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EDGE - 2010

Kulachi Hansraj Model School

Senior Quiz Prelims

1. Hera, _________, cheetah, puma, jaguar, panther, tiger, leopard, _________.

a) Snow Leopard and Kodiak

b) Lynx and Cougar
c) Bobcat and Lynx
d) Cougar and Lynx
e) None of these

2. Karim Rashid is associated with which of the following?

a) Mouse pad designing

b) Laptop designing
c) Apple magic trackpad designing
d) Iphone (3gs and 4) designing
e) None of these

3. Which organization accused Apple for toxins in its iphones?

a) Green Zionist Alliance

b) UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)
c) Greenpeace
d) Global Green USA
e) None of these

4. Fremantle is the name given to?

a) Windows 7 Ultimate
b) Android
c) Maemo 5
d) Fedora
e) None of these

5.(*) Which of the following is not a founder of Apple Computers?

a) Steve Jobs
b) Ronald Wayne
c) Stephen Gary
d) Ellen Hancock
e) None of these
6. What is the difference between classical computing and quantum computing?

a) Faster
b) Parallel processing
c) Multiprogramming
d) Faster number factoring
e) None of these

7.(*) If macky is to chaser then mocky is to

a) Stupid
b) Ambusher
c) Chaser
d) Shadow
e) None of these

8. What is the Orange Book?

a) Specifications for Digital Audio CD

b) Specifications for Computer Data CD
c) Specifications for VCD and Photo CD
d) Specifications for CD-R, CD-RW Discs
e) None of these

9.(*) Oleophobic Screen couldn’t be found in?

a) Apple iPhone 3GS

b) iPad
c) HTC Touch HD 2
d) Hero
e) None of these

10.(*) Who called Doom a mass murder simulator?

a) David Harris
b) David Klebold
c) David Talmadge
d) David Kutner
e) None of these

11.(*) Mark Zuckerberg developed Facebook with 3 of his classmates. One of them is
Eduardo Saverin, the other two are:

a) Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz

b) Chris Cox and Sheryl Sandberg
c) Eduardo Saverin and David Kirkpatrick
d) Peter Thiel and Phoenix S.K.
e) None of these
12. The first speech recognition software, “Hearsay” was developed at

a) USA
b) France
c) India
d) Russia
e) None of these

13. Who wrote the sequence ctrl + alt + delete?

a) David Bradley
b) David Klebold
c) David Talmadge
d) David Kutner
e) None of these

14. This computer abbreviation usually means?

a) Programming Environment for Retrieval & Languages
b) Partially Embedded Rescue Language
c) Practical Extraction and Report Language
d) Pragmatic Edit and Recursion Language
e) None of these

15. This computer abbreviation usually means?

a) End of copy
b) End of Cylinder
c) End of Clipboard
d) End of Cathode
e) None of these

16. Who made first commercially successful video game?

a) Sega
b) Atari
c) Zodttd
d) Macplay
e) None of these

17. This computer abbreviation usually means?

a) Secure Computer System Interface
b) Small Computer System Interface
c) Serial Computer System Interface
d) Shielded Computer System Interface
e) None of these
18. Who was Waluigi’s partner in “Mario Bros. Tennis”?

a) Luigi
b) Mario
c) Wario
d) Wari
e) None of these

19. Who is considered to be the world’s first programmer (1843)? A software language was
named in this person’s honor.

a) Konrad Zuse
b) Ada Byron Lovelace
c) Alan Turing
d) George Boole
e) None of these

20. Who developed the Difference Engine and Analytical Engine, two punched-card
controlled general purpose calculators?

a) Alan Turing
b) George Boole
c) Konrad Zuse
d) Charles Babbage
e) None of these


Compiled and Written by: Vipul Sharma

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