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MIRACLE MONEY is different from any other kind of
money. What do I mean? Well, think about it. Some money
comes from labor. It’s called “wages,” or “earned money.”
Money sometimes comes from departed relatives. It would
be called “inherited money.” Money that comes by way of
the lottery, a contest, a drawing, or such would be called
“chance money.” There is also stolen money, lost money,
dirty money, etc.

However, there is a kind of money that can be described

only as MIRACLE MONEY. It’s the special money God
miraculously gives to His children. That’s the kind of money
this book is about.

The Bible says Simon Peter received some


[Jesus told Simon Peter] . . . Go thou to the sea,
and cast an hook, and take up the fish that first
cometh up; and when thou hast opened his mouth,
thou shalt find a piece of money [miracle money]:
that take, and give unto them for me and thee.
Matthew 17:27


As you read, you will see a number of testimonies from

people who have received MIRACLE MONEY! Keep in
mind that they represent only a few of the hundreds of
thousands of people who have received MIRACLE MONEY
from God.

The Bible tells us we must never underestimate the

strength of a believer’s testimony, for it gives other believers
tremendous power over the enemy.

Miracle Money

. . . Late one night you were talking about the

hundredfold return. I suppose some viewers tuning in
might think that was just another gimmick but . . . God
was speaking to me to pledge $50. I knew God was going
to multiply that $50 back to me.

I mailed in my $50 that next week . . . and marked

the check “hundredfold.” I began believing God. I knew
He was going to do it for me, and I knew it would be a
supernatural act on His part.

Okay, $50 x 100 is $5,000.

Two weeks after I made the pledge, I got a $1,500

bonus at work. Then we got our annual evaluations at
work. I got a promotion, my own office with a window, and
a 15 percent raise in my pay. Guess what! That 15
percent on an annual basis brings me up to the
hundredfold increase. God is so great!

Again, I thank God for you...!

Paulette, Cleveland, TN

. . . they overcame him [the devil] by the blood of
the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.
Revelation 12:11
Because of this power, you must read every testimony
very carefully. Each one will help you overthrow Satan’s
conspiracy to limit your money and keep you from receiving
the MIRACLE MONEY God has set aside for you. As you
read each real life report of those who have already received
their MIRACLE MONEY, three powerful truths will be
revealed to you!

First, you will realize that God’s ways and thoughts are
not the same as yours!

Miracle Money

. . . my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither

are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
Isaiah 55:8

Second, you will become convinced that God is not

discriminating against you, for His Word clearly states that
He is no respecter of persons.

Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a

truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons.
Acts 10:34

Just as surely as God gave Isaac the miracle hundredfold

release when he needed it the most, God wants to do the same
for you.

. . . Isaac sowed in that land, [in the midst of famine]

and received in the same year an hundredfold. . . .
Genesis 26:12

Keep in mind that Isaac’s hundredfold release came to

him at a time when the devil’s crowd had blocked all of his
methods of increase.

. . . all the wells which his father’s servants had

dug in the days of Abraham his father, the Phil-
listines had stopped them, and filled them with earth.
Genesis 26:15

MIRACLE MONEY usually comes when things are all

stopped up in the natural realm.

Your MIRACLE MONEY will make you a personal

witness to the fact that the hundredfold release was not a
one-time event that happened only to Isaac in the distant past.
You will be able to boldly tell others that it is still happening
today! And best of all, it’s happening to you!

Miracle Money

I am a fourteen-year-old eighth grader who attends

a Christian junior high in my town. One night...John
Avanzini was giving a message on the hundredfold
blessing. I told my mom I felt I should send something...
but I wasn’t sure how much. She said she was feeling led
to send in a one-time gift beyond our monthly pledge as

I kept hearing $50, so I told my mom about it. At that

time, $50 was a substantial amount of the cash I had on
hand. I have no regular job to earn money
anywhere-- only a weekly allowance. Mom sent the $50
in for me, and since that time I have reaped a harvest. It
started a few days later when some sporting equipment
I had for sale was sold. Then I entered an art contest, and
over three months’ time, I have received three cash

I was accumulating money so fast I had to put it in

my savings account. Mom encouraged me to write you
and let you know how one teenager saw a principle from
the Word of God really work in his life.

