal bridging” to the support fixing. (Diamond Walraven or equivalent)