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Questions for master exam


1. Define the concept of strategy and discuss the model of strategic management.
2. Characterize the sources of competitive advantage in modern firms. Compare
M.E.Porter’s approach (low cost/ differentiation) with the RBV (Resource-Based
View, VRIO model).
3. What is the role of environment analysis in strategy formation? Characterize 5 forces
model, strategic group analysis and stakeholder analysis.
4. What is the role of organizational analysis in strategy formation? Characterize
benchmarking analysis, comb analysis, and value chain analysis.
5. Characterize two ‘portfolio planning’ methods (e.g. BCG matrix) and discuss their
role in strategy formation.
6. What are the possible applications of Ansoff’s growth matrix?
7. Which factors increase the risk of a price war in a given industry? You may use airline
industry as a point of reference.
8. Describe the key features of an innovation. What are the characteristics of an
innovation which may serve to improve or detract from its chances of adoption by
9. Innovators, laggards or persistent skeptics? Market segmentation according to
possible response to innovation.
10. Critically evaluate different market entry strategies.
11. Characterize marketing strategies in market growth and maturity.
12. Characterize global and international marketing strategy.
13. Discuss two alternative brand strategies.
14. Define positioning- concept and discuss alternative approaches.
15. What does it mean ‘3D negotiations’ – characteristics of each dimension.
16. Why it is not possible always to conclude negotiations successfully based only on
communication and persuasion skills?
17. What is BATNA and what is its role in negotiations?
18. What does it mean to create and claim value in negotiations?
19. Evaluate the various classical criteria in capital budgeting process.
20. How can company reward their stockholders? Explain conditions of payout policy in
public and private companies.
21. Explain the process of valuation using different approaches and models.
22. How do company raise funds to finance its business?
23. Discuss the differences between a merger, acquisition and takeover.
24. Discuss main reasons why 60% -80% of mergers of acquisitions fail
25. Discuss main steps of due diligence process.