Danny, Mansfield, OH

And Jesus . . . said . . . There is no man that hath

left house . . . or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s

But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this

time . . . .
Mark 10:29,30

Hear the apostle Paul as he tells you how eager God is to

bless you!

He [God] that spared not his own Son, but deliv-

ered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also
freely give us all things?
Romans 8:32

Miracle Money

Third, your faith will grow much stronger. It will cause

you to move away from impossibility thinking and its
limitations into the open heaven of possibility thinking. As
your faith grows, the following words from God will become
more and more real to you.

Jesus Christ (the Messiah) is [always] the same,

yesterday, today, [yes] and forever . . . .
Hebrews 13:8 AMP

Your Bible will become more alive than ever before,

showing you there is no special day of miracles somewhere
in the distant past. Instead, you will know there is only one
God, and He is the God of miracles. Wherever He is, miracles
I could not release the information in this booklet just a
few years ago. However, now that there are so many credible
witnesses who have personally received MIRACLE
MONEY, it’s safe to present it.
After reading only this far, you have already begun your
journey out of financial instability of this world’s system
of chance and insufficiency, into the financial stability God
has for you. Don’t let anything stop you, for your MIRACLE
MONEY release is nearer now than it’s ever been.

When we received your teaching in Vega, Texas in

August, we believed and received it and acted on it with
a $100 check. We were in a financial bind, but we were
believing for a hundredfold return.
On October 30, my husband received a check for
$990 and a notice that for the next 45 weeks, he would
receive $330 per week in insurance payments for a
work-related injury. We had no idea this would come, but
it comes to $14,000! Glory!
Bob & Mary, Hereford, TX


The Truth Comes in Africa

God wants to reveal Himself to you in the hundredfold
release. This is probably the boldest sentence I have ever
written. However, it’s not nearly as bold as the prayer the
Apostle John made for your finances.
. . . I [pray] above all things that thou mayest
prosper . . . .
3 John 2
The top prayer of a most dedicated apostle is that you
The event I am about to share with you is the most sacred
experience I have ever had. I never thought God would have
me write about it. However, I have received definite
instructions from Him. He said the hundredfold release must
now come to more people than ever before. He told me it was
time to write the MIRACLE MONEY booklet. His words of
release were these: “Go ahead and write the MIRACLE
MONEY booklet. The opposition can no longer stop your

My personal experience with the hundredfold release
took place during my first visit to Africa. I have been blessed
with several powerful revelations in my lifetime. However,
to date none of them has changed as many lives as the
hundredfold release.
It happened as I was helping a well known evangelist
with a school of ministry in Nigeria. Travel complications
caused me to arrive a day late. It was Tuesday, and that day’s

Miracle Money

first teaching session was already in progress. The building

was so full that many of the 2,000 people in attendance had
to stand.

As I entered the side door, I was greatly impacted by an

overwhelming presence. It was as if supernatural heat was
circulating throughout the room. As I considered what this
strange sensation might be, I realized it was the presence of
the Holy Spirit. He was everywhere.
Not long after I arrived, a second speaker came to the
pulpit. As he spoke, the Spirit once again filled the room. With
each word, the people’s faith grew stronger. Suddenly I
realized that in this atmosphere, nothing would be impossible.

The Spirit Lifts

When the speaker closed his dynamic teaching, I was
called to the pulpit and introduced to the people. This was my
first of four, two-hour sessions. As soon as I began to speak,
the presence of the Holy Spirit lifted. All I could hear was my
own voice echoing through the room. My neatly prepared
lesson notes were hollow sounding, to say the least.
Now don’t misunderstand. I was presenting powerful
information. However, God’s power was noticeably absent
from my delivery. The feeling of anticipation that had filled
the room just a few moments earlier was gone.

I continued to speak for what seemed like an hour. When

I looked at my watch, only fifteen minutes has passed! Worst
of all, I still had an unbelievable hour and forty-five minutes
to go.
Every cell in my body cried out, “You will never last that
long!” Even worse, I knew the audience wouldn’t last either.

