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Leica Viva GS14

Designed for Performance

Your Vision: Flexibility
and Performance
Introducing Leica Viva GS14 –
Your Tool for All GNSS Applications
The Leica GS14 is the most compact and powerful GNSS receiver. The
integrated mobile communications and UHF modem means it is suited for
any measuring task. With its convenient, integrated design, the Leica GS14
is easy to use. Together with the leading GNSS RTK, the Leica GS14 meets
the highest standards for measurement technology.

Your benefit: professional reliability with the highest degree of accuracy.

Top quality means top reliability, even in the harshest working environments.

Going beyond the standards

The Leica Viva GS14 exceeds the toughest environmental specifications,
going beyond industrial standards such as the IP68. This ensures flawless
performance even in the most challenging work places.

Based on 30 years of knowledge and experience in GNSS technology, Leica
Viva GNSS and TPS solutions offer the highest degree of reliability and accuracy
in the industry. With a background of 200 years in measurement instrument
development, Leica Geosystems sets the standards for all measuring tasks.
Leica SmartCheck
Leica SmartCheck technology evaluates and verifies your RTK solution
to ensure the most reliable RTK measurements. Thanks to SmartCheck,
Leica Viva GNSS delivers the highest reliability possible. The unique
SmartCheck technology automatically makes permanent, independent
checks while you are working.

Leica SmartTrack
Leica SmartTrack technology guarantees the most accurate signal
tracking. Leica SmartTrack technology is future-proof and ensures
compatibility with all GNSS systems today and tomorrow.

Leica xRTK
Leica xRTK is Leica Geosystems technology that provides additional,
reliable positions in difficult measuring environments. It provides the
highest availability in even the most difficult conditions at a slightly
lower accuracy than a standard RTK fix.

Leica Leica Viva Leica Leica

GS14 SmartPole SmartStation GS14
Pushing Boundaries with
the Leica Viva GS14
Leica Intenna
The unique Leica Intenna technology
fully integrates antennas to eliminate
the risk of loss or breakage of external

Integrated RTK devices

The fully integrated communication
devices increase ease-of-use whilst
maintaining flexibility to choose between
UHF and mobile phone technology.

Onboard RINEX Logging RINEX

Log the industry standard RINEX
format directly onto the microSD card.

The light weight and compact design
provide extra convenience.


Leica SmartWorx Viva

Designed to help you complete your survey
and stakeout tasks with the minimum of
fuss and in the shortest time. SmartWorx
Viva is a powerful graphical solution based
around outstanding visualization abilities
Leica CS15
and perfect dataflow designed to optimize
your productivity.
Leica CS10
Leica SmartWorx Viva LT
State-of-the-art software for any surveying
task, Leica SmartWorx Viva LT is yet incredibly
easy to use: with a clear graphical interface,
non-technical terminology and simplified

GS14 shown in
actual size
myWorld: Your Gateway
to Leica Geosystems
myWorld @ Leica Geosystems offers you product information, support and
training. Anytime, and from any place in the world. Keep your gear up to date
and benefit from Leica Geosystems’ unrivaled expertise in surveying technology.

Your benefit: stay on top with the latest information and software.


The Leica Viva series offers a complete range of GNSS and TPS solutions,
combining stunning precision with maximum versatility. Gain speed and
efficiency by reducing the number of setups and control points with the
unique SmartStation and the versatile SmartPole.

Your benefit: faster surveys and far greater flexibility.

Your Trusted
Leica Geosystems and its worldwide network of trusted Distribution Partners
bring decades of experience in surveying technology. But experience isn’t
everything – what’s equally important is that we truly care about our
customers. That’s why we are proud of our virtually unlimited customer
support: true Active Customer Care.

Your benefit: a trusted partner to rely on – at every step of the

working process and for any question that may pop up.

... let us inspire you

Whether you want to stake out an object on a construction site or you
need accurate measurements of a tunnel or a bridge; whether you want
to determine the area of a parcel of land or to capture objects for
as-built maps; even if you simply need the position of a power pole –
Scan with your iPhone or iPad to get you need reliable and precise data.
the Leica Viva GNSS App or visit Leica Viva combines a wide range of innovative products designed to
meet the daily challenges for all positioning tasks. The simple yet
powerful and versatile Leica Viva hardware and software innovations are
redefining state-of-the-art technology to deliver maximum performance
and productivity. Leica Viva gives you the inspiration to make your
ambitious visions come true.

When it has to be right.

