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Ahmad Ali

Mob # 00923244940200


I would like to work for a company that will enhance the skills I already have as well as
provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth and advancement
opportunities. A position in a results-oriented organization that seeks an ambitious and
career conscious individual.

Personal Information

Father’s Name: Muhammad Ameen

Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 12-12-1998
Nationality: Pakistani
CNIC No: 34301-1697290-9


Year Degree Institute

2017 IOS Development
Arfa Software Technology Park
2015-2017 BS(IT) Associate University Of The Central
degree Punjab
2013-2015 FSC (pre Eng.) B.I.S.E Gujranwala

2011-2013 Matriculation (science) B.I.S.E Gujranwala

Computer skills
 XCode skills
 Swift Apple Developers
 MS Office
 Internet surfing and research
 Email
 Installation

Professional Profile &Competency

 Highly motivated & energetic.
 Result oriented.
 Hardworking.
 Excellent organizational skills.
 Team player.
 6 Month