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Any Given Child

Chattanooga – Hamilton County Community Arts Team

Working Group
Claire Stockman Related Arts Lead Teacher Hamilton County Schools
Isaac Duncan III Individual Artist/ArtsBuild Board
Kathy Lennon School Board Member Hamilton County Schools
Laurie Melnik Executive Director Southeast Center
Rodney Van
Valkenburg Director of Grants and Initiatives ArtsBuild
Rowena Belcher Community Volunteer/ArtsBuild Board Retired

Alex Loza Individual Artist/Founder Center for Latin American Visual Artists
Amy Medley Dean of Fine Arts CCA
Ana VanCura Executive Director Ballet Tennessee
Ann Law Founding Director Barking Legs Theatre
Ashley Conrad Director of Policy and Research Unified
Charlie Newton Individual Artist/Founder SPLASH
Dawn Oakes Artistic Director/Choral Director Chattanooga Boys Choir
Edna Varner Educational Consultant/ArtsBuild Board Project Inspire
Geoff Millner Tech Equity Officer Enterprise Center
Jason McKinney Youth and Family Development City of Chattanooga
Jayne Griffin Director of Education Creative Discovery Museum
Jennifer Andrews Program & Engagement Manager Chattanooga 2.0
Juana Wilson Roberts Fine Arts Coordinator Barger Academy of Fine Arts
Karissa Barclay Community Volunteer

Kate Skonberg Teacher Engagement Coordinator Public Education Foundation

Katherine Clem Research and Grants Specialist Hamilton County Schools
Kris Bespalec-Davis Education Hunter Museum of American Art
Kristy Huntley Program Manager Benwood Foundation
Mary Tanner Retired/ArtsBuild Board Pres. UTC - Education Department
Rebecca Suttles Director of Scholarships Community Foundation
Rondell Crier Individual Artist/Founder Studio Everything
Staci Spring Director of Education Chattanooga Symphony and Opera
Sybil Tobel VP Marketing and Communications Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

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