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Leica Viva GS14
Data sheet

Engaging software Infinitely bridging Customer care is only

the field to the office a click away

The Leica Viva GS14 GNSS smart antenna Leica Geo Office imports and combines Through Active Customer Care (ACC),
is accompanied with the revolutionary data from your GNSS, total station and a global network of experienced
Captivate software, turning complex level instruments for one final and professionals is only a click away to
data into the most realistic and accurate result. Processing has never expertly guide you through any problem.
workable 3D models. With easy-to-use been made easier when all your Eliminate delays with superior technical
apps and familiar touch technology, all instruments work in tandem to produce service, finish jobs faster with excellent
forms of measured and design data precise and actionable information. consultancy support, and avoid costly site
can be viewed in all dimensions. revisits with online service to send and
Leica Captivate spans industries and receive data directly from the field. Control
applications with little more than a your costs with a tailored Customer Care
simple swipe, regardless of whether Package, giving you peace of mind you’re
you work with GNSS, total stations covered anywhere, anytime.
or both.
Leica Viva GS14

GNSS technology Leica SmartTrack Advanced four constellation tracking

Number of channels 120 (up to 60 satellites simultaneously on two frequencies) / 500+1
Signal tracking GPS (L1, L2, L2C), Glonass (L1, L2),
BeiDou (B1, B2), Galileo
RTK technology Leica SmartCheck Continuous check of RTK solution, reliability 99.99%
Network RTK VRS, FKP, iMAX, MAC (RTCM SC 104)
Time for initialisation Typically 4s
Code differential DGPS / RTCM Typically 25cm

Real-time kinematic Single baseline (< 30km) Hz 8mm + 1ppm / V 15mm + 1ppm
Network RTK Hz 8mm + 0.5ppm / V 15mm + 0.5ppm
Post processing Static (phase) with long observations Hz 3mm + 0.1ppm / V 3.5mm + 0.4ppm
Static and rapid static (phase) Hz 3mm + 0.5ppm / V 5mm + 0.5ppm
Communication ports Lemo USB and RS232 serial
Bluetooth® Bluetooth® v2.00 + EDR, class 2
Communication protocols RTK data protocols Leica, Leica 4G, CMR, CMR+, RTCM 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 MSM
NMEA output NMEA 0183 V 4.00 and Leica proprietary
Built-in data links 3.75G GSM / UMTS / CDMA phone modem Fully integrated, internal antenna
Radio modem Fully integrated, receive and transmit, external antenna
403 - 470 MHz, 1 W output power
External data links GSM / GPRS / UMTS / CDMA and UHF / VHF modem
User interface Buttons and LEDs On/Off and Function button, 7 status LEDs
Web server Full status information and configuration options
Data recording Storage Removable microSD card, 1 GB
Data type and recording rate Leica GNSS raw data and RINEX data at up to 20 Hz
Power management Internal power supply Exchangeable Li-Ion battery (2.6 Ah / 7.4 V)
External power supply Nominal 12 V DC, range 10.5 - 28 V DC
Operation time4 7 h receiving RTK data with internal UHF radio
5 h transmitting RTK data with internal UHF radio (1W)
6 h receiving / transmitting RTK data with internal modem
Weight and Dimensions Weight 0.93kg (GS14) / 2.90kg standard RTK rover setup on pole
Diameter x Height 190mm x 90mm
Environmental Temperature -40 to 65°C operating, -40 to 80°C storage
Drop Withstands topple over from a 2m survey pole onto hard surfaces
Proof against water, sand and dust IP68 (IEC60529 / MIL STD 810G 506.5 I /
MIL STD 810G 510.5 I / MIL STD 810G 512.5 I)
Vibration Withstands strong vibration (ISO9022-36-08 /
MIL STD 810G 514.6 Cat.24)
Humidity 100% (ISO9022-13-06 / ISO9022-12-04 /
MIL STD 810G 507.5 I)
Functional shock 40g / 15 to 23 msec (MIL STD 810G 516.6 I)


Performance Professional Unlimited1
Frequency with BeiDou


GPS L2 / GLONASS / Galileo / BeiDou •/•/•/ ✗ ✔/ •/•/ ✗ ✔/ ✔/ ✔/ ✗ ✔/ ✔/ ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔/ ✔/ ✔
DGPS/RTCM. RTK Unlimited, Network RTK • ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
5 Hz / 20 Hz positioning ✔/ • ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔
Raw data / RINEX data logging ✔/ • ✔/ • ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔
NMEA out • • ✔ ✔ ✔
RTK reference station functionality • ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
3.75G Phone / UHF Radio (receive & transmit) modem ✔/ • ✔/ • ✔/ • ✔/ ✔ ✔/ ✔

✔ Standard • Optional ✗ Not available

  The Unlimited series includes a future upgrade to 500+ channels.

1 3
 Measurement precision, accuracy, reliability and time for initialisation are dependent upon
  Support of QZSS is incorporated and will be provided through future firmware upgrade.
various factors including number of satellites, observation time, atmospheric conditions,
multipath etc. Figures quoted assume normal to favourable conditions. A full BeiDou and
The Bluetooth® trademarks are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Galileo constellation will further increase measurement performance and accuracy.
Illustrations, descriptions and technical data are not binding. All rights reserved. 4
  Might vary with temperature, age of battery, transmit power of data link device.
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