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Spanish-401 / Fall 2018 ML-S.


Span Course Title: SPAN 401- Elementary Spanish (4 Units) - Lec. 18916

Instructor: Magaly Lagunas-Solar ( Magaly Lagunas-Carvacho):

Meetings: TuTh 2:15 pm – 4:20 pm – BUS 141 Main Campus, SCC

Off. Hrs.: Tu Th 11:20 am – 11:50 pm

Term: Fall 2018 / August 25th – December 20th , 2018

Textbook: PANORAMA: Blanco & Donley, 5th edition

(Textbook & Supersite Plus code # )

Objectives: The four skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing, are developed in this beginner
level, with an emphasis in the two first ones. This course covers the following linguistics functions: Make
introductions, descriptions, and planning by expressing different aspects of present and future events or
situations, informal and formal requests, and using different type of pronouns ( subject, object (direct and
indirect)), and reflexives.

Methodology: Classroom activities involve students performing in the target language (Spanish) to
communicate, both orally and into writing. During class time, after a short assessment of new daily
assigned vocabulary and/ or grammar structures previous home-works, students will work in small groups
and pairs to acquire linguistic competence and further develop their performance in the target language
according to this level. To achieve these goals, daily attendance and preparation of listening, reading and
writing are required.

Evaluation/ Assesment: Chapter Exams (4 from 5) 40%

Home-works (HW1 & HW2) 20%

Participation 10%

Oral Presentation 10%

Final Exam 20%

Total: 100%

Grading Scale:


90-100 pts. 80-89 pts. 70-79 pts. 60-69 pts. 0-59 pts.
Participation: It is by interacting in the target language you will progress and attain a language
performance appropriate to this level. Participation is a crucial component in any language class. Absences
will affect your performance and ultimately, your grade. If the student is absent, it is his/her responsibility
to find out if there is any change on the Tentative Schedule and/or an extra assignment. In addition, in
order to receive full participation credit, the student must actively participate in SPANISH in class activities
– just showing up does not equate participation. Late arrival or leaving early from class will affect your
performance in class (language acquisition and participation). Attendance will be taken at the beginning
of each class. It is your responsibility to inform your instructor when you are late or your tardy becomes
an absence. Do this after class only. Students who do not attend the class meetings are responsible for
learning the material covered in class on their own. Excuses notes will be accepted only for compelling
reasons and must be submitted for verification within a week in order for the students to be excused.

Testing: Exams: There will be five chapter exams in this class (Chap. 1 to 5). Only four of them will be
considered at the end: There are NO make-ups. Students are expected to take all tests on the day
scheduled on the syllabus and with the rest of the class. If you need to miss one chapter exam, make sure
to take the remaining ones, so you gain the 40% for your final grade. If you can take all of them, you will
have the opportunity to drop your lower chapter exam average. Each exam consists of the following parts:
Listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar, reading and writing. Exams are mainly based on the
material covered in class. The Final Exam is a cumulative test (Chap 1 – 6).

Oral Proficiency Exam: The Oral Final Exam (Presentaciones Orales) is an evaluation to asses your Oral
Proficiency in the target language. It is a short individual or in group (max. 4 students) oral presentation.
At the end, the students is expected to answer basic questions in Spanish, using full sentences. Points will
be deducted whenever the student does not understand a question, when grammar is used incorrectly or
whenever English is use. This presentation is expected to be 100% in Spanish.

HOMEWORK assignments: 1) HW1 / From Textbook = Before class: Read the Contextos (:Vocabulario)
and / or Estructuras gramaticales previously assigned and do the corresponding assigned A practicar
exercices. 2) During class: After a short assessment and /or further explanation, the students will work in
pairs or small groups to apply, practice and acquire the use of the specific linguistic functions studied
according to the class schedule. 3) SSPlus (HW2)= After class: Do the assigned excercices according to
the online calendar (schedule) to reapply by your own the material studied previously in class, in order to
develop the specific linguistic skills aimed in this class.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

 demonstrate an increased level of oral comprehension when listening to elementary

 demonstrate the use of Spanish vocabulary for practical, everyday use.
 speak with sufficiently correct pronunciation to be understood.
 read and write simple Spanish paragraphs.
 demonstrate basic knowledge of relevant aspects of the geography, culture, and values of
the Spanish-speaking world.

Student Standard of Conduct: All students shall comply with the SCC Student Standard of Conduct. If a
student disrupts the learning environment in any way s/he will be asked to leave class for the remainder
of the class and the next class class meeting and may be subject to further disciplinary action. Attend class
ONLY if you wish to learn and contribute to this class and your own educational goals. If you cannot arrive
on time, stay the full meeting and conduct in a way that is respectful of others. If you do not attend for
any reason, you may be dropped for non-attendance. Excessive absences are defined as 6% of the total
hours of class time. ( See the catalog for additional information).

Electronic devices are NOT allowed in class. Bring your textbook every day to class, and just the material
required and pertinent to THIS class.

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Spanish 401 / Fall 2018 Tentative schedule (H1: Textbook) ML-S./ SCC
Antes de clases:


1ª semana Ma 28 Intro a Span 401

Ju 30 L1 & L2- Intro a L2: Esp


2ª semana Ma 4 Capitulo 1: Contextos

Estructura 1.1

Ju 6 Estructura 1.2

Estructura 1.3

3ª semana Ma 11 Estructura 1.4 & Fotonovela

Ju 13 Repaso (: Recapitulacion)

4ª semana Ma 18 Examen # 1: Capitulo 1 / Intro a Capitulo 2

Ju 20 Capitulo 2: Contextos

Estructura 2.1

5ª semana Ma 25 Estructura 2.2

Estructura 2.3

Ju 27 Estructura 2.4 – Fotonovela y Repaso


6ª semana Ma 2 Examen # 2: Capitulo 2 / Intro a Capitulo 3

Ju 4 Capitulo 3: Contextos

Estructura 3.1

7ª semana Ma 9 Estructura 3.2

Estructura 3.3

Ju 11 Estructura 3.4 - Fotonovela y Repaso

8ª semana Ma 16 Examen # 3: Capitulo 3 / Intro a Capitulo 4

Ju 18 Capitulo 4: Contextos

Estructura 4.1
9ª semana Ma 23 Estructura 4.2

Estructura 4.3

Ju 25 Estructura 4.4 - Fotonovela y repaso

10ª semana Ma 30 Examen # 4: Capitulo 4 / Intro a Capitulo 5


Ju 1º Capitulo 5: Contextos

Estructura 5.1

11ª semana Ma 6 Estructura 5.2

Estructura 5.3

Ju 8 Estructura 5.4 - Fotonovela y repaso *(Due: 1st draft- P.O.)

12ª semana Ma 13 Examen # 5: Capitulo 5 / Intro a Capitulo 6

Ju 15 Capitulo 6: Contextos

Estructura 6.1

13ª semana Ma 20 Estructura 6.2

Estructura 6.3

Ju 22 Thanksgiving: Dia de (Accion de) Gracias: No class

14ª semana Ma 27 Estructura 6.4 – Fotonovela y repaso

Ju 29 Capitulo 7: Contextos

Estructura 7.1


15ª semana Ma 4 REPASO y Prep. Pres. Orales

Ju 6 REPASO y Prep. Pres. Orales *(Due: 1st drafts & Final copy-P.O.)

16ª semana Ma 11 Presentaciones Orales

Ju 13 Presentaciones Orales

EXAMEN FINAL: Jueves 20 de Diciembre, 12:45pm-2:45pm !Felices vacaciones!-ML-S.