Miracle Money

After only a few more minutes, I closed my first session,

explaining that my journey had left me too exhausted to
finish. I promised I would get some rest and start fresh the
next day. As I left the platform, the only sigh of relief that
was louder than my own came from the congregation.

Facing the Truth

I had to face the ugly truth. I was out of place among the
speakers on the program. Each of them possessed a power
that I had never experienced.
Throughout my previous eighteen years of ministry, I
had never been confronted with anything like this. I had
always taught with a strong, convincing style. However, this
time my teaching was completely powerless.
As I made the trip to my hotel room, my thoughts drifted
back to the conversation I’d had with the host evangelist some
time earlier. It took place as I was asking to accompany him
to this meeting. How strange his reply seemed to me at that
“John, anyone who teaches with me on the foreign field
must have a breakthrough ministry.”
I asked, “What is a breakthrough ministry?” He asked
one of his associates to explain. This kind brother told me it
was absolutely necessary for the anointing of the Holy Spirit
to accompany the teaching of the Word of God, in third-world
nations. There had to be signs and wonders following, or the
biblical concepts we taught would not break through their
I must confess, at the time I thought they were trying to
impress me with their deep spirituality. How foolish it was of

Miracle Money

me to ignore their warnings. That night in my hotel room, I

understood perfectly well what they were trying to tell me.
We had all preached the gospel that day. The only
difference was, the others had preached with the powerful
anointing of the Holy Spirit, while I had only given out facts,
figures, and Bible information. They had shaken the place
with the signs and wonders that accompanied their words,
while the only thing I had shaken was my confidence.
Needless to say, my first night in Africa was a living hell.
Try as I might, I could not fall asleep. I was in a strange land,
ten time zones away from home. However, it was not jet lag
that kept me awake that night. I knew exactly what it
was - the realization of my lack of power.
That first night was filled with repenting and praying and
more repenting. I tossed and turned, but nothing helped
relieve the pain I felt in my heart. The whole night passed
without even a wink of sleep.

Brother John was at our church...and I gave to the

ministry....My prayer was for God to give me the job He
wanted me to have until my [own] new business [became]
profitable. At the Tuesday evening service, Brother John
anointed the written prayers and the congregation with
oil. At that time, I received a Word from the Lord that my
job and well-being were provided for.
The Lord had led me to send an Easter card to my
previous boss at IBM. He had retired and purchased a
multi-million dollar business in New York. The next week
I got a call from this man to thank me for the card, and
after asking about me, he offered me a job for the amount
I wanted to make. My annual salary is . . . exactly one
hundredfold of my memorial pledge to Brother John’s
Joseph, Singerlands, NY

Miracle Money

Facing the Second Day

As the sun began to rise on Wednesday morning, it was
my second day in Africa, and I was totally aware of my
spiritual bankruptcy.

Without exaggeration, I can honestly say the only

teaching I have ever done that was worse than my first day in
Africa was my teaching on the second day. To say it stank
would be a compliment. However, no matter how bad it was,
I was fully aware that everything in my life was about to
change. This time I didn’t leave the platform in despair.
Instead, I left it with great anticipation. I now had a deep inner
feeling that the next time I stepped into the pulpit, the power
of God would be abundantly upon me.

[We wanted] to go to Mexico on a short term

missions trip but did not have the finances....We made
a $100 seed offering to you and trusted God...and tried
to sell whatever we could to raise the money.
When the due date came, nothing had sold and we
still did not have the finances and had to tell the leaders
to withdraw our names. Four hours later someone called
and asked if we were going, and we said no. He asked
if it was because of finances and apologized because
God had told him to pay for our plane tickets. Then within
a week my unsaved parents stopped in and...gave me
an envelope....[It]contained $300 US which was
exactly what we needed for spending money in Mexico,
and within days of this Julie’s brother...gave us $100
Cdn for our Canadian expenses. GLORY!!!

