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lecture 1 Sample space, Events , O-fielol probability t Taal terminology Experiment /Trial Coin flpping ove reiting ete Ourcome (result) Head jal, 144 DE, probabiliry chance) « 44 + + + More terminelegy bef, (Sample spoce): The set of all outcomes of an expersmemt is called the comple space, and is dented by Q. ty cone lpn Ma gH TT dee rolling coe ee ere Life time of bulk = Lo. 0) swe coos Upp CLE FE), GUD. Guy. Gro Def* (iver): An event fs q cubcer of the sampl sjouw * Rink Leis not necessary fer all subset of OL +> be ah event Bur We de not oliscuss this freue for the moment €g. die relly Qa {uaaa res the vurome is even” in words, “ ee u“ the event moth [aay cccurs < Jorgen Q. wher is the prbabilsy [chane for on ever E +. occur 7 u Whos is prebabilvy of E 2 EQ dee relloeng prebabilyy of fancy is LH we ean tetk abeue the probal. of ements E and F we shall alse be able 4. talk absue the Prebsh of ES) EOF. EAE This natural request lerls +. the filleung term for vm acthemat ion! fromewnk | Def. (Field) Any collection Fe ef subsets of TL which samrfes the follwing thres @ if ABER © HACK then Ao eg © ¢ek, neh Crdivon is called a eld then AUBER ANBER Rk: Preld is closed Under finite unions | mtersechione T However, Sometime We are not satshied with foarte unten or indersech'on The olliwing eG Shows that an infinite countable union of ourcomes in CL may be of nterest] Eqs A coin is flipped repeatedly umbil the first head turns ap Denete Us far ww oT where Ws, represents the otctcome that first int terres are tails @rd +he ith is head Lee A be the event that “the rst head occurs after an even number of tosses he Ae ten va He y We ore interested in the prebeb of A L The request of including infinite union leads +o the fatioeing term J Def (T- frei) : Any collection Je of subsets of 1 which sansfies the following thren Conditions ss called a o-freld (a) gee RAK CR, the Chek w WAek then Me