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Etion Limited: Corporate Profile for JSE Magazine

3 July 2018

Etion: Blazing a new trail in integrated digital technology

Digital technology is fundamentally changing the way in which the world works, fuelling a fourth
industrial revolution that is rapidly gaining momentum. And diversified digital technology group,
Etion (previously Ansys), is set to blaze a trail of innovation in this critical area. With its strong
engineering heritage, innovative IP, solutions-driven focus and integrated operational structure,
Etion is redefining the convergence of technology, biology and connectivity.

Repositioning, restructuring and rebranding

Being a dynamic organisation, the group embarked on a strategic repositioning and restructuring
process in 2012 in response to evolving market needs. With this process now complete, it has
recently rebranded to reflect its position as a provider of customised and integrated digital
technology solutions for all sectors and segments, particularly for customers operating in harsh

Integrated operations
Etion’s operations feature four horizontally integrated business units: Etion Create, which focuses on
innovation and original design manufacturing; Etion Digitise, which focuses on safety and
productivity solutions, particularly for harsh operating environments; Etion Connect, which provides
digital network solutions across all industries and sectors; and Etion Secure, which provides the
advanced digital security solutions so vital in an increasingly digitised world.

This horizontally integrated structure enables the group to deliver on its primary goal of advancing
humanity through technology. It continuously enhances its digital capacity and capabilities in order
to constantly improve on its ability to deliver on this objective. This also enables it to deliver an ever-
expanding range of both generic and bespoke products and services to meet developing needs, as
well as to offer a high level of client care based on centralised systems.

The Etion difference

By leveraging off its own IP and that of its partners, Etion develops, produces, distributes and
integrates solutions designed to enhance customer and consumer safety, productivity, connectivity,
cyber security and digital defence. This is particularly relevant in the mining segment, which the
group has recently entered, where a rapid move to digital mining is taking place.

As a future-focused and future-driven group, Etion is at the cutting edge of developing, providing
and maintaining digital technology solutions that are aligned to its customers’ strategies and are
designed to help them take the lead in the digital revolution.

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