Ken & Julie, Lethbridge, Canada


The Greatest Night of My Life

At the close of the second day’s teaching, I once again
went directly to my room. I immediately dropped to my knees
and began praying with all my might. Again and again I
approached the throne of God. My request was the same each
time. “Oh, God! Give me a breakthrough ministry! I must
have signs and wonders following the words you give me to

I will never forget that night in Abba, Nigeria, because

something totally outside the scope of my experience took
place. God visibly manifested Himself to me. Out of a bright,
concentrated light, He began to speak with an audible voice.
With clear, distinct words, He said, “John, I have heard your
prayer, and I am going to give you the breakthrough ministry
you have asked for. I am making it a conditional anointing.
If you want it to remain, you must strictly obey me in the
operation of it.”

I quickly answered, “Yes, Lord. I will do whatever you


Then He said, “I have set you apart for the purpose of

bringing the end-time message of biblical economics to my
Church. From this day on, you will specialize in teaching this
message.” He went on to say that at the end of my teaching
session the next day, I was to take up a very special offering.
He promised He would manifest Himself in it with signs and

Miracle Money

About two years ago, I was in debt for $148,000 that

I owed in rental property, a personal loan, and credit
cards. You were ministering . . . about the hundredfold
return, so I decided to plant a $3,000 seed. I was in
trouble anyway.

Two people approached me to buy all of my rental

property even though I had not put these properties up
for sale. I sold everything, paid all the bills, and purchased
a car. I came out with $25,000 in the bank and I own two
houses that are paid for. I thank the Lord for your ministry.

Gene, North Salem, IN

Two Big Mistakes

Our Lord went on to make a statement I had never heard
before. It was so revolutionary that it sounded unscriptural.
He said, “I usually cannot multiply back to my children the
money they give me.”

I asked, “Why not, Lord? Your Word says you will.”

“John, I know what my Word says. However, I cannot

multiply back any offering that is improperly given.”

“My children usually make two mistakes when they give

to me. First, they seldom give the exact amount I tell them to
give. John, tell my people I cannot multiply back to them that
which they give in disobedience. If I did, I would show honor
to their disobedience.”

“There is a second thing my people do that stops me from

multiplying most of their offerings back to them. My children
usually give without expecting anything specific back in
return. John, the multiplication of money back to the giver is
a miracle, and my miracles operate by faith. When my people

Miracle Money

give without expecting anything back, they have not given in


He then repeated the words of the Apostle Paul. He said,

“John remember, ‘faith is the substance of things hoped
for . . .’ (Hebrews 11:1). It is impossible to give to me in faith
if you expect nothing in return. Tell my people to always
follow these two rules when they give:”

“1. Always give the amount I tell them to give.”

“2. Always give, expecting to receive their offering

multiplied back to them.”

“Tell them they must give their offerings in obedience

and faith!”
The Hundredfold Return
The next thing the Lord said has become the most
powerful part of my ministry. It is bigger than even I can
understand. He said, “John, I am going to attach signs and
wonders to your ministry. They will begin tomorrow. From
now on, when you teach my people these two principles, you
will lead them in giving a special offering. Clearly direct
anyone who cannot be totally obedient not to participate!”

“1. They must give the exact amount I tell them to give.”

“2. They must expect to receive their offering multiplied

back to them.”

“Then they must do one more thing. They must join their
faith with yours, believing their offering will be multiplied
back to them one hundredfold.”


Miracle Money

“The prayer you speak over the offering must not be a

long prayer. Just lay your hands on the offering and speak
that it be multiplied one hundredfold. Clearly speak these
words in the name of Jesus. That will be your only
responsibility in the miracle. My part will be to miraculously
release the hundredfold return to those who obey.”

Watch for the Obedient Ones

“John, you must carefully watch for those who receive
the hundredfold. I will use these obedient ones to encourage
you and others in the hundredfold increase.”

Then as quickly as the light had appeared, the presence

of the Lord lifted from the room. I was alone, but I wasn’t
lonely, for the powerful anointing of the hundredfold return
was now upon me.

I have been a consistent tither since May 1993, but

in early June a financial problem took place. I did not have
money for my rent and electric bill, but this particular
Sunday morning I had set aside... $5 for a hundredfold
offering. I worked that afternoon and was very tired when
I decided to attend the evening service.

