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TECHNICAL INFORMATION PT-10 STEP SIGNAL CONVERTER March 2000 Ref #: CTY-098 : | 66% VOL fajes >| Senet Hepeag des (au ASH (nore “Avge “Bort ) Mus paras ft SEV waenve WR indut aaa | eevee 7 ence Tm We Oi-Ld v) “MO rales, oy yo N(@|\/8@) TOKIMEC TECHNICAL INFORMATION TOKIMEC INC. CONTROL SYSTEMS DIVISION oe YAITA FACTORY Equipment name: PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER _ ]303-,2uMAcHo,vAiTa.St, TocHiolszs2106 JAPAN PHONE : +81-267-43:7608 FAK: o81-20749.218 ‘Subject: NO.——-= CTY- 088 Introduction of new product DATE——-- March 28. 2000 TOTAL PAGES:PAGE 10F 16 This information introduces a SIGNAL CONVERTER ( type: T-10 ) which is supplied for replacing an ‘existing gyrocompass ( type:TG-5000 or equivalents ) with a gyrocompass TG-8000. ‘Tho SIGNAL CONVERTER converts standard repeater signal as step by step 24VDC from the TG-6000 to that of 70/36VDC. It also has a changeover switch to allow selection of repeater signal output between the converted repeater signal from TG6000 and the one from the other gyrocompass. This information covers the two-ayrocompass system with type TG-5000 and T@-6000/ fs ~ 4. Purpose of Development 2. General description of Product 3. Composition of system 4. Operation description 5. Details of Units. 6. Confirmation of Running 7. Appendix Operation instructions for PT-10 1.PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER System composition 2.PT-A0 SIGNAL CONVERTER Specifications 3.PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER Operating units 4.PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER System block diagram 5,PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER Outline of units 6.PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER Intemal wiring diagram 7.PT-A0 SIGNAL CONVERTER Inter unit wiring diagram (for reference ) 8.PT-10 SIGNAL CONVERTER Step amplifier circuit diagram Li Lhetrigee TOKIMEC. INC. Marine Equipment Product Manage