Our pastor asked everyone who was unemployed or

struggling with their job to please stand. I had a job, but
it was definitely a struggle. I did not want to stand, but the
Holy Spirit told me to ‘Stand up, girl!’ I was the last person
to stand just as I heard our pastor announce a special
offering for all who were standing. After the offertory, she
got back up and announced that the Holy Spirit was
leading her to give everyone standing $500. I almost
missed my hundredfold because I felt too tired to stand.
Faithfulness in giving and obedience go hand in hand.

Kim, Ft. Worth, TX


Manifestation of the
Dawn was once again coming to the city. It was
Thursday, my third day in Africa. However, it was a different
kind of day. This was my first day with God’s new
breakthrough miracle anointing.

The New Anointing

When I stepped up to the pulpit that morning, there was
no great anticipation. Then as soon as I began to speak, the
mood quickly changed. It was evident that something had
happened. It was the new anointing God had given me. Each
word of my message was filled with power. It was absolutely
wonderful. I had taken a drink from the cup of God’s new
anointing, and it was exhilarating!

As I brought my message to a close, the high praises of

God filled the room. Then I boldly said, “God has instructed
me to take a special offering this morning.” I told them who
would be allowed to give in this offering. It would be only
those who gave the exact amount God told them to give. Not
only that, but they would have to give with full expectation
of receiving their offering multiplied back to them one

When I was sure everyone understood these two

requirements, I told the people there would be a miraculous
manifestation of the hundredfold increase to all those who
obediently joined their faith with mine. Once again, I clearly
explained to them that the miracle would happen only for
those who gave in strict obedience and faith.

Miracle Money

Overflowing Offering Plates

The ushers had barely started collecting the offering

when the regular offering containers were filled to capacity.
What a miracle! Ninety percent of the congregation had not
yet given, and the offering plates were full and overflowing.

Without having to speak a word, a young man jumped to

his feet and went to the school dormitory. In a moment he
returned with two pillow cases. Enthusiasm began to grow as
row after row of obedient donors placed their money into the
jumbo offering bags. After an extra long time, the ushers
came forward with the two pillow cases almost full.

Wait, Don’t Pray

I asked the people to rise and extend their hands toward

the offering. As I opened my mouth to begin the prayer, a
loud voice from the back of the room cried, “Wait! Don’t
pray!” From the left side of the room, I saw a man moving
quickly toward the front. To my amazement, he started
putting more money into the bag. As he emptied his pockets,
I could hear him saying, “Wait, Brother John. I did not give
the amount of money God told me to give.”

Once again I bowed my head to pray. As soon as my eyes

were closed, I heard another voice cry out. “Wait, Don’t
pray!” Each time I tried to pray, more and more people came
forward crying, “Wait, Brother John. Don’t pray. I haven’t
given what God told me to give.”

Miracle Money

Stop Giving

Finally, the evangelist rose to his feet and extended both

hands toward the congregation. With a strong voice he
shouted, “Stop the giving!” In all the years of my ministry, I
had never heard anyone give the order to stop an offering.

Without hesitation, I closed my eyes and spoke these

powerful words: “Be multiplied one hundredfold in the name
of Jesus.”

The engine in my wife’s car was running very weakly.

I wanted to buy her a new car. I thought a new car would
cost about $15,000, so I gave $150 into the hundredfold
offering. Three weeks later, my mom and dad transferred
$17,000 into our checking account as a gift so we could
buy a car.

It is a new. . .Saturn station wagon. The price with

tax was just over $17,000. Nancy has a new car and no

Tad, Vancouver, WA

The Devil Arises

As I walked away, the joy of the previous moment
instantly left me. The presence of the Holy Spirit simply
vanished. All I could feel was the presence of evil all around
me. My ride back to the hotel was a horrible experience.
Brakes failed, accidents almost happened. However, I hardly
noticed the events of the journey. For my attention was now
fully taken by the devil as he lashed out foul accusations at
me. He told me the evangelist would never invite me to go
anywhere with him again. He said I had tricked the people
into giving more than they should. He told me that because

Miracle Money

of the excessive amount the people had given, many would

have to go without food, lodging, or transportation. He
repeatedly accused me of exploiting them. Sometime during
the night, Satan convinced me that I had given the people
nothing more than false hope. The only thing I could pray was
that God would quickly take me out of Africa.

After another sleepless night, there came a knock on my

door. Reluctantly I opened it to see my driver standing there
with a broad smile on his face. His only words to me were,
“Come see!”

As I followed him to the front door of the hotel, I must

admit that all I really wanted to see was my home back in the
United States.

When we came to the parking area, my driver led me to

a brand new car. I immediately said, “Thank God, they finally
got me a decent car to ride in!”

The Car Is Mine

Then my driver said, “Brother John, you don’t
understand. God gave me this car last night. It is my miracle
hundredfold release! It happened just the way you said it
would. I gave exactly what God told me to give! Then I
believed with all my heart for the miracle hundredfold release.
Brother John, I’m a witness. The hundredfold release really

My faith immediately skyrocketed! The miracle

hundredfold release had actually happened to this man, and
it happened in less than twenty-four hours!

On the way to the meeting, he eagerly told me of the

previous night’s visit to his rich uncle’s house. The uncle was

Miracle Money

a Muslim politician. Before that visit, he had never shown

any real interest in his Christian nephew. However, that night
things were much different. After a wonderful evening of
fellowship, his uncle totally surprised the young man by
giving him the new car. It was an absolute gift. There were
no strings attached. The hundredfold release had
miraculously transferred the wealth of that lost uncle into the
hands of this obedient Christian. It happened exactly the way
the Bible said it would.
...the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.
Proverbs 13:22

My Driver Testifies

Before that year was over, my driver, his wife, and their
two children came to the United States. He stood before our
church and gave a personal testimony of his instant miracle
hundredfold release. He also brought with him a list of the
names of many other Nigerians who also received the miracle
hundredfold release in the Abba, Nigeria meeting.

Since that marvelous day in Africa, I have ministered the

miracle hundredfold release across America. It has also
abundantly manifested in Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada,
England, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Scandinavia, South
Africa; as well as, South America. Millions have witnessed it
on national television. Every time I speak this message, the
result is the same. God miraculously blesses with the
hundredfold release. I am continually meeting people in
airports, at conventions, and on the street who say they have
received the miracle hundredfold release when I prayed over
their offering. Everywhere the report is the same. Praise the
Lord, it worked for me!

Miracle Money

Gifts Differ
It is always interesting to hear the different amounts God
tells people to give. God told one person in Florida to give
$20,000. A man from Los Angeles gave $10,000. A
businessman from the Philippines, as well as a farmer in
Australia, each gave $100,000. God tells many to give
$1,000. Some folks give five or ten dollars; others give $100.
The amounts vary greatly. However, from person after
person, the report is the same. “It worked for me, Brother
John. I gave the exact amount God spoke into my heart, and
I received my miracle hundredfold release shortly after you

I overnighted a check for $5,000 to your ministry....

Very late one evening, while reading...The Wealth
of the Wicked...I give $25,000 this month
for the construction of our Bible school for pastors in
Kitale, Kenya....Though I hadn’t actually given the
money yet...I knew I had gotten [God’s] attention.

This morning, my Japanese associate told me that

the Japan side had decided last night to give us another,
totally unplanned and unexpected $3,000,000 to invest.
This is truly a miracle!

The total of $30,000 ($5,000 + $25,000)...touched

by your ministry and hundredfold anointing, became
$3,000,000 within twenty-four hours of getting God’s
attention (Sunday midnight until Monday midnight). We
r e c e i v e d G o d ’s h u n d r e d f o l d r e t u r n , t h r o u g h y o u r
anointing, literally during the first day, even though the
majority of the commitment hadn’t even been paid yet.
I know that you and your wife have paid a dear price
to pioneer this truth and carry this revelation....I want
to express our deep appreciation for paving the way for us.

Mike, Mission Viejo, CA

Miracle Money

Some Give More Than Once

Recently something interesting came to my attention.
Some folks are testifying that they have given into the miracle
hundredfold release more than once. They are saying,
“Brother John, I didn’t give the amount God said to give the
first time, and just like you said, nothing happened. Then, I
gave again. This time I gave the exact amount God told me
to give, and the miracle hundredfold release has manifested.”
Many have compared it to the gold coin Simon Peter found
in the fish’s mouth (Matthew 17:24-27). They say it’s

As I said before, I hesitated writing this testimony. Then,

something quite unexpected happened. I received a most
important phone call. It was my driver from Nigeria. He was
the first man to ever receive the hundredfold release through
my ministry. He told me he was on a short visit to the United
States and felt strongly impressed of the Lord to call and say
hello. While he was on the phone, he once again told me about
the miracle automobile he had received through the
hundredfold release.

When I hung up the phone, I knew it was God’s way of

confirming that it was now time to write the

It’s Always the Same

It is important to note that the people who receive

MIRACLE MONEY through the hundredfold release
always do the same two things. First, they give the exact
amount God tells them to give. Second, they believe God for
the hundredfold increase.
Miracle Money

. . . other [seed] fell on good ground, and did yield

fruit that . . . brought forth, some thirty, and some
sixty, and some an hundred[fold].
Mark 4:8

What Hundredfold Means

Ever since that wonderful day in Abba, Nigeria, God has

used me to manifest the hundredfold release. In the early years
of the operation of this miracle, people would ask, “What does
hundredfold really mean? Is it one hundred times? Is it 100
percent? Is it double? Tell us, Brother John, what does it
For a long time the only answer I could give was that I
didn’t know exactly how much it was. However, I did know
it was a very large increase.

Best Possible

Recently God completed His revelation to me in the

miracle of the hundredfold release by giving me specific
information about the meaning of hundredfold.

It is easy to understand what thirtyfold and sixtyfold

mean. Thirtyfold means thirty times, and sixtyfold simply
means sixty times. However, hundredfold is much different.

Hundredfold is significant, for one hundred is a unique

number. It is the only number that can represent every other
number. It also means complete, or the best possible.

In the Classroom

In the realm of the classroom, one hundred represents the

best possible score on an examination. If you took an exam
with one hundred questions, the best possible score would be
one hundred. If the test had twenty-five questions, the best

Miracle Money

possible grade would not be twenty-five. It would still be one

hundred. Let’s go one step further. If a test had two hundred
questions on it, the best possible grade would not be two
hundred. It would still be one hundred.

In Agriculture

Let’s look at the agricultural realm. When planted in

good ground, an apple seed will increase far more than one
hundred times. One apple seed will produce one apple tree.
Please remember, you planted an apple seed. So, you must
count the increase by the number of apple seeds the tree
produces. To properly determine this yield, it is necessary to
count all the seeds the apple tree brings forth in its lifetime.

As nearly as I can determine, the average apple contains

about five seeds. This being true, we would have to conclude
that if hundredfold always meant one hundred times, a
hundredfold apple seed would bring forth only twenty apples.
The mathematics to prove this are as follows: Twenty apples
times five apple seeds in each apple, equals one hundred apple
seeds. However, we know that apple trees live many years
and can produce 5,000 or more apples. According to this
information, in the case of apples, hundredfold could easily
equal 25,000 times (five seeds per apple times 5,000 apples
= 25,000 apple seeds). It is plain to see from this illustration
that hundredfold can mean many times more than one
hundred times.

The Cattle Ranch

Let’s look at another illustration. This time let’s take our

example from the realm of livestock reproduction. If

Miracle Money

hundredfold had to strictly mean one hundred times or more,

a cattle rancher would never be able to experience the
hundredfold return from a cow.

Think about it. The average cow produces only one calf
per year. Therefore, if a cow had to bring forth one hundred
calves, it would take one hundred years. That would be much
longer than the cow’s natural life-expectancy. As I
understand it, a good breeder cow will produce about nine
calves during its productive lifetime. If she has more than
nine, she is considered exceptional. This being true, the best
possible yield from a cow would be nine to thirteen calves.
Therefore, hundredfold among cattle would equal much less
than one hundred times.

F r o m t h e s e two illustrations, you can see that

hundredfold can be more than a hundred times, or less than a
hundred times. Therefore, it can be concluded that
hundredfold means the best possible yield under the

After reading your book, I was open to the Holy

Spirit’s promptings and began putting into practice the
biblical principles of prosperity.

The Lord turned a $1,000 faith pledge into $10,000

within one week. I was able to pay bills, set aside some
money for my daughter’s college education, and pay my
pledge....I will never look at the circumstances again,
but to God who can do all things.

Praise God, for He is moving in our finances. Thank

you for your teaching.

Linda, Hopewell, NJ

Your Hundredfold Release
It is now your turn to personally experience the
hundredfold release. You know that it has already happened
for thousands of people just like you. This knowledge causes
a powerful biblical principle to be activated on your behalf.
For if God has released the hundredfold return to others,
surely He is willing to release to you.

Then Peter . . . said, Of a truth . . . God is no

respecter of persons.

Acts 10:34

Please notice that I have placed a special envelope in the

back of this booklet. It has a simple information flap on it.
You must now remove the envelope and fill in the information
requested. Please do not write an amount in the space marked
“God told me to give $________ for the hundredfold
release!” You will not fill this in until after I lead you in a
special prayer asking God to tell you the exact amount you
will be giving.
Bank Cards
Now focus your attention on the part of the envelope flap
that refers to bank card (credit card) donations. This is
provided for the convenience of those who prefer to use their
bank cards in giving. If you choose to use this method, be sure
that you accurately copy your credit card number, placing it
on the appropriate line. It is also important that you carefully
write the expiration date of your card in the space provided.

When you have finished filling in the envelope flap

(every space except the one marked “God told me to give

Miracle Money

$________ for the hundredfold release”), you are ready to


Before beginning your prayer, get into a comfortable

position. When you feel peaceful, pray this prayer (out loud
if possible):

“Dear Lord Jesus, I know you are the God of the

hundredfold release. I know you are going to speak to my
spirit today. The amount you tell me to give will be the most
important amount I have ever given, because it will be the
amount you want me to give for my hundredfold release.

“Lord , I am ready to hear your voice. Speak your amount

into my heart. Please help me to keep my natural mind from
interfering with the amount you tell me to give. Lord, I
promise to give the full amount you say. I firmly join my faith
with Brother John’s, and trust you for my miracle
hundredfold release.

“I am now ready to act. All you have to do is speak, and

I will obey! I ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.”

God Speaks
Now, without moving about, listen in your spirit for the
voice of God. Don’t have any preconceived ideas as to how
His voice will come. Most of the time He speaks in more of
a whisper than a shout. When God spoke to Elijah, He didn’t
speak like a great, boisterous wind. Neither did He speak with
an earth-shaking voice, nor by a raging fire. God spoke
quietly to Elijah, in a whisper. The marginal reading of some
King James Bibles says God spoke to Elijah “ a delicate
whisper as the breeze among the leaves” (1 Kings 19:12).

Miracle Money

The moment you know the amount God wants you to

give, start thanking Him for hearing your prayer. Immediately
write the amount you are to give on the flap of the envelope
in the space marked, “God told me to give $________ for the
hundredfold release.” Don’t hesitate even one minute. Write
the amount down immediately. You know that Satan usually
moves when you hesitate to do what God says.

The next thing to do is make out your check, money

order, or credit card information. Now, enclose your offering
and seal the envelope. Place the appropriate postage stamp on
it, and immediately mail it to me so I can pray the hundredfold
prayer over your offering. Don’t delay. Remember, hesitation
gives rise to unbelief, and unbelief always stops the
hundredfold release.

I have now completed the thing God told me to do with

the MIRACLE MONEY booklet. Now, all I can do is
prayerfully await your obedient response which will bring
you the manifestation of your own hundredfold release.

I will gladly send the MIRACLE MONEY booklet (at

my own expense) to anyone in the USA, England, Australia,
or Canada. Just give me the names and addresses of up to
fifteen people, and I’ll send the MIRACLE MONEY booklet
to them. You provide the names and addresses. I’ll do the rest.
. . . believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.
2 Chronicles 